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D.A. Will Not Charge

Orlando Bloom

10/26/2007 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the L.A. County District Attorney will not file charges against actor Orlando Bloom over the accident he was involved in on October 12 that injured his two passengers.

In the D.A.'s Charge Evaluation Worksheet, the D.A. states that they are declining to prosecute the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star because of "insufficient evidence."

According to the document, Bloom "was being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one vehicle containing fans." Bloom "took evasive action resulting in a collision."

As for walking away, they say he "walked approximately 60 feet from the scene in an apparent attempt to avoid paparazzi's continued pursuit." They say "[Bloom] was not D.U.I. but was dazed."

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Glisten Garbor    

Arson yah.. some crimes should carry the death penalty even if no one dies.

2522 days ago

Gipsy princess    

People, people, people! Whatever it is you send to someone, comes back to you three times three! It is a very simple law of nature, of the Universe, if you wish. Orlando Bloom is a human being, just like you # 4, he does not need to go back to UK as you ordered him to do, and these are not "our" or "your" streets for that matter, you are just a narrow minded, hateful, frustrated little person!

2522 days ago



2522 days ago


of course he gets off he is white. If he was black (ohhh boy a different story) he probably would get life in prison.

2522 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Orlando Bloom not presented an Academy Award. Insufficient talent.

2522 days ago


The paps aren't going to be satisfied until they chase someone so badly the star gets killed.........................................................

Oh wait! That already happened!!!!! Circa 1997, Europe, a Princess.......................

2522 days ago


33. no dui?! he was drinking bottles at a club just prior to this little crash... wow

Posted at 3:58PM on Oct 26th 2007 by faith

PROOF... were you there watching him drink, I don't think so

2522 days ago


"Insufficient evidence?"

That poor girl's head looks like it's BLEEDING profusely!

If you want to commit crimes and walk, become some sort of celebrity and move to Southern California. Apparently you can have the run of the region ...

2522 days ago


Too bad, TMZ. You more than likely helped cause this accident, and then tried to make it look like Orlando had done something wrong with your silly video showing him walking 60 feet away, which you tried to brand as "hit and run", and I'm sure you offered your video to law enforcement in an effort to get a conviction. Nice try, but it didn't work.

2522 days ago


48. "Insufficient evidence?"

That poor girl's head looks like it's BLEEDING profusely!
Head wounds always bleed like that even minor ones the blood vessels in your head are very close to the skin so the amount of blood means little.

2522 days ago


I really don't get why people think this was someone getting off because they are a celeb! I don't care one way or the other about Orlando, but it was quite clear from the evidence that he was not fleeing the scene! The accident (according to witnesses who were there) was caused by paparazzi who continued to hound him when he got out of the car. Walking a block or so away to clear one's head, try to get clear from the photogs and call 911 is not hit and run. Even if he was attempting to run, which he so clearly was not, he didn't. Is there such thing as "hit and think-about-run"? Really. And to those who said he was DUI--you weren't there and the cops who have experience in these things said that although he was dazed from the wreck he wasn't drunk. Good thing none of you were there after my wreck because I couldn't remember what happened or my husbands work number (or even that it was on speed dial on my cell). According to you all I must have been DUI. There seems to be this odd backlash against celebs in the justice system now--everyone assumes they are guilty and thinks that something sneaky is going on every time celebs don't get the book thrown at them! Strange.

2522 days ago


I wonder if TMZ will now put up a post with the headlines 'DA Ready to Prosecute Hit and Run Paparazzi', or 'TMZ Photographers Looking at Jail time'?
They were so quick to want "justice" before, shouldn't they continue? Or, could they be....*gasp* ......HYPOCRITS?

Their ploy to shift the blame away from their photogs failed miserably.
I LOVE it!!

2522 days ago


To the ones claiming special treatment, hit and run is when you hit something and then take off and try to hide. I doubt he was going anywhere on foot; and everybody knew who he was, so why would he try to hide? It wasn't his fault.

Try having a pack of wolves follow you until you have an accident, and then let us critique your behavior. Much ado about nothing.

2522 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I'm glad there are so many rational people responding this time. Briefly reiterating the points I agree with: Hit and run does not mean walk 60 feet away, it means run or drive. Head wounds bleed alarmingly regardless of severity. Other news sources said the two women had minor injuries, not broken necks. The cops in LA have seen lots of DUIs and are better trained than you to recognize it. Even if he was drinking from a bottle at the club, do you know what was in the bottle? I read it was a clear liquid, could as easily have been Perrier as vodka. The race card sounds stupid almost every time it's played and on a previous post someone claimed it was only women who got fst. And finally, thanks to the person who pointed out that a movie can have more than one star. Orlando doesn't take over a movie like Johnny does yet but he hasn't been acting as long. After all, he's more than 10 years younger.

Oh well, so much for brevity.

2522 days ago


They call him bat- bat masterson!

2522 days ago
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