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Cops: Hogan Was Drinking Before Crash

11/7/2007 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops have concluded Nick Hogan was drinking the night he crashed his Supra, severely injuring his best friend.
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Clearwater PD today released details of their investigation into the August 26 crash. In addition to being arrested for reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, cops also cited Hogan for use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony, a person under the age of 21 operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of .02 or higher and having an Illegal window tint.

Police also concluded that although Hogan and a second car were racing right before the crash, the driver of the second car was not a direct cause of the accident. That driver has also been ticketed for reckless driving.

Hogan was going 60 mph in a 40 mph zone when he lost control and hit a tree.


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My son and nephew were in seperate cars back in January 2006, they were both charged with racing on a highway. My son was bayflighted to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Peterburg, Fl., where he remained in NICU for 2 months, went to another floor for rehab, to this day he has major medical problems. Here in Manatee County they both received a 1 year suspension of their drivers lisence and had to do 5 weekends of jail and 50 communtiy service hours.

2418 days ago


It must, be REALLY sad, to have lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and KNOW that there is NOTHING you can do, to help your spoiled rotten kid!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT his fault it is yours Terry and Linda. How dare you give THEM everyhting them, everything you COULD!!! Can Brooke get her dresses any shorter????????????????????
I am just sick for John and his poor parents. YOU TERRY need to be paying for the best care, for the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!

2491 days ago


Think back to when you guys were his age, how arrogant you were (even the best teenagers are arrogant, invincible). Then, imagine having everything you could ever want at your fingertips, with no responsible adult to guide you. That boy's got hormones going crazy, probably tons of people egging him on - to be cool.

And, once he got into street racing, how many people challenged him and egged him on just so they could say they beat a Hogan? I'm sure that at many times being a "spoiled rich celebrity" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Bash Nick all you want, but he's just young and terribly misguided. Everyone's just pissed because the guy in the car with him happened to be a Marine ... a Marine of legal drinking age. I wonder who bought the alcohol? I'm sorry, but John should have known better - it's a shame. He should have known not to participate in street racing, especially not with an intoxicated driver and no seatbelt on. Nick deserves to be punished, but "put away for a long time"? He should be punished, but not as severely as the electronic lynch mob wants.

2490 days ago


If he goes to prison I SO want him to be my bioootch, he's just my type. Yum.

2490 days ago


Well said, human. Seems most people have judged him and written him off because he's a spoiled celebrity. That's not really his fault. He's young and dumb, but he can change. No good can come from locking him up for any large length of time.

2490 days ago


how many points on your license does florida allow before your license is revoked???!!?esp in ur first year of driving!

2490 days ago


Heather - he didn't have his license that long. He may have been given traffic school to get rid of some points, but he was also let go with a warning a lot - so he didn't get as many points as he should have. And, when it comes to making special rules for children driving, it's hard to make many because people shout "age discrimination". That's the same reason why old senile people get to drive.

It won't matter with my daughter. I won't be allowing her to drive while she's under 18 (I wouldn't allow her to drive until she's 30 if I had any say after 18). It's too risky. ALL kids are at least somewhat reckless. If she's going to do something stupid it won't be because I enabled it to happen, and if she does something stupid and hurts someone, I won't be the one stuck with the bill. Sad, but true.

2489 days ago


yes, paranoid mama,I agree. Parents should wise up and stop letting their kids drive

2489 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Hulk and Linda, If this divorce is just a ploy to possibly save bucks from the impending lawsuit that will come out of the wreck that vegetated John. I will tell you one thing from your fans. If it is a BS publicity masquerade then it WILL defniately hurt your career. You will lose ALL credibility with your fans and will be placed where Dog The Bounty Hunter was so quickly placed. Directly in the TRASH. You both have two children that need your help. Brooke has such a skewed picture of reality. She isnt talented and only was able to put out an album because of the reality show and because of being Hulks daughter. Everyone knows this and accepts it. Work on what she can do and not what she can't do. With the right amount of coaching and in time she may become a good actress. Just dont let her crash and burn too soon or she will never become anything. Nick brought on bad publicity to the entire family and it is not going to go away soon. He is only 17 so keep the case in the juvenile court system. It will help him in the future. Both you and Linda needs to give him your total support and stand behind him no matter if he has to go to jail or prison for a few years. Use this tragedy to build your career on. Do public service against drunk driving, against drag racing, against whatever you can stand against. Volunteer your status as a celebrity toward these causes. This will build public confidence toward the Hulk and then a sit com or something like that will come along to further your career. Dont do the reality show anymore. It will bring you nothing but trouble in the future and will probably hurt your career from this point on rather than help it. If your divorce is real and not a tatical move, then go through with it and put it behind you. Both of your children are about grown and are old enough to handle it. Don't bad mouth your ex wife and make sure in the final property settlement agreement that she agrees not to bad mouth you or write a book about your lives. Pay her a little extra to keep her mouth shut. Dont let her profit on your 20 years together. The public already knows too much about you thanks to the reality show. Its time to close those doors and go on with your lives.

2489 days ago


I think mama Linda is getting ready for the divorce now so she can get out with meeeeeny pesosss from hubby before the lawsuit hits him for Nickie's accident. She's out shopping already! Money hunger will do her in and she'll find herself fat , alone and without any friends but her many poochies.
Hulk at least always seemed like a good idiot over Brookie, but still a nice guy.

2488 days ago

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2507 days ago


Isn't the legal drinking age 21? As in the breath-alcohol level for someone under the age of 21 should be .00?

2507 days ago



2507 days ago

Im just sayin    

he needs a hard lesson in life before this goes too far. He doesnt seem to care too much so far. maybe this reality check will help.

2507 days ago

Im just sayin    

With Hulk Hogan as your dad - WOULD YOU ACTUALLY DRINK AND DRIVE?? Idiot

2507 days ago
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