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Manners Maven Make Glorious Lawsuit Against Borat

10/25/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An Alabama etiquette coach who got a little nudie-pic shock in "Borat" is taking off her white gloves and suing Sacha Baron Cohen -- almost a year after the movie was released. Sexy time -- to give it a rest!

Kathie Martin, who runs the Etiquette School of Birmingham, Ala., is just the latest Borat "victim" to bring legal action against Cohen and 20th Century Fox. In Martin's suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, she alleges "commercial misappropriation, fraud, unjust enrichment, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress" by the movie's producers, and is seeking undisclosed damages.

In her scene in "Borat," Martin is shown a naked picture of Borat's "son" during the course of their "interview." Another Birmingham etiquette coach, Cindy Streit, filed a complaint with California's Attorney General last year, alleging violations of the state's Fair Trade Act.


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just wondering    

..oh!!!!!!!! give us a break lady!!!!...not very classy of u to start crying 2 flippin yrs later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....thats when u shot the scene!!!!!!!!!!...the greedy always come out of the closet!!!...not very becoming!!!!!!!!!!!

2552 days ago


this lawsuit is sooo dumb. we are too litigious of a society today. everyone sues everyone for everything today and it makes me sick. get over it lady.

2552 days ago

just wondering    

...I emailed her to let her know her scene was very funny and she was unbecoming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2552 days ago

take dat betches    

would this law suit be considered proper etiquette?

2552 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

Suing someone else for your own stupidity is the height of rude behavior.

If she put her brain ahead of her feeeeeelings she could turn it around and use it for publicity instead of simply being a whiner with a lack of foresight.

"I taught Borat manners! Well, not really, but I CAN teach you" or something like that.

I'd sign up!

2552 days ago


That movie was hilarious! She ought to sue herself for being so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!

2552 days ago


Oh, is it proper etiquette in Alabama to extort "undisclosed damages" out of rich celebrities? This so called etiquette coach needs to get herself a sense of humor.... and then some class. What a crock!!!

2552 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

I could understand filing suit right after the movie came out, but a year or two later? Some isn't right there.

2552 days ago


I heard that the film company had non actors sign a release allowing the footage to be used-so that protects them from just such a lawsuit

if, in hindsight, she wishes she hadn't signed it-understandable but too late

2552 days ago


She was set up, he lied and and deceived them and now he has millions from it. She sued now because of the statute of limitations.She was in a film, was tricked and didn't get paid for it. I call that unfair BS. Why should any of those people have been deceived into working on a major film for basically nothing? Screw Cohen-it's what he did to them. This wasn't a joke on You Tube. It made A LOT of money. Just because you liked the movie doesn't mean that Cohen wasn't using unknowing people to make himself wealthy. Believe me, if the situation was reversed- HE would be suing them.

2552 days ago


Looks like time to make call my brother-in-law who is number four hitman in all of Kazakhstan.

2552 days ago

He's Boring now    

She has probably had more business and publicity since her appearance than ever before.

She ought to be thanking him for the increased business from the exposure her business got from the movie. My gosh, think of how they could market that if they had a creative bone in their oh so polite southern bodies.

2552 days ago


Typical woman mantality.... cant take responcibilty for being played. Sorry ya wannabe princess... courts and juries usually ignore fools and their poor tender feelings. Get over it!
You got more attention than an old snivveling looser deserves.

2552 days ago



2552 days ago


It's called I'm an extremely embarrassed white lady and all my white friends now make fun of me. This man is going to pay for what he did to me.

HA HA !!!

Backwards Alabama. So sad but oh so true. I'm from there but definitely not of there. Thank God for the State of California!

2552 days ago
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