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Britney: Partying Like a Mock Star

11/1/2007 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With reports that her new CD will debut at #1 next week -- and with the need for a babysitter no longer necessary -- Britney Spears partied the Halloween night away.

The mother-of-two donned one of her best whoretastic ensembles and hit up Heidi Klum's Halloween party -- sponsored by Captain Morgan. Ahoy, messy!

Partying with the popwreck were a motley crew, including cousin/assistant/professional BFF Alli, newfound Svengali/TMZ wannabe Sam Lufti and E!'s Jason Kennedy. Happy Halloween, Sean and Jayden!


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i wanna do her...mmmm...lick it all up! go...brit!

2518 days ago

aa girl    

Yeah.. why aren't you out trick or treating with your kids? I can't believe it. She just gets worse & worse. ugh. Terrible mom. Terrible.

2518 days ago


One day, when this clueless wonder looks back at the ruin her life has become, and how none of her children want anything at all to do with her.........and she is flat broke and living in a cardboard box under a bridge.....oh who am I kidding, she will still want to party because SHE IS TOO STUPID TO LEARN ANYTHING!

2518 days ago


she never wanted those boys...she got pregnant accidently...becus of all the lust and screwin around,and she probly kept keep her man.she got bored with kfed,and dumped she sees that her boys are a nuisance 2 her....SHAME,SHAME...

2518 days ago


Yeah, are absolutely right.........we're all "JEALUS".........We all dream of being coked out of our heads on a daily basis, hounded by paparazzi, dressing like we're Vegas strippers, bathing once a week, whether we need it or not.......we all wish we could abandon our kids and leave them with some nanny while we party all night long........not caring that our kids will grow up barely knowing who we are.........flashing our undies (or lack of them) and exposing ourselves to greedy photogs who only care about getting a photo that will make them money..........Tell me, Lulu.....what color is the sky in your world? Here's an idea. Go into your bedroom, break open that little piggybank and take the change and go buy yourself a clue.

2518 days ago


Doesn't she have anyone that cares what she looks like when she goes out??? She obviously can't make a decent wardrobe decision on her own, are the 2 leaches that always hang with her that stupid too?

2518 days ago


81. Doesn't she have anyone that cares what she looks like when she goes out??? She obviously can't make a decent wardrobe decision on her own, are the 2 leaches that always hang with her that stupid too?

THEY'LL TELL HER ANYTHING TO GET TO HER NONEY - BLOODSUCKERS!! serves her right - she deserves it - stupid idiot can't see it!!

2518 days ago

just wondering    

..REALITY!! hahahahha...nice posting!

2518 days ago



2518 days ago


Mommy's Got the Tricks this year!

Its a good thing her boys will have a Whore-y pictoral history of their mom. Can you imagine finding pictures of your mom looking like this? She is not pretty anymore, she is not fit or someone that anyone should be paying attention to-- she didn't even write her songs. She just sings into a synthesizer an incoherent repetetive beat.

She is a repulsive, no-talent, uneducated piece of trash.

2518 days ago


That's so fuct up - POOR BOO BOOS!! Seriously, she should be going trick or treating with them or something. She's a selfish bitch!!!!

2518 days ago

britney you need a shrink

2518 days ago


To # 60 Reality

Ellen Degeneres also bought enough copies for everyone in her audience. It was part of her show today, apparently. She was dancing to "Toy Soldier".

Wow. Slow day.

2518 days ago

Julie G.    

Britney simply have her own of mind and her ears goes deaf. Let her do whatever she wants. Dressed up as partying girl fit her personality! Seems like her mother writing a book not bothering her at all and partying up seems not bothering her at all. Old same thing and dejavu about Britney,TMZ. TMZ, why continuing to write about Britney,! She seems not going to change to a better person quite yet! I am sick of hearing about her. Who cares about Britney!!!!!!

2518 days ago


Is Britney the ugly one on the right? Hard to tell these days...

2518 days ago
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