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For Flying Supermodel Airways

11/9/2007 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Supermodels of yore, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova, reunited to walk the runway -- at LAX!

The fashionable threesome all arrived on the same flight from London on Thursday, and were greeted with a barrage of flashbulbs. Coffee, tea or strike a pose.

Click to see if any cell phones were thrown or any alleged drug use was videotaped.


No Avatar

No she didn't......    


2508 days ago

A Patriot    

Isn't she Hugo's Chavez's chick?
I believe that she as well as Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donald and many more are traitors to our country.
I do not believe in war but i do blelieve we are close to doing what is needed to protect out country.
Free speech is our rite and going to his country to show soliderity with him is very wrong.
Anyone else here agree??

2508 days ago


They are going to be in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ??????

2508 days ago


Talk about worthless people.....

2508 days ago


wow... that is an intense... opinion.

2508 days ago


ME! I'm from Venezuela

2508 days ago

Democrats are evil    

And the only people who care are the illegal alien photographers who call themselves paparazzi's. I cant stand these women who make more money than a neurosurgeon but don't have a brain that can compete with a sixth grader. What is wrong with this world?

2508 days ago


"A Patriot" Not questioning your government is exactly why you're in the mess you are in right now!

2508 days ago


Just because they have different opinions and open minds does not mean they are evil, or traders. Someone could easily call you a traitor for not supporting the war...

2508 days ago

patsy ramsey    

they are boring, old models. i believe they came out from under their rocks to participate the in victoria secret for old farts advertising campaign.

2508 days ago


BTW, Whamo, who are you to say A Patriot is in a mess? You sound like an idiot who jumps to conclusions about people without knowing a thing about them. That's why YOU might be in a mess, Whamo.

2508 days ago

just wondering    

...the majority of Americans r against the is the rest of the world...whatever..not in the mood to discuss this now....looking for some humour this afternoon!!!!!!!!!..

2508 days ago


Boring and old? IMO, All three women still look fantastic and better than 3/4 of the people on Earth on their worst day.

2508 days ago


A Patriot # 3
Yes I agree with your view.
And questioning my goverment does not reguire me to associate with or support those who hate my country such as Hugo's Chavez and those who have tea with him.
To feel it does is showing a limited ability and desire to make changes from with- in.
Those silly to much time on their hands celebrity's who have visited Chavez are not American's to me but pawns easily munipulated and molded.

2508 days ago


Europe is ALREADY leaning towards 'Arabs' i.e. our enemies.
USA, it's lonely at the top.
Thank God for TMZ's nonsense. Keeps us sound!

2508 days ago
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