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Brit Ran Over Another Foot -- This Time, It's a Cop!

11/2/2007 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears drove over a Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy's foot when she left the courthouse at her last custody hearing! Drivin' properler is hard, y'all!
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that an officer on duty at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L.A. was trying to help Brit leave her custody hearing, when Brit rolled over her foot! The officer was one of the brave souls helping Brit maneuver through a crowd of photogs as she pulled out of the garage. In the video, broadcast live on TMZ on Oct. 26, you can hear an officer yelling at Spears to "Make a left, make a LEFT!" -- but the Pumpkinmobile ding-danger went right!

Sources tell TMZ that the victim has no broken bones but is hobbling around the courthouse on crutches and has been reassigned to light duty. Just a week earlier, Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photog in Beverly Hills.

TMZ will try to get the officer's sock to sell on eBay.

Story developing ...


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Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

It was only a foot she ran over, body part not too important

2536 days ago


The law should not allow these types of things to happen! That poor girl must have been scared to death with all those media hounds surrounding her. She is a young woman desperately in need of help and intervention and all the press cares about is making a mockery of her and her situation and causing incidents such as this one. Maybe if the media went away and left her alone so that she could work on getting her life back together for her children and her own sake, maybe these accidents would stop happening. She is a very talented young lady, but everyone makes mistakes and needs help from time to time. Give her a chance.

2536 days ago

Connie Andrews    

Has it ever occurred to the media that Ms. Spears THRIVES on publicity, whether it is good or whether it just gives one more example of her lack of respect for herself and others? At one time, she was a pretty and talented young woman but her fame gave her a 'big head' and the idea that she can do and say ANYTHING she wants without being accountable for it. Does she have to maim or kill an innocent person before a smart judge takes away her driver's license? I'm sure she would STILL continue to drive but then perhaps another smart judge would lock her up for a couple of months! It's been said people like her, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie only serve a 'token sentence' of a few hours or few days because the jails are overcrowded! How ridiculous is THAT statement! If the jails are too crowded to house these prima donnas, why aren't they too crowded for the common law-breakers? Seems as if it's just another instance of 'money talks'. Yes, people read the stories in the magazines and papers and watch news footage of these problem children because it's entertaining but after awhile, it gets sickening to read of the same incidents happening over and over. These young ladies need to grow up and act like responsible ADULTS and do something that is truly noteworthy, like being a good parent, doing charity work ,etc. Isn't it funny that we never hear about the REALLY talented celebrities? That's because they are too busy WORKING , acting their age and not looking for attention, like most 'children' do! I realize the media reports all this gabage because the copy sells and people read just about anything but I bet if just one month went by without a story about these females, the media would STILL make money and maybe these out-of-control females would realize that life DOES go on without them and there antics.

2536 days ago


Oh my

2549 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    


2549 days ago

Cant figure it out    

What is wrong with her? Why doesn't she just get one of her peeps to drive her around. Someone else is always in the car. She is a wreck.

2549 days ago

LCpl. Sheppard    

This bitch needs to hurry up and die

2549 days ago


Britney is a cop killer!

2549 days ago


She should sue her. Britney doesn't care about anyone but herself. She should have never taken off like that. She could have hurt someone innocent and she did.

2549 days ago


Again, not Brit's fault. If you don't have enough sense to stay clear of a moving vehicle, a part of you is eventually going to get a wheel rolled over it. Police should be ordering everyone to get clear and keep themselves stepped back as well.

2549 days ago


Not that I enjoy coming to Brits defense, but how the hell is she suppose to drive when everyone is surrounding her car. You paps deserve to be run over if you don't have the common sense to clear out of the way.

2549 days ago


Why don't the cops use some comon sense and clear the area of all of the paparazzi so she can leave?

If the paps don't comply, just start arresting them.

Seems pretty simple to me...

2549 days ago

Goldie Hand    

Her car is just one Whore-Power, so it couldn't hurt that bad

2549 days ago


I'm surprised she didn't run over more feet...look at the amount of people around her car!! That's insane.........

2549 days ago



i can't stand the girl, but come on now.

2549 days ago
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