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Hogan Pal Graziano

Moved to Vets Hospital

11/9/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Graziano, the former Marine who has been in a coma since being critically injured in the Aug. 26 crash of Nick Hogan's Supra, is being moved from his current hospital -- and his lawyer says his condition is improving.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Graziano has been moved to the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, after spending more than two months at Bayfront Medical Center. George Tragos, John's mother's lawyer, tells the Times that he was moved "at the request" of the Veterans Administration for cost reasons. Tragos also adds that Graziano is "improving or else they wouldn't have moved him."

Two days ago, his pal Nick got arrested and charged with felony reckless driving and underage drinking -- and suggested in a statement that John should've been wearing a seatbelt.


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i guess the hogans got mad that their son was convicted and moved the sad. the hogans should have john in the best hospital possible and paying the bills. also for those who keep mentioning the seatbelt, it wouldnt have made a difference in this case. yea it was a bad decision, but either way it wouldnt have mattered

2547 days ago


I be honest, we don't know what the Hogan family has done, and they haven't. Let's be fair to all involved, and keep our prayers coming for this young man and his family.

2547 days ago


WTF???? Taxpayers are paying these hospital bills? Shouldn't that punk's family be paying them? I'm sure the car was registered and insured by Hogan's dad in some way since the son was a minor. Let's let Hulk pay the bills. It's not the taxpayers fault he didn't take the car and keys away from him minor son the first two times he was clocked over 100 MPH and ticketed twice.

2547 days ago


This story floored me to the point of anger


2547 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Why is the VA paying any of the expenses? The driver should be on the hook. If his insurance won't pay (I'm sure the limit was reached long ago) then he should be personally responsible. At least thats how it works for the rest of us peons. Recent news has indicated the Hogans own or owned houses worth millions. Well, time for a second mortgage or a fire sale. I don't feel like paying for this spoiled rich punks mistake. If the vet were actually responsible, yes, I'd pay for his care gladly. That doesn't appear to be the case here. Why aren't the Hogans meeting their financial responsiblities here? Please investigate tmz.

2547 days ago


Nick only had a $10,000 bond, of course his daddy bailed him out. All he had to do was reach into his sock and use his spare change..

2547 days ago


Read my lips and repeat

John WAS wearing the seatbelt and Nick took it off before cops showed up !

Doctors found bruise marks on his chest from the force of the belts !

2547 days ago


And now reading that the standard of care will be lower, that's utter and complete BS. That man deserves better than that. This is so very sad.

2547 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Vets Hospital? He'll die for sure. Those places are really, really, really BAD.

2547 days ago


VA Hospital here in ABQ is GREAT.
Agreeing with # 1

2547 days ago


Hey #30, read my lips: says who? What is your source? Stop making things up it only muddles the issue even further.

I've never seen the Hogan show, is it on VHI, MTV or A&E? Wonder if it will be canceled (like Dog was). From what I've read, it doesn't sound like a popular program.

2547 days ago


I think the Hogan family should be ashamed of themselves the way they have conducted themselves since this tragic accident. Anyone suggesting that the passenger should have been wearing a seatbelt after such a horrible wreck, and underage drinking to boot, should go hide under a rock and never show their face again. And Nick Hogan should be charged as an adult. On the East Coast of Florida there's a young man sitting in prison for umpteen years because of underage drinking that killed 3 people and he was charged as an adult at age 16. What makes Nick different other than his name and wealth? Yes, no death(s) here but serious injuries nonetheless with an uncertain outcome for his "friend" which could be even worse than death. Perhaps the Florida courts can do what the California courts cannot - find a "celebrity" guilty for their shameful and illegal acts!

2547 days ago


Ridiculous. This veteran is entitled to the very best care (that doesn't always happen at VA facilities) and he's an innocent victim of a spoiled rich kid.

John should be in the finest rehab center money can buy. And the Hogans should be the ones footing the bill. Forever.

I thought there was an article with John's mom talking about how good the Hogans had been to John and her family. Good="they brought us a bag of McDonald's hamburgers once when we were visiting John."

Nick won't do a minute of jail time. Well, on second thought, he will be tried in Florida ... perhaps a Florida jury will get it ...

Celebrity + $$$$ = no justice for plain folk

2547 days ago


I thought the Hogan's were going to take care of John's medical expenses, and make sure he had the best care possible?

Now he's being moved to a VA Hospital, where unfortunately the care is lacking (which is a terrible thing for our veterans but don't get me started on that one) and the American taxpayers are going to foot the bill for John's medical expenses, instead of good ole Nick Hogan and his parents.

Both the Hogan's just keeping looking better and better don't they ...Like how they've assumed responsibility, and its easy to see why Nick is the way he is, like he's OWED something and why should he take responsibility for his actions?

Oh right, I forgot, according to Nick, John just "hurt his head."

Pony up Hogan's, quit blaming others for your p*ss-poor parenting and the fact that your loser, irresponsible twerp of a son basically killed someone. What happened to paying for John's expenses?

What a bunch of hypocritical, self-absorbed, POS the Hogan family really and truly is. At this point, I really wish it would've been Nick who "hurt his head", and saved the rest of the world from this self-indulgent little pr*ck.

2547 days ago


Taxpayers were paying for his care regardless...he's military which means that the government foots the bill no matter what hospital or doctor he sees. Moving him is more cost effective because they have their own doctors at the VA. It's too bad Nick and his family haven't stepped up to provide private care for this poor boy...apparently it's true that money and can't buy you a heart (or conscience).

2547 days ago
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