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Fire Dept. Called to Donda West's Home

11/12/2007 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Donda West was at her home when 911 was called.

We're told that at 7:35 PM Saturday night, paramedics responded to a 911 call and transported West to nearby Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey. We're told it was a "sick person call."

A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ that an unresponsive West was brought to their ER around 8:00 PM Saturday night. They attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.


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Marie King    

I don't think we should be so harsh with our comments.I often think back about dumb mistakes that I've made, and can't believe I made them! In Dr. West's case her mistake was fatal. People are saying that she was stupid. You never know what you'd do if you had the money.
I pray that her soul will eventually be at peace, and isn't affected by all of the negative comments. We all have to go, and don't know how we're going. I believe that life deals us a hand, so to speak, and we don't go anywhere until our time is up.
Also, I hope Kanya does what his mother would want him to do, and that's continue his career in her memory.
I feel that the doctor who performed the surgery is indeed "money hungry." He probably feared if he didn't do both procedures then, he wouldn't get the money he wanted. Once he found out that Dr. West was Kanya's mother, he knew money wasn't a problem!
The doctor that requested medical clearence, is a professional and had Dr. West's best interest at heart!!! I wouldn't doubt that he is an excellent surgeon! He has a heart!!

2532 days ago


Whatever our personal views on plastic surgery...I dont think God said anything against it. IF he did (praise the lord) please tell me where I can find the scripture. Instead of passing judgement try praying for Kanye, if you know how to do that... God is love, I wish some of you so called christians would remember that.

My prayers are with you Mr. West.

2532 days ago


Thank you Kanye for sharing your mom and allowing the public 2 see how a young Black man can truly LOVE his Mom and how she can be committed 2 Loving him back. Your relationship with your mom epitomizes unconditional Love. Because of what we witnessed in your close relationship we feel your anguish and pain. Many of us felt your universe collapse when we heard the news and felt the some sort of impact. She will always B with you and in Our hearts. take care.

2532 days ago


I feel very badly for the family but since the doctor isn't white and Kanye can't b*&%^ about racism, who will he blame, President Bush?

2532 days ago


Some of the statements on here are absolutely unbelievable. Even though the window is open for everyones opinion,if those well when scrolling through myself & reading them. And on that note will definitely just say u know who u are... Well as you were typing, even if u hesitated between letters for just the slightest sec. That second would say more & come across further than the harshness you had just finished, looked at, & probably even reread a few more times before actually sending.Opinion is opinion of course.
And sure many may look at mine & be so far off from agreeing or relating, that who knows maybe even a few choice words come to mind.
But its the moments there are to follow that the next person there is or even the many that may come along. Just might be able to possibly relate or even feel completely the same. Being able to voice ones opinion & views is an amazing opportunity. * This Directed To Those**
Its taking the extra bit of time in the midst of your opinion to really look at that the situation, & even more so truly think about it. Naturally not wanting to but still having the ability to remind yourself that so many things in life may & as well are going to happen, because sadly life often really doesnt bring notice. But its
having the respect yourself that you know you would want given, that truly is what hits home. Whether (will add) sadly the opin's above that were carelessly put, or even more so those kind & true. In the way the same yet still so different deep down both have something so in common. And that is each & everyone of us have a special place in our heart for loved ones, close, and especially those so so dear.

Look at how you chose to use the opportunity to be heard from that perspective ......
When written had youd thought about it as if the shoe on the other foot?
And right before sending ask the writer one simple question?
Now thats its there right in front of you how do you feel about your own opinion???

Take the time to reread the situation, feel grief through your heart.
You see to send a message takes but only a second.
Its whats in it that may hit so much closer to home.

K. West, Family & Friends.
My uttermost thoughts & hearfelt prayers are sent your way.
May her spirit aid in your healing & the moments shared ease the pain in your heart.
Treasure the Moments....

2528 days ago


The outcome was unfortunate and regrettable, however, nothing is
denied the truly wealthy, nobody can tell them "No". No matter how
bad an idea it may be. Any surgery, elective or not is always a gamble
with life or death, so the moral of this story is, don't fix what isn't
broken, and don't take unnecessary risks.

2527 days ago


Quote "103. How can ANY person that is African American in THIS country be a racist????? We do have VOICES however. Although most wish that we were not allowed to use them, much less obtain higher degrees, as Dr. West did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" unquote.

It's both sad and pathetic that you would try to use a random tragedy such as
the Donda West incident to justify a lynch mob, I can think of no greater
disrespect for the deceased than to play the race card as a sinceless attempt
to capitalize or profit off this misfortune, when race or religion clearly has no
bearing on it at all. As for reverse racism goes, I see African American
bigotry towards Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians almost on a daily basis, so what you meant to say was that you feel you have been wronged
enough to justify wronging others, isn't that right 103 ?

2526 days ago


This is going to be a tragic and senseless death.

2536 days ago

i love blogs    

Oh man, how sad is that. She must have called herself, she knew something wasnt right. Poor Donda west, may God rest her soul and I hope Kanye is doing ok.

2536 days ago


this sounds like some anna nicole smith stuff

2536 days ago


Kanye and apparently the rest of his family thought they were untouchable... it is unfortunate that something so senseless had to occur. Hopefully it will ground Kanye. Don't let your mother's death be in Vain!

2536 days ago


RIP Dr. West. You were a bright star in not only Chicago, but across the world. My thoughts are with the family.

2536 days ago


Someone is going to pay.
I think the face of the doc/butcher that did this needs to be plastered across TMZ.

Also you would think she was smart enough to know she needed to get the clearance she was advised to get before having elective surgery.......sad sad sad

2536 days ago


Who cares. Obviously she was warned and did it anyway. Sad, but that's what happens when you don't listen to the professionals. It's her own fault. Sorry!

2536 days ago


I hope they don't start trying to blame people and stir up trouble.

2536 days ago
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