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Brit Ran Over Another Foot -- This Time, It's a Cop!

11/2/2007 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears drove over a Los Angeles County Sheriff deputy's foot when she left the courthouse at her last custody hearing! Drivin' properler is hard, y'all!
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that an officer on duty at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L.A. was trying to help Brit leave her custody hearing, when Brit rolled over her foot! The officer was one of the brave souls helping Brit maneuver through a crowd of photogs as she pulled out of the garage. In the video, broadcast live on TMZ on Oct. 26, you can hear an officer yelling at Spears to "Make a left, make a LEFT!" -- but the Pumpkinmobile ding-danger went right!

Sources tell TMZ that the victim has no broken bones but is hobbling around the courthouse on crutches and has been reassigned to light duty. Just a week earlier, Spears ran over the foot of a TMZ photog in Beverly Hills.

TMZ will try to get the officer's sock to sell on eBay.

Story developing ...


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"76. Give the Britney stalking a rest will ya. There needs to be some serious anti-pap laws in California. This is getting out of control. Soon and very soon somebody is going to be killed. Remember Princess Diana!

Posted at 4:03PM on Nov 2nd 2007 by Give the stalking a break'

I have to agree. As much as I think this girl is a total moron and should not be even driving, the stalkarazzi thing is way out of hand. For crying out loud, guys, back off a little. In the first place it has to be annoying and frustrating to them, and second, we just dont have to see and know about every little minute of their lives. Some of us out here in Regular People Land have lives of our own. A few pictures here and there is one thing but stop stalking the celebs.

2556 days ago


Blame the cop?

Britney knew where she was driving to when she began her day. She also knew that there would be a crowd of paparazzi and other bystanders looking at her. If only for that 7-8 hour shift, it was her responsibility to hire a driver and/or security person. She doesn't have to hire those apes she's had in the past. She can hire real cops with authority to make arrests of paparazzii who harass her because off-duty cops are always available to work Special duty. Even many of those low-key security guards you see in Wal-Mart and at sporting events, college campus events, are actually real cops. Britney is wealthy and can afford to hire a real cop for a mere $150.00/hr.'

2556 days ago


It's to bad that a couple of TMX paps didn't get killed, and it was ruled an accident, and Brit was off the hook. Those paps are a digrace.

2556 days ago


If the paparazzi would leave her alone and get out of her way, maybe she could actually drive without hitting someone!
Or she should hire a driver..what with her $737,000 a month paycheck she can't afford a driver? Whatever

2556 days ago


This is not her fault. Someone is bound to get hurt when they are all standing so close. The police should have put a liitle barracade around. That should be illegal to be so close to her car, touching her property. This is not her fault.

2556 days ago


She loves the attention. She loves the drugs. She hates her children.

2556 days ago


she is rich as they come...she can hire someone 2 drive her round,ans she KNOWS THE PAPPARAZZI AND THE CROWDS ARE GONA BE ALL AROUND HER...ITS HER FAULT!

2556 days ago


You have to be a Nascar driver to get around these dopy paps

2556 days ago


nobody, jeff gordon tony stewart, NOBODY could drive with a mob all around every inch of their vehicle....
there shouldn't be any charges...shouldn't even be a story!

2556 days ago


ill drive her around...if she lets me eat her ass out..:)

2556 days ago


give me a freaken break. cops new she was coming and should have done a better job clearing the papz. she probably didnt even know she did it. its a freaken accident!

2556 days ago


Yeah, there's no way anyone can stop from running over or hitting things while trying to drive through a crowd like that.

I don't know about anyone else, but If a car starts to move, I tend to get out of it's way. She can't be held liable for it. They're both at fault!

2556 days ago


Ok, give her a break!! It's almost as if people are just finding stuff to pin against her because she is of course an easy target!! They cannot charge her with a hit and run, if she doesn't realize she ran over his foot!! They are everywhere, and that is not her fault!! I am not the biggest fan of hers and know she makes mistakes but this is entirely not her fault!!

2556 days ago

lets hang her    

Lets stone her to death and the burn her mutilated body.
brit the witch, the devil

2556 days ago


I would charge the paps instead they are causing the driving hazard

2556 days ago
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