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Fully Grown Woman

11/5/2007 4:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 31-year-old devout Evangelical Christian and mother-of-three turned up at a tennis gala in Boca Raton, Fla. on Saturday. Holy moly!
Candace Cameron
Candace has been married for 11 years to former NHL player Valeri Bure and likes to blog about the Lord on her website.


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I'd tap her jesus lovin ass for a couple of silver coins.

2552 days ago


The fat faced little kid with the ratty looking do turned out OK!

She has certainly been totally made over .. nose is different .. teeth have been capped.

She looks great.

2552 days ago

A Christian also    

It never ceases to amaze me how many folks out there feel the need to bash Christians who have a rewarding life, yet love and idolize the rich and famous who lead destructive lives filled with drugs, alcohol and sex......sad to see. Just revitalizes my faith in Christ.
It is so easy to see how the many will be fooled by the Anti-Christ just by watching how the masses flock to see a "celebrity" or follow every fad. I have no doubt that many would shave their eyebrows for no other reason than a celebrity said "it is a cool thing to do." with Stevorino from the above posting leading the way.

2552 days ago


She is beautiful and all the daughters were blonde, blue eyed on the show. She turned out all right for a child star..

2552 days ago


She's very pretty.

2552 days ago


you have really grown up from cutie to now a beautiful woman

2552 days ago


WOW.... Because of all of the negative news about celeberities, I expected that she was probably severely overweight or drugged out, She is a beautiful woman.
In fact she is a lot prettier than the Olson twins. Stunning

2552 days ago


The girl that played Stephanie makes Candice look average, not saying Candice isn't hot, but little Stephie really grew up.

2552 days ago


You GO Candace! It's nice to see some Hollywood kids turn out right for a change. True Christianity will do it every time. :)

2552 days ago


Wow. It's okay for Tom Cruise and the like to spout off their scientology. It's okay for other stars to talk of Kabala or the Dali Llama (Richard Gere) and the rest of the religions out there. But being a Christian means you are a Jesus Freak, or wierd or there is something wrong. WHY IS THAT AMERICA? The nation founded on Christian principles now looks upon it with distaste. How ironic. If you are going to criticize her religion, you better criticize the rest. Or, better yet, just shut up and stop judging. SHE MAY BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING TO HELL IF YOU DON'T ACCEPT JESUS, BUT SHE DOESN'T JUDGE YOU FOR IT. FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

2552 days ago

Richard Hatch    

Wow, she's beautiful! Just as beautiful as her brother Kirk!

2552 days ago


She is beautiful, and I would rather be, as you say, a Jesus Freak, than a lost soul.
People attack Jesus out of fear. and I do not know why, because Jesus loves You

2552 days ago

Father Pimpus Littletickle    

Hmm. If she was a bit more liberal, I could have her on her knees at the altar, feeling my peace. Umph... *SPANK* *SPANK*

2552 days ago


Well said JV, amen brother!! Everybody's got to serve somebody whether it's money, yourself, or Jesus. I can only pray my life evidences Christ-likeness enough that somebody would call me a Jesus Freak.

2552 days ago


who cares if she is religious or not. her and her brother are some of the nicest kids around. her beauty shows from the inside out. i hope she is a role model for many young please guy's please don't be jealous of her. embrace her beauty and mabey 1 day you will be as beautiful as her. remember beauty is only skin deep. try yo treat people as you would expect to be treated.

love, sandy

2552 days ago
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