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TV Legend Gary Collins Busted for DUI Smash Up

10/24/2007 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that legendary TV host and actor Gary Collins, 69, was arrested in an L.A. suburb last night on suspicion of drunk driving after sources say his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit.
Gary Collins arrested: click to see photos
Witnesses tell TMZ Collins was driving his black Ford Explorer northbound on Kester Ave. in Sherman Oaks, Calif. around 5:30 PM when he slammed into a blue Toyota driven by an 80-year-old man that was making a left southbound onto Kester Ave. A witness says that Collins was traveling at least 60 mph when he slammed into the Toyota, causing the car to spin around into oncoming traffic. The collision caused Collins' Explorer to lose control and travel into oncoming traffic, where he smashed into two cars parked on the other side of the street.

Witnesses tell us the driver of the Toyota was rendered unconscious, and had to be pulled out of the back passenger door by paramedics who arrived on scene, and was transported to the hospital.

According to witnesses, Collins said he needed to leave the scene, but he was told by bystanders that he should stay, as someone was seriously injured and he could be charged with hit and run. Paging Orlando Bloom!

When police arrived, we're told Collins was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. Cops tried to get Collins to perform a Breathalyzer test -- we're told four times -- but Collins claimed he was hard of hearing and unable to understand officers' instructions. After the fourth time, a witness tells us cops were exasperated with Collins' cagey behavior and arrested him, placing him in the back of a police cruiser. We're told "you could smell [Collins] from five feet away." Cops then administered a blood alcohol test at the station.

Collins was booked into the Van Nuys Jail, and according to the L.A. Sheriff's Department website, was released last night just before midnight on $40,000 bail.

Celeb Mugshots -- click to launchGary is currently hosting "Now Playing with Gary Collins" on Comcast Cable's Retirement Living TV, featuring experts in gerontology and senior lifestyles. Collins is best known for his work as the Emmy-winning host of "Hour Magazine" and "The Home Show."

Collins was arrested in Mississippi in 2002 for DUI, but was found not guilty of the charges. Collins and wife Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America of 1959, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next month.

This just in: Gary was also cited by the Fashion Police!

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Look at this drunk a$$ YT.

2554 days ago


He must have been drunk - look at his shoes....

2554 days ago

Joe Strummer's Ghost    

OK who else read that as Gary Coleman first?...

OK you can put your hands down now...

2554 days ago

TMZ reader    

The man has some hot looking legs!

2554 days ago

K. Jackson    

Good God man, put on a pair of long pants! Those are some ugly ass legs!

2554 days ago


I'm kinda surprised...he always seemed so wholesome...anyway he's got nice legs for a 70 year old...maybe alcohol isnt so bad for you

2554 days ago

Grumpy old man    

Damn, he REALLY doesn't have any lips, does he???

Oh, and #30 "Ok then,"...
you're a jackass. Assuming somone is of a recent race & is "uneducated & ghetto" based on some username that this person just came up w/, and justifiying racist solely comments based on that makes ppl like you look ignorant and only proves how ignorant racist ppl like you really are. Just friggin' ridiulous.

2554 days ago

TMZ reader    

#54...what is wrong with khaki shorts and penny loafers?...I think he looks hot. Let's see how YOU look?

2554 days ago


You people who have to be first to post a comment are the dumbest ppl I've ever seen. Please, GET A LIFE!

2554 days ago


This is scary. I suspect this is not his first DUI. And, if that outfit is suppose to be the preppy look - it's bad.

2554 days ago


Yeah, to all you people fuzzy on the celebs - past and present - this is Gary Collins, the infomercial guy, who got busted for DUI, not Gary Colman from, "Different Strokes."

Unfortunately for the rest of us you earlier posters, we didn't see the "face," i.e., mugshot pic of Collins. So, we didn't see his bad teeth.

Speaking of seeing a different pic, who can tell by watching TV how tall a person really is? Man, Collins is taller than the cops, and they're usually, "BIG."

2554 days ago


First of all, for those that don't know...Gary Collins is a TALL dude, so normal shorts are going to be even shorter on him. For 69, I think his legs look pretty good.

Secondly, why do so many of you feel you have to post such nasty comments about people you don't even know? Does it make you feel superior or something? And the foul language too. Grow up people. Would you want your Mom or your kids to see the tacky immature stuff you post. Sad!!!!

2554 days ago


wow, I drove by that mess yesterday. I had no idea that he was the nut behind that wreck. It looked like the person he hit was really hurt.

2554 days ago


I drove by this accident on my way home just minutes after it occurred. An older man was in the car that Gary hit and he was being placed on the stretcher as I drove by. His driver side door was smashed in so badly, I'm not surprised he had to be pulled out the back door.

There was debris on the south side of the street. It was really bad.

2554 days ago


could his shorts be any shorter? idiot.

2554 days ago
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