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Dog -- I'm No Imus!

10/31/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has reached out to Dog the Bounty Hunter for comment on his racist rant, caught on audiotape and published by the National Enquirer. We were told Dog would not say anything, but we were referred to his pastor.
Dog the bounty hunter
Pastor Tim Storey, an African-American, told us that he spoke with Dog, who cried for 30 minutes, saying, "I'm shocked, I'm wrong I repent. Can you believe, Tim, that I'm going to be put in the same category as Imus."

Pastor Storey, whom USA Today has referred to as "Pastor to the stars," told TMZ, "I was shocked, because I don't know that to be Duane." He went on, "I felt that he had to be accountable to what he said. When I asked him what took place, why he said it, he said that he was angry with his son about many things."

The pastor, who performed Dog and Beth's wedding ceremony continued, "The subject of his son's girlfriend came up, and in his anger he then attacked that relationship and then therefore challenged the girl by saying she wasn't good enough."

Pastor Story said, "What shocked me was that he used the N word. I know he's not a racist. He's been to black churches with me to help inner-city kids."

The pastor said he talked to Dog three times today and he apologized, saying he wasn't angry at the girl, it was anger toward his son.


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Alana Joy    

Ok granted, maybe he said this stuff out of anger... but now he has to reap what he's sown. When you have a career in the media, you cant just SAY things like that. And granted he said it to his son: but that kinda makes it worse.

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2548 days ago


Who cares? Sticks and stones.

2548 days ago


i dont buy it.
sounds very contrived.

2548 days ago

Yes I Said It    

His pastor is black?
Well, how ironic !!!

He's just crying cuz this will cost him a LOT of money.

2548 days ago

Yes I Said It    

wow. He fired his son for dating a black woman.

How disgusting. He should be happy for his son, that he found someone he loves and is happy with, but instead he fires him? Just disgusting.!!

2548 days ago

Its' over! Society wins, you lose. You're going down and I couldn't wish for it any sweeter. ;-) Mmm... hehe

2548 days ago

Yes I Said It    

@ tired of it all...
you racist pig

i hope you get hit by a car tonight.

2548 days ago


So he's "not a racist,"??? I'm kinda tired of those who claim to not be racist UNLESS or UNTIL one of their kids dates or marries a person of color. Wow, I really admired Mr Chapman, or at least the man I thought he was. Consider me fooled. But you can't have life both ways, you can't be a born-again anything of any religion if you can also spew racist and harmful language such as on that tape AND at the same time be on a widely seen TV show that often preaches tolerance, forgiveness and doing the right thing. I can forgive Mr Chapman his offense on this thing but I cannot at this moment seeing myself watching his show again any time soon. My grandchildren are of mixed heritage but even if that were not the case, I think Mr Chapman has to decide if his feelings towards race are across the board or if he has one set of standards for outside of his family and evidently quite another if it gets too close to home. I find it all very sad. I am so terribly disappointed in him.

2548 days ago

Texas Girl    

His son that turned in that tape should be kicked in the ballz! Dog is getting ripped for no reason because the media has their next BIG STORY and want to milk it for all they got. He didn't mean anything by the N word and said so. We all know he helps all people of all races. plz


2548 days ago


I have black blood relatives and I get pissed at them as I get pissed at my white kids. I called my daughter a tramp because she left her husband and small daughters in Hawaii to meet a guy she met on the internet. I was thinking even worse things about her.....that is how dark anger can get, and anger directed towards our loved ones can be even more devastating than that out of the family. I have used the N word when I am so angry at a crime committed (especially towards women) just like my parents used the J word during WW2, and I remember it well.

So, is all of this OK? It depends on how you think about things. I think Dog was angry with his son and said things he regretted even then, and of course, he regrets it now. There are lots more nasty words in the English (and other) language. None of us is perfect and I will BET YOU that everyone who has read this story on TMZ has used the N word in anger at some point in their about when OJ killed his wife and her friend? I think I said a whole lot worse about him.

2548 days ago


The situation surrounding what Imus said and Dog are so different--I don't believe Imus was malicious at all, he was just being Imus. But Dog is a different 'animal'

2548 days ago


Why would he say all that crap if he wasn't racist, what a joke, he got caught and now he's got to pay the piper.

2548 days ago

Yes I Said It    

@Creepy (#6)
get your facts right.
its the son who made the tape, not his black girlfriend.

His son made the tape cuz he was upset that his dad was firing him for dating a black woman.
His son is the one who sold the tape to the Enquirer.

get your facts right or shut up, dummy

2548 days ago


I think those trashy words flowed out of that piece of trash's mouth too easily. If he were not like that, they wouldn't have just flowed out so nice and easy.

2548 days ago

gotta getta life    

Amanda-you are a racist whore.
He didn't fire his son because she was black, he fired him because his son and the girlfriend are hitting the pipe together. If you honestly think his apology is based on his bank account, then you are not familiar with him or his work. Come on people-he was pissed. He had hoped his son was finally clean and sober-he was clean and sober until he hooked up with an "ex" addict. It was not her fault, but most fathers want to look for someone else to blame and hate when their kids throw their lives away. He took it out on her.

2548 days ago
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