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Charges Against Kristy Swanson Dropped

10/31/2007 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy SwansonCanadian prosecutors have dropped assault charges against "Skating with Celebrities" star Kristy Swanson, stemming from a confrontation between Swanson and the ex-wife of her boyfriend and skating partner, Olympic medalist Lloyd Eisler.

According to Swanson's attorney, Constance Baran-Gerez, "The Crown and I worked together in the best of all parties to resolve the matter." Her other attorney, Randolph W. Wright, adds, "These charges should never have been brought against Kristy Swanson."

Swanson, through rep Michael Sands, says, "I am thrilled and excited that the charge has been dropped ... this never should have happened and our family can move on."

Police in Ontario arrested the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star last June for allegedly assaulting Marcia O'Brien, ex-wife of Eisler. Swanson says she was with Eisler to visit his two young children when O'Brien attacked her in front of the children, bruising her knee and scratching her arm. No charges were filed against O'Brien.


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#24--Kristy you are sooooo wrong. Lloyd and Marcia were not separated at the time Skating with Celebrities was being taped in August and September. Kristy went out with them frequently and knew they were married, living together etc. Yet another ridiculous story from Swanson and Eisler. Kristy's boyfriend at the time of their taping in September caught Lloyd and Kristy together in her hotel room and Eisler was jumping over the balcony while trying to get his clothes on! Marcia O'Brien (Eisler-ex) found out about all of this in November while 8 months pregnant.

Police charged Swanson--check this out:

2477 days ago

CIA Friend    

Stupid stupid stupid, glad the stupid charges got dropped on her. The ex wife seems psycho.

The US Weekly article is so super cool. CIA......WOW That is awesome stuff!

2473 days ago


Mmmmm Kristy can wreck my home anytime. She is so hot!

2405 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

What morons TMZ put up a story about brit driving down the street and have streaming video then take it off after people have posted _ TMZ SUCKS


2493 days ago


Am i delusional? Where did that stupid Britney story go? Must be someone regained their senses.

2493 days ago


Hate her!!!! SLUT!!!!!!!

2493 days ago


kristy aka buffy the vampire slayer can kick this ex wife's butt.

kick azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kristy.

2493 days ago

Diego Chick    

Kristy deserved to have her ass kicked. What an unforgivable slut for what she did to that family. I feel terrible for the ex-wife. I can only imagine the devastation she feels, having to release her precious children to that homewrecking whore. As a mother, having someone like Kristy's hands on my children, would kill me.

2493 days ago

how dumb    

I hate it when people blame the "other woman" for a homewrecked marriage. Why should she care about the ex-wife? While it would be nice if women stuck together, the truth is, they do not.

Don't blame Buffy here for ruining that marriage. The HUSBAND chose to cheat on his wife and leave her for someone else. Blame HIM.

Although Kristy - you will soon learn this I am sure. Any man who cheats on his wife, then leaves her for someone else... will inevitably cheat on YOU. His actions have already shown his lack of morals and loyalty, not to mention the lack of respect for marriage in general.

Can't wait until the story comes out that he cheats again and leaves this one in the dust too. Once a cheat always a cheat.

2493 days ago

Sick of It All    

She is still a whore

2493 days ago


Kristy, IS SHAMLESS........I can't even see her picture without thinking what she did in such a heartless way with no regard for his wife. All I have to say is what comes around goes around. Just like he dumped his first wife he will dump Kristy or vice versa down the road. This relationship is not built on love or trust but lust and deceit. It is see to see how shamless these to so called Adults have acted and there is kids involved. Kristy I have no respect for you or your loser boyfriend and remember one day it will all be paid back to you. History will repeat itself. You two deserve each other. I feel horrible for his X wife and see how she could easily lose it, to her stay strong there is someone so much better for you.

2493 days ago



2493 days ago

nancy mosterson    

To # 8.......there are so many errors in your comments, reading it just gave me a headache.

2493 days ago


his ex should never had attacked and could one day turn on the children

2493 days ago


It takes two to seems that both Lloyd and Kristy deserve each other. Rats are rats no matter what, I feel sorry for Marcia and the kids. Hopefully the children will not be caught up in a bitter battle,,,,but it seems too late.

2492 days ago
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