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Hey Copperfield! Watch Us Pull a Lawsuit Out of Our Hat!

11/7/2007 10:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two promoters have filed suit against magician David Copperfield and his company for canceling 48 scheduled performances.

The breach-of-contract suit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Viva Art International Ltd. and Maz Concerts Inc. They say they fronted the illusionist roughly $2.2 million to cover his costs before he canceled the shows.

The lawsuit claims Copperfield backed out of the deal because he didn't want to face the press after he was accused of sexually assaulting a Seattle woman.

The 21-year-old woman claims Copperfield raped her last July in the Bahamas. An attorney for the magician has denied those allegations, and no charges have been filed.

As TMZ first reported, Copperfield's attorney claimed the canceled shows were as a result of a contract dispute with the promoters, and not because of the criminal investigation.


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So I guess the moral is...Lawyers lie?

2485 days ago


# 17 by Someone
They are not always aspiring actresses or models, Las Vegas just happens to have a large percentage of such who recieve free tickets to the shows there.
It was only 4 months that it was leaked to the press and David's office/storage/apartment was searched.
The girl reported the incident with in days after it happened.
I do not smell a set up at all, I see an aging rat.

2485 days ago


Sad but good that he has finally been called on the carpet.

2485 days ago


"Now only ladies that fall in love with men in jail should go to his show." Weird irony to this is, if he does end up in prison, there are women who are attracted to men behind bars. And he won't have to do his creepy code word "Scorpion" act to lure them in. LOL

2485 days ago

He's Boring now    

Well maybe history can reveal something here. Just how many shows has he cancelled in the past, especially in the range of the number 48?

His timing certaintly is suspect that is for sure. Contract disputes are usually worked out when this number of shows are involved, unless it for some ridiculous perk request as can be found on Smoking Gun---yeah they have Davids backstage and hotel accomodations requests listed there which are quite interesting and were listed well before all this Scorpion nonsense.

The guys freaking, his lawyer is covering, and he's probably feeling something he hasnt since he was a kid----a bit of guilt from it all.

He should go on the Dog Chapman Tour and start with the Contrition.

Yeah right...that Power freak will never admit defeat...thus the reason for Courts and Prisons.

2485 days ago


They could probably make their money back and then some by finding people who hate magic and charging them big money for promises of no more magic.

2485 days ago

the wise old owl    

Elvis Presley used scouts to find girl's in the audience that he " might " be attracted to.

BUT...he didn't need to RAPE them.

COP A FEEL is hiding something........DAHHH !!

He is no " Elvis Presley "

This girl has a story to tell. And so do the " MANY OTHER'S " that will be surfacing soon.

His action's display's .......... his Guiltiness.

2485 days ago


Then who in their right mind act for morons dam that felt good now move on Scotty lovers sure must be alot of freaks with fake web sites screwing Americans with your consumer fraud sites along with wire fraud charges see ya losers of what myspace face it its all over rated anyway

2485 days ago


Can we say this is so sweat more evidence of bias media liars to cover up their true quilt and the fools who follow . Mouths without ah cause just read the statements and then remove your self from the works of the drug dealer of Cox Enterprises and I bet all these morons posting just love Cox's children porn sites!

2485 days ago


Heheee look at those poor folks playing link ado's and getting no bites sucks to be hateful ! lmao

2485 days ago


Roger how many of your personality's did it take to put that ramble

"More media lies" ? so the law suit is not really happening?
"all these morons posting" Did you not just leave a post?

2485 days ago


Why can't we believe that sexual predators can be handsome and rich and famous? I can think of a former kiddie show who ought to be in jail too.

2485 days ago

ms wonderland    

if he was black there'd be about 7 comments about the out of control N_______ERS by now. Funny his race isnt thrown into the mix when he does something illegal. Check some of the rapper, r&b singer and black actor never fails.

2485 days ago

And like a house of cards it all comes tumbling down.

2485 days ago
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