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Shia's Mugshot: More Than Meets the Glassy Eyes

11/5/2007 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf was busted for trespassing at a Walgreens in Chicago early Sunday morning, and the website has obtained his mugshot.
Shia LaBeouf
Chicago police tell TMZ that Shia was arrested around 2:30 AM on Sunday after a security guard repeatedly told LaBeouf to leave -- because the 21-year-old appeared drunk, police said. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing and released a few hours later.

He's due back in court on November 28.


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did they test him seam like a waste of time an media heresiple tes would of answered it right away drunk drugs what ever hype.startin to woder if its the media re the celebs .wating attention wch we are wasting or time reading hehe

2509 days ago


great mugshot.
he is 21.....
let him get drunk, its not like he was driving and was on drugs.

2509 days ago


MMMMmm Whatcha Saayyy??

2509 days ago


mmmmm... he still looks hot. but who cares if he refused to get out of a Wal-Greens. people just focuse on him because he's a celeb. theres like 257 other people that did that last night too. the only good crime to focuse in on of a celeb is killing your wife and her secreat lover.

2509 days ago


he looks more stoned in my opinion. i'm just mad cuz i wish i knew he was in my town this weekend!

2509 days ago


Here we go again... Another young one gets lured in by the drink. You shoulda seen him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few weeks ago. Terry Bradshaw was a guest. Jay asked Shia if he wanted a drink to celebrate his B'day (he just turned 21) Bradshaw had a flask of "something" in his jacket pocket and Shia was chuggin' outta the flask Bradshaw brought with him... It was pretty funny, Shia looked like he caught a bit of a buzz... Oh you crazy little party-erz living on the edge... First Wal-Green's... Is rehab next??? LOL

2509 days ago


I'd like to know if the security cameras in Walgreen's will be released. It would be nice to know exactly what he was doing to get detained before people pass judgment on him. Either way, drunk or stoned, the boy wasn't driving, he wasn't endangering lives, and for all we know, he was minding his own business and a security guard saw a famous person and thought he'd get his 15 minutes of fame for detaining him. If security tapes aren't released, you know they are covering something up and most likely Shia did nothing wrong. I think Shia is a fantastic young actor with a great future in film. I only hope he doesn't follow the path of so many other young, misguided celebrities.

2509 days ago


Shia also recently had pneumonia. Walking pneumonia to be exact. Perhaps he had another bout with it and was needing some meds.
It's also obvious that this $7.50hr wage earner security guard obviously should promote himself to the south side. Atleast there he can really get some drunken, drug, gang activity action going on.

2509 days ago


Glassy eyed or not, Shia is sooooo sexy. That last scene in Disturbia... yikes. LOL

2509 days ago


hmmm his smile seems to be the alcohal talking. or hes high

2509 days ago


Good lord, AOL, this is news? And you wonder why these celebrities take swings at photographers? Leave the guy alone.

2509 days ago


This is news, AOL, AND why? It's the same with all those LaLa Land fairies. Drive and drink ...what else do they do?

2509 days ago


Still a cutie, hope he doesn't make these things a habit. Hot in boxers!

2509 days ago


TMZ is sooooo lame

2509 days ago


Dont these people have more important things to report on?? Does anybody remember being 21??? Get over it already!

2509 days ago
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