Naomi Is Big in the West Bank

11/5/2007 3:36 PM PST

Naomi Is Big in the West Bank

Personal assistants hate Naomi Campbell. Terrorists, on the other hand, love her!

Much was made of the embattled supermodel's visit to Venezuela to meet with President Hugo Chavez last week, and it appears she made a new fan -- Chief of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades terror group, Abu Nasser. (Click the button below to hear the interview)
Nasser spoke last week with Aaron Klein, author of the book, "Schmoozing with Terrorists," and told Klein that Naomi's visit is "a slap to the face of Bush, of his government and of his policy." More like a cell phone to his head!

Nasser also told Klein that Campbell's visit could influence others, saying, "When such a step comes from the United States and a person like her, this big person, I think this can have a big effect and this is a big hit to Bush and to his policy."

Maybe if it were Tyra -- but Naomi? Doubtful.