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"Dancing" -- The Curse Of Tom Bergeron

11/6/2007 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is there a "Dancing With the Stars" curse? Tragedy seems to have befallen several cast members recently
Dancing composite
Just last week Marie Osmond infamously fainted during a live broadcast last month, and today word came that she sadly lost her father, George Osmond, patriarch of the singing Osmond clan. And Jane Seymour's mother passed away last month.

Jane SeymourThese unfortunate incidents are just a few of the woes faced by these women since joining the show, Jane also had to skip an episode due to food poisoning and very nearly lost her home in the Malibu fires last month.

Marie and Jane haven't been the only ones to endure The Curse: Sara Evans left the show during a painful divorce, Stacy Keibler suffered a seizure while promoting the show and -- worst of all -- the unfortunate bout of tanorexia suffered by "Dancing" staple Cheryl Burke.

Make it stop, Tom Bergeron!

Star Slaps Back -- No, You Did NOT Pay Me!

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to Star's manager who laid it out for us, on the record. According to her manager, this was a straightforward business agreement for Star to speak at the Health and Beauty Expo -- nothing more. The contract was breached, so Star did not appear. Had Star known she would be speaking for charity, her fee would have been substantially reduced or eliminated and she would have been there to speak.

Star Jones is giving the big girls she allegedly dissed in Detroit a big fat you-know-what, saying that they were the ones who breached the contract, not her. And yesterday, on her Court TV show, she called allegations that she bailed out of her appearance "a nasty shakedown."

In a lengthy dossier including her own blow-by-blow of what went down with Full and Fabulous, Star says that though she got $10,000 from the group before her scheduled performance, she never got $15K more that she was owed. What's more, Star claims that she didn't get "the level" hotel that she requested when she went to stay in Detroit, nor was any ground transportation provided.

Star Jones - Click to launchStar says that she and husband Al Reynolds paid for their Super Bowl weekend "at our own expense" and that she's still never received any loot for the appearance.

Dog's Other Son -- Dad's Not a Racist!

Christopher Hecht: Click to watchOne kid sold him out, but another of Duane "Dog" Chapman's pups tells TMZ that the bounty hunter is not a racist.

TMZ got an exclusive interview with Dog's oldest son, Christopher -- one of Duane's litter of nine -- who defends his dad regardless of the hate-filled rant. Dog Chapman came under fire last week after an N-word tirade was leaked to the National Enquirer by another son, Tucker Like Father, Like Son -- Click to launch-- who probably has a new first letter for his name.

For more of the interview with Christopher, watch TMZ TV tonight. Check local listings.

J.Lo: Baby Got Front

For once, the largest, roundest, protrusion on Jennifer Lopez's body isn't her ass!
Jennifer Lopez
Clad in a tent dress and looking mommalicious, the 38-year-old former Fly Girl revealed a glimpse of her growing wombmate at a Miami baseball game on Monday.

While everyone and their tour outfit designer has confirmed her pregnancy, Jennifer officially continues to keep mum on becoming a mom. But the muumuus don't lie!


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Jada Adkins    

I think somebody needs to do an expose on that old queen who runs TMZ, getting the goods on him may shut the old troll up. He is harsh on starlets and women in general because he wants to be one.

2509 days ago

Cynthia Bartling    

Since poor Sabrina got cheated I feel Helio is the best dancer out there right now. Mel is too controlling and never listens to her partner. Jennis is flaccid and CANNOT dance. The soap opera star guy is very good and improving vastly. Jane...puhleese! Marie Osmond is absolutley darling!!!! She is doing so well...maybe she will win!!!

2509 days ago


What does Tom B. have to do with this supposed "curse"? What has HE done to deserve such a dissing from TMZ?

2509 days ago

Jada Adkins    

Don't you have to "suck" before getting a job with TMZ? AJ Hammer me baby!

2509 days ago


To Really: I would venture to say that MOST of the posters on here do NOT believe that Tom Bergeron has those kinds of powers or that there is any curse going on. They do, however enjoy reading about different celebrities and reading other people's blogs. So, in case you're wondering, you shouldn't be so "high and mighty" about "how many people are so gullible." There is actually a reason you came to the site, and I don't buy the one you gave for a second. You're a voyeur just like the rest of us. And to set your mind at ease, I'm pretty sure that most adults can recognize what is fact and what is fiction.

2509 days ago


Dear Star:

Fat, Ugly and stupid is no way to go through life. But, apprently, your choice.

2509 days ago

Robert Brunswick Jr.    

First of all, I love Jennifer Lopez' butt, I would gladly go without pillows to lay my head upon those beautiful mounds of womanly fleash ( as long as she lays off the Rice and Beans :).

Second, man, I wish I was the baby's father. :/

She may be a bitchy Diva...but, she is still hot.

2509 days ago

Jada Adkins    


2509 days ago

Robert Brunswick Jr.    

Oops, I meant WOMANLY FLESH in that other post.

By the way, I used to work at ABC, and Starr Jones was a snotty, nasty, B to the H.

2509 days ago


stupid show for stupid losers who have no social lives whatsoever!!

2509 days ago


Tom bergeron is very good on Dancing with the Stars and is no way a curse. By the way is name is spelled BERGERON

2509 days ago


I could care less about Jones' explanation, she is what she is, therefore I do not believe she deserves any celebrity attention, as I believe she is no celebrity, never seen her actually work and do it well.

2509 days ago


To all the people who keep say that TMZ is just a horrible site and that you disapprove of their antics, why do you continue to read their stuff? If it's so bad and you hate them so much why do you keep coming back. I think a lot of their stuff is wrong but I don't condemn them for it mainly because I think it is really funny to read.

Tom Bergeron is hilarious and it was a joke. Leave it alone. My sypathies go out the Osmonds and to Jane, I too have lost a parent and it is really hard.

J Lo look great I just love her. She's been trying to get pregnant for a long time I'm glad it finally happened for her.

2509 days ago


Back in the late 1980's, Tom Bergeron used to be a Boston based TV personality. He used to host a local show called "People Are Talking." My friend and I went to that talk show, to be audience members on 3 different occasions. Each time we went, Tom talked to the audience before they started the show, also during commercial break, and finally after each show, he shook everyone's hand, as they left the studio. I found Tom to be gracious, funny, and genuine. Tom should NOT be blamed for the events that have occurred to Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond. Jane's mother and Marie's father (God bless their souls) didn't die b/c of Tom. That's absurd. I know TMZ is probably kidding around but how do you think this makes Tom feel???

2509 days ago

Robert Brunswick Jr.    

Starr Jones may have lost all that weight, but, she is still stuck with a face that looks like it was painted on the bow of a ship. What is someone pulling her face with both hands from behind?

She looks like something Nemo would have swam away in fear from.

2509 days ago
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