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Dennis Cole Busted. Wait -- Who's Dennis Cole?

11/2/2007 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Cole was busted in Florida yesterday. Who?
Dennis Cole
The former husband of "Charlie's Angels" star and K-Mart shmata seller Jaclyn Smith had a major run-in with Fort Lauderdale Police, who went to Cole's home to serve him with a domestic violence injunction -- but police say he locked himself in a room. Cops were eventually able to open the door -- and Cole was promptly arrested on one count of obstructing justice. He was released on $100 bond early Friday.

It's unlikely that you remember Cole for his roles on "Fantasy Island" and "Murder She Wrote." Cole was married to Smith for almost three years.


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who cares    

He did a gilligan's island and i belive he has a series. A cop drama

2545 days ago


Harvey, your face looks every bit as puffy.

2545 days ago

big rosie greenbaum    

Is it just me or does he look like the Grinch?

2545 days ago


Come on, people. Nobody picks up on the fact that "marc" is wrong about Dennis Cole being in 'a weekly t.v. series with Paul Michael Glazer' (that would be David Soul in 'Starsky and Hutch'), but y'all want to believe that Dennis Cole was a male prostitute - just because "marc" says so? If you ask me, his credibility isn't real high.

2545 days ago

Jaye Kean    

Rosie, yes, he does look like the Grinch!!! OMG, you're right. But he used to be VEEERY hot

2545 days ago


I remember seeing Dennis Cole as he was driving out of the Gelson's parking lot in Century City about 15 years ago. I remember that his son was senselessly murdered outside of his friend's home some years ago. I think the friends name is Howard Rollins. Maybe poor Dennis is still grieving. Dennis really looked hot back then. I mouthed to him his name, he smiled and shook his head yes. May God be with him.

2545 days ago

Todd Lee    

did they just say $100 bond? THATS IT!!!

2545 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

I agree with "JustMe". Why does anyone need to ask what happened to the guy? It's called TIME, people, time. Do you think it's going to stand still for you? Whatever else Dennis may be guilty of, just getting older is no crime. Sheesh!

2545 days ago


#43 thanks for clearing up the name on Joe Cole's friend. I said Howard Rollins who I just remember was the transgender dresser that died of AIDS and was one of the stars of In The Heat of the Night. I guess there will be no show reunion for that show.

2545 days ago


This guy is still pissed that Henry Rollins witnessed his sons murder and did nothing but piss his pants. If he wants to beat anyones ass it should not be a woman it should be that weasel Henry Rollins

2545 days ago


Dennis Cole starred with Rod Taylor in the 1970's short lived series Powderkeg.

He also did a lot of short bits and stand-ins on a lot of Western shows in the 1970's and some other shows in the 1980's.

Overall, he WAS a good actor in his day.

That's it.

2545 days ago


He was crazy handsome...hey people it will happen, even to you. "Right now, this minute, you will be as young as you will ever be" Think about it. Also his son did not die....he was murdered , and for about $40.00 dollars. The quilty folks are still out there. Hope you burn in hell.....

love you Joe.

2545 days ago


Whoa - who is Harvey Levin? Why the crummy lead in? Levin is within 10 years of Dennis' age and probably knows Dennis...
Dennis is a class act and a gentleman. It shows the young age and limited interests of the tmz commentors. Do you think after hours in processing jail house photogs allow you to clean up before the photo? Some of you have googled for his head shots. Give an older guy a break during a bad time.
Dennis was the lead in Bearcats, Felony Squad, Bracken's World and appeared in many Murder She Wrote, Fantasy Island, A-Team, Love Boat, Trapper John, Fall Guy, Vegas & other series such as Y & R. You have seen a younger Dennis in reruns and enjoyed his acting, as have your parents!
His son, Joe, was his best friend and killed in Venice while with Henry Rollins who never
helped the police or Dennis much with the search for the shooter.
Who knows what actually happened for him to be jailed. Can't be much for $100 bail. But to make up that he was a male prostitute is just jealousy and nastiness from an actor wannabee. Dennis is a handsome fellow who loved being a stuntman and playing his horn. Too bad he left acting. Too bad we all get old and have problems...

2545 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Way back when I was really young and used to watch 'Charlie's Angel's I rememeber thinking he was so ugly or was it cute? I don't remember but, now he is old and ugly.
It's funny that he was hiding in the bathroom, way to funny! If you do the crime than you must do the time.

2545 days ago


Wow, I didn't realize that his son was the man who was murdered while walking in Hollywood with Henry Rollins. I have heard Rollins talk about it in an interview and it's heartbreaking and scary.
I also didn't realize Cole was 67 but that does make sense now. I would have thought early 60's.
Oh and the reason TMZ doesn't mention any of this is simply because they don't know. They prove again and again they know nothing about the entertainment industry they report on. It's really a shame that Harvey can't hire some people with basic knowledge of the industry or at least make them do a imdb search before they print a mean story.

Oh well, at least there is a live video outside of Hyde. I guess they gave up on following Britney around with a video cam.


2545 days ago
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