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Prince PFUnks Up His Fans

11/10/2007 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PrinceBattling with several fan sites of over the use of his material, Prince has decided to try making nice with his biggest supporters the best way he knows how -- through song.

His Purpleness released a new track on his site entitled "PFUnk" and even gave the song to the website -- a site formed by three of the largest Prince fan sites as a way to fight back against the barrage of cease and desist letters the sites have received from Prince's lawyers. Controversy!

Here's where it gets strange: A statement was released yesterday by Prince's PR people, calling the Prince Fans United sites "phony" -- only it turns out the statement was sent in error. The two sides are working on a joint statement and hope to have the matter resolved soon.

Earlier this year, Prince and his record label fought with YouTube over a 29-second video of an 18-month-old baby dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." How does Prince find so much time to surf the web?


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Prince is a business man as well as a musician/entertainer. Please note that checks that are issued to employees from Paisley Park or any other companies he's attached to, feed, clothe and shelter their families. Prince has responsibilities.

Prince and the Revelation
Prince will not be talking to you people
Unless he is televised
You will not get free downloads or store items
Cause corporations do nothing for free.
Prince will never know the majesty of your fan-ship
Because getting close or talking to regular people
Is out of the question even though YOU won’t pull,
Tug, grab or rip pieces of him to take for memory sake.
And you know y’all will.
Prince will not satisfy you, talk to strangers, or call your name
It’s all about the music, the money and the moment.
The revelation is not for free
The revelation is paying for the image
The revelation is funk in yo face
And if you by a ticket to his concert,
the revelation will be live.

2505 days ago


Listen, Prince is a business man. If David Bowie or Springsteen were fighting to have their images controlled, no one would say one word against them. However, because Prince decides that he wants to control his images on the internet, everyone has to try to "hate" on him. This is getting so tired. Enjoy the music and just let the man live his life, period!

2503 days ago



2489 days ago


Prince should just be thankful that anyone even knows who he is, given that he is a complete has-been.

2517 days ago


This is one incredible bastard. Who in their right mind would want their fans to get lost?

2517 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

And why can't he hold his own umbrella?

2517 days ago


Prince is absolutely ridiculous. How arrogant can he be? I can't really stand the man simply because of how stupid he is towards his fans an his played out music.

2517 days ago

Purple Reign    

Prince IS star u idiots. An unadulterated musical genius. He has and always will b a little eccentric, but us genius' always R. He was waaaaaaaaaay ahead of his time, not unlike Sly Stone and George Clinton. I hope this all works out as beleive he truly luvz & appreciates hiz TRUE fanz

2517 days ago


wHAT AN IDIOT... He goes after the few fans he has left....He is a washed up has been. I wish the few fans he has left would stop buying the little squirts crappy music..And they should delete all the web sites they made about this sawed off little runt. Let the little wacky nut buy his own music.... Who in their right mind would go after their OWN FANS?

2517 days ago


LOL! Prince is not a has been and is still heavy on the club scene,, he just knows how to hide from all of these idiot paparazzis that are like leaches. I do believe he is a pretentious jerk for pulling this kind of stunt, however, he his still within his rights to utilize the law in such a way. There were many problems, and still are, for many artists in the past with people loading music for free online. Which is not fair and against copyright laws. hwether it be fan sites, youtube, etc., copyright laws stil exist to protect all artists in the music industry. Honestly, Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana can utilize the law in the same way. They're just afraid of losing their fans. Prince doesn't give a crap because he is one of the music industry's most prolific musician and producer.

On another note, whats wrong with having someone hold your umbrella? My husband does it for me all the time. LMAO! Besides have you seen the fan sites? They're weird and obsessive. I'd want them to get lost too! Hahahahaaaa!

2517 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

PFUnk? George Clinton should sue HIS skanky little purple a#%.

P.S. The song sucks.

2517 days ago



2517 days ago


I just had to come back and make another comment.

I find it hilarious how pissed off so many people get over someone or something they have no connection to. Void of any thought process or knowledge.

By the way, if he's such an idiot why does he have so many bands he's produce and still living off of his money made from the late 70's to present?

2517 days ago


Has been freak! HARDLY a musical genius as a couple of brain dead morons have said here.

2517 days ago


To all those idiots who think Prince is a genius: get over it.
He's the most overrated, overworshipped and undertall prissy little queen in the music biz. And guess what, Prince fans: he actually looks down on you.
He loves to belittle his fans.

2517 days ago
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