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Gyllenspoon: Couple or Couple of Fakers?

10/30/2007 5:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officially divorced Reese Witherspoon and a beardalicious Jake Gyllenhaal are rumored to be a couple and have avoided being seen together at all costs, but "friends" don't sit on the beach sharing drinks and feeding each other, do they? Deny that!

Some critics say the pair are merely stringing the media along in an attempt to drum up publicity for their new movie, "Rendition," but that strategy went out the window after the whole "Gigli" disaster of 2003.

Is their relationship the real deal? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


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Jake is gay, because the blogs say so.

2461 days ago


She treated Ryan Phillippe like an afterthought. I hope Jake isn't expecting anything better.

2461 days ago


Did Reece have a sex change? I thought he was GAY!?!?!??!?

2461 days ago


We don't care about these two anymore. They are boring.

2461 days ago


Why does everyone think Jake is gay? What have people heard or seen about him?

2461 days ago


xxxUgh! HE glanced over at the photographer! So obviously fake!

2461 days ago


She so "classy" she got knocked up at 21 by her costar and had a shotgun wedding. Come on people!

I actually like Reese, and I get why she's doing this fauxmance with Jake. She's not perceived as sexy - especially when her husband cheats on her with another woman in front of the world. She's rehabbing her desirability in the public eye.

This video is ridiculous. It is SOOOO fake-looking. They are really playing up for the cameras. I find it ironic that they managed not to be photographed together for a long time, then suddenly in the span of two days, we get a cute video of them leaving a costume party together and now one of her feedng him on the beach - complete with "shaky" camera work?

Absurd. Jake is so gay. Jake is Toothy.

And btw - for the poster who thinks only 1% of the population is gay---it's closer to 10%, and of that 10%, MANY go into the arts. I was a drama major in college and there were very very few straight guys in my program. The ones who were straight got to have sex with all the hot girls, becuase there was no competition. Oh, and my school was in the Midwest and not a dedicated performing arts school. I'm sure it would have been even gayer had it been in California or NY. I'm always surprised when people are shocked that attractive male actors are gay. Of course they're gay!

2461 days ago


I love these two people as individuals and as a couple. I hope it lasts. And for all of you that think Jake is gay you are very wrong.

2461 days ago


Jake is Toothy. Toothy is real.

Get over it.

2461 days ago


ummmm .... what magazine did you read that she said she likes to get tipsy during the day? she does not strike me as that type of person, she seems responsible and put together .... she waited until after her divorce to go out in public with jake gyllenhaal, which is more than brad pitt did with angelina jolie .... when he came out with that 50 page spread of him and the homewrecker playing house in W magazine, what two months after his SEPARATION from jennifer aniston??
at least reese waited until AFTER her divorce to be seen out in public with another man, and she's young, so good for her! he's a smart and sexy man! they're talented actors, both accepted to ivy league schools, value family and seem like a great pair ... hopefully they work out! and just because jake is hot doesnt make him gay, that's all the ugly critics just being plain jealous of his good looks ... so he's a versatile actor, and has played a homosexual on the big screen, that doesnt make him a homosexual in real life.
and where did anyone read that reese has a drug addicted brother in jail for rape ... perhaps people should think before the speak/write stuff online

2461 days ago



2461 days ago


I find this relationship to be phony. It does not seem real to me. I really like Reese and Ryan but too bad things did not work out between them.

2461 days ago

Marlb Man    

He is as gay as Liberachie and Rock Hudson rolled into one! Some hot "romance" he is in with a "fish"!

2461 days ago


He seems sooooo gay.

2461 days ago


What a fake video. They knew they were being taped and played for the camera AGAIN. Im not buying this relationship. You didn't hardly see Reese and Ryan together the whole 7 years they were married. Now that Reese is recently divorced, her and Jake finally come out of hiding. BS. Jake is gay. Its pretty obvious. Hollywood needs to protect Jake because it would virtually kill his early career. His family is too important in Hollywood. Reese is Hollywood's Golden Girl so they need to keep her name clean as well. Reese is not the perfect little miss innocent southern girl that she proclaims to be. Its pretty obvious as well.

2461 days ago
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