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M. Night Victorious in Fence Nightmare

11/6/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

M. Night Shaymalan's HouseIt isn't a pretty fence, but M. Night Shyamalan gets to keep it!

A judge in Chester County, Penn. has ruled that the "Sixth Sense" director can keep his 123-acre property wrapped in this yucky 8-foot high green mesh -- much to the horror of his neighbors. I see pissed-off people!

Residents of Willistown Township complained that the plastic netting was an eyesore, but local officials ultimately sided with the filmmaker, who argued it was the only way to keep deer from decimating a network of floral gardens on the property he purchased in September 2006.

Cher scored a similar victory in 2003 when she donated $125,000 to the city of Malibu in exchange for permission to keep her tennis court surrounded by a 10-foot wall.


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hah yah good for him
its his property he should be able to do what he wants with it

2545 days ago

Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Is the fence dolphin safe?

2545 days ago

patsy ramsey    

good for mnight, i have never and will never pronounce his last name properly. the neighbors that complain probably live in trailers and are just jealous that this indian guy is making them look as poor as they acutally are. instead of complaing, try getting jobs you lazy home makers

2545 days ago


Deer Hater!

2545 days ago

patsy ramsey    

i bet the neighbors complained that the fence smelled like curry. haha just kidding, mnight rules good for him, he should have won that case, its his own property idiots. since the 6th sense i still cant pronounce his last name

2545 days ago


Maybe he'll turn this episode into yet another mind-numbingly horrible movie! We can only hope!

2545 days ago

Vintage '51    

With a 123 acre property, what business is it of his neighbors what he does?MYOB. Glad the judge ruled in his favor.It could be worse. Trust me, my home was surrounded by a pig farm and eventually I moved.

2545 days ago



2545 days ago


I live near there. It's really not as bad as they are making it out to be. Only a few neighbors complained, and they don't even live on that street. It's up on a rise and they have added landscaping. If you're not paying attention, you probably wouldn't even notice it. We have a major deer problem out here, they eat everything!

2545 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

It is unsightly. Normally I could care less what others do with their own property, but ...
in a rural setting like this, I would feel that local wildlife would take priority (and be more appreciated to have around) than fake floral gardens. But that's just me. We're pushing wildlife out of their own natural habitat, and M. Night is not sharing. His, his, his. What's a deer to do? Cut around 123 acres to get to water or whatever? We have to be good stewards of this planet. Screw the gardens, and put pellets and water out for the deer when it's really effing cold and the snow is 4 feet deep.

2545 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I meant to say pellets and a salt lick.

2545 days ago

MJ RIP    

this is beyond stupid. You buy property in DEER COUNTRY, plant a FLOWER GARDEN and get upset that the deer are arriving? It's a great way to drive them further into society, and he just took away 120 acres of their natural habitat. More will die and suffer. Way to be green.

2545 days ago


What an idiot this guy is.

Plant native stuff that deer don't like, idiot.

You developed into wild land, so maybe do something a little different than a cheesy middle-class lawn and garish plantings.

2545 days ago

MJ RIP    

also, he should be pro hunting, there will be a lot of deer dying naturally now because of him. Better to shoot them and eat them than let them suffer.

2545 days ago


F**k being green. I for one, don't believe in global warming, but if it does exist, GOOD.
I HATE the cold weather! I'm saving up my money to move somewhere WARM.
As for these deer, theres already too many of them. Kill off a few, MMMmmmMMM

2545 days ago
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