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Kim K to Ray J

You're Disgusting and Desperate!

11/8/2007 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An hour of new footage from a sex tape of Kim KardASShian and ex-boyfriend Ray-J is about to be released by Vivid Entertainment -- but Kim didn't, er, go down without a fight.
Kim Bitch
TMZ has obtained a voicemail left by booty beauty for her ex, when she realized there might be something going on with their homemade video. Check out how the screaming message ends!


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What is kim LARD-ASSian screaming about? She lied to the public & the press about her 1st sex tape (she claimed no tape existed, while, at the exact same time, she was negotiating with vivid video for a percentage of the proceeds). She posed nude & legs spread for playboy. She's opened her entire life up to scrutiny when she whored herself & her family out with that laughable "reality" series of hers, where her sisters were portrayed as money grubbing whores & where they taught Bruce Jenner's young daughters how to dance with a stripper pole (conveniently put in their own home). She's a slut, which she proved on film; she can't suddenly be a virgin & nice girl.

She's a shameless media whore, just like her buddy pair-ASS hilton. Just like pair-ASS, she'd publicize herself taking a dump if she thought it would get her attention & make her more money. Now they're releasing more of the original tape, and she's upset? About what? The only thing I can think of is that she's cut out of earning what she thinks is her share of the profits.

Note to LARD-ASSian - you need to grow up. You wanted the attention, now you've gotten it, and all the baggage that comes with it. You can't accept the good attention & complain about the bad. If you think that, you should see your slut buddy pair-ASS & what Hallmark cards just told her. Grow up, LARD-ASSian...

2520 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Yuck she may be worse than Paris,Lindsay and Britney all combined-what gutter trash!

2520 days ago


What a retard. She acts like he taped her without her knowing. She deserves all of this, nasty skank ass hoe.

2520 days ago

Kim's #1 fan (P-town)    

First of all, I think you all are haters. Kim is super gorgeous.

Ray J, is obviously doing what ever he can to get some publicity......SAD, and as my girl Kim put it DESPERATE & DISGUSTING!!!!!!

Kim keep doing you thing girl, make that money, and stay beautiful.


2520 days ago

who dat    

Kim comes across as a woman who feels used. She does have some psycho ranting in that message. When she asked, "who do you think you are?" ; Ray should have phoned her back and said, I am the guy who pissed on you when I was done with your ass. Then sold the video of it, and made quite a bit of money doing so. Whether selling the tape was right or not is for another discussion.

2520 days ago


So, you have another stupid reality show on E, pose for playboy and do sex tapes and you're saying that Ray J, or whatever his name is, is desperate for attention? Please!!!! Sounds like you are the one that is craving the limelight little missy, or I should say big missy. If you're stupid enough to do a sex tape then you get what you deserve. Dirty, dirty girl!!!

2520 days ago


I am most sure a lot of people have made tapes/pics...but the smart ones know at the end of a demised relationship - those items are destroyed! Being famous and doing such things is an obvious open door for it to turn out into the public! This girl honestly nauseates me and the parents - I am speechless. I wonder if you do a timeline back to her Dad's death - has all of this been spewn by her and her family since? This would show who the REAL parent to the girls were and we know it isn't Mommy. I feel very sad for them. We all have our own minds - so if she is upset now about something she did before - why pursue a more sexually open life to date?

Obvious Mommy took their mind, thoughts, feelings, opinions and desires from them years ago.

Ugh and that reality show? I can't even bare watch that trainwreck of a family!!!!!!!!

Does NO ONE learn their lesson to the fate of those who are destroyed after doing one? I'm just waiting for Dr. 90210 to break soon.

2520 days ago

ms wonderland    

um, you proved to be desperate for attention when Tuesday you had a nice normal body then miraculously by Thursday you had a Buffie the Body video AZZ. Come on who gets butt implants?? She's a beautiful girl, in the most shallow form of beauty that is. How can a father actually famous for academics in the sense that he became such a successfull attorney create such vapid, inarticulate children? Yeah, too bad he died because the mom totally screwed this one up.

2520 days ago


She's only famous because to Paris Hilton I never heard of this hoe till she started showing up in places with Paris Hilton.

She’s calling him Disgusting and Desperate what about her? She hungers for attention.....

Funny part is that most of these rich girls have no education..

2520 days ago


What a waste! A typical, slut who feels used after doing the deed. Grow the f**K up, you idiot!!!

2520 days ago

just wondering    

...hahahahaha...good laugh at the end of the tape!!!!....she must be flipping with this tape posted!!! hahahaha

2520 days ago


Just listening to her shows how stupid she is. How many times does she use the same words? What a fat assed whore. I'm sure shes extremely happy about the video being released, it means more attention!!!

2520 days ago


She is a wanna be KARRINE STEFFANS.

2519 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Honestly, I just want to say that even though I am 27 years old that..... I...... like a 14 year old.....Honestly.....

2519 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What is it with everyone peeing on each other.why is she letting this black man pee on her and then call him the N word???? They pulled Dog Chapman's show-time to pull her now for calling the guy the same thing-you have to be fair about this now!

2519 days ago
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