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Brit in Hot Water by Flunking Drug Test, Bad Driving

11/12/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source connected to Britney Spears tells TMZ that one of Brit's drug tests has come back positive, but the source claims she actually passed. The source maintains it was a false reading.

Meanwhile, K-Fed's lawyer has contacted TMZ, telling us he will subpoena a story we aired about Britney running a red light. Kaplan wants the tape for an unscheduled court appearance on Wednesday.

The story, which ran Friday on TMZ TV, shows Britney -- her kids in the backseat and the court-appointed monitor in the front -- blowing a red light at an extremely dangerous intersection Thursday night on her way home. A close look at the video shows that she held her cell phone up to her face just seconds before running the light -- it appears she's texting.

Kaplan has already asked the judge to prohibit Spears from driving with the kids in the car. Commissioner Scott Gordon is set to rule on that motion on November 26. The latest development could accelerate that decision. The Commish has been troubled by Spears' driving -- the incident Thursday night could jeopardize her visitation.


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The nerve of those people. :)

2516 days ago


It's hard to figure out what to say about Britney, and it's hard to know where to place the blame. On the one hand you could say that being in the spotlight her entire life and having every personal aspect made public to everyone is enough to drive a person in a downward spiral. There's no denying that all this fame has affected her in a negative way. But I just want to say that when you have a dozen or more people bombarding your car, trying to take pictures and get a comment, does it really surprise you that in the midst of all the craziness, someone gets their foot run over? I can't say I blame that one on Britney, but thats just my two cents worth.
As for the kids, I feel bad for them. They seem unsafe with their mom. Maybe not all the time, but there have been some incidents that are a real cause for worry. Maybe they would be better off with their dad full time. It's really too bad to see a celebrity go from being on top of the world, to completely hitting rock bottom.

2516 days ago


Egads! Grounded Britney will have to actually be with and communicate with those brats face to face.. in a settled area!? What to do? OH, what to do? It's like they want her to talk to and play with them? As if!! Dumb court and snoopy people! Everyone knows kids are for show, keeping your husband bound to you and tax purposes!

2516 days ago


I love how that young'un in the back looks knocked out on some of mama's drugs!

Poor kids.

2516 days ago


TMZ your starting to sound like 3 year old tattle tales.
Your helping Kevin with his agenda and seem proud of it.

2516 days ago


#61 It is a shame that so many women can't have children (like yourself) and here you have a person who has two adorable kids and does not appreciate them at all. What some would give to have those children as their own So sad!

2516 days ago


I would go crazy if TMZ was stalking me and reporting on everytime i TOOK A PEE!!!!!!!!!! TMZ is a SICK bunch of people - they are out to destroy!!!

2516 days ago


#42. I saw the same video. It looked green to me, too. Are they playing the wrong video or I am the "'tard" (that seems to be the new favorite word around here). Not that I'm defending Britney. She's a pretty crappy driver. It does look like she's texting. Exactly what that teen in NY was doing (the one that got the 5 cheerleaders killed). She really should hire a driver. But now she probably won't because it would please people and she does seem to enjoy thumbing her nose at anyone with a suggestion on how to improve her life.

2516 days ago

Blah blah blah    

It's not the way she dresses or she has bad hair or bad complexion, overweight, underweight or whatever. She is irresponsible. If I had to have a babysitter while visiting with my children, I'd take some SERIOUS child care classes. If my car needed tags, I'd get them. If I was required to submit random drug tests, I'd be at the test facility fist thing everyday to donate. The first to get my new contact number would be the court. The girl is not the least bit concerned if she regains custody of her children or not. She don't have time for what is required of her.

2516 days ago


This girl is not running from the paps - give me a break. She calls them to tell them where to meet her. Without the paps to make her feel significant, she'd be nothing. She gives the paps more attention than her own children!

The paps weren't even up close to her car. She blew the light plain and simple. The girl is A MESS! No way around it. The judge needs to make sure she never drives with those kids. I think that K-Fed's lawyers and that monitor will ensure that happens after this latest incident. If he doesn't and something happens to those poor children, he'll have a lawsuite and a half on his hands. Brit is a disaster waiting to happen. She is obviously oblivious to anything that doesn't relvolve around her and what she wants.

She put her life, that monitor's life and her kids life in danger. I saw the video of that intersection during that day and it's very dangerous. If I were the monitor I'd refuse to EVER step foot into the car with her. Brit is a damn trainwreck!

2516 days ago


Ahem. Attention everyone: Britney just wiped her a'ss.

2516 days ago

Karin B.    

Maybe if TMZ wasn't always running cameras everywhere...
Brit would still have her kids.
That's just great that you caught her making that turn.
Pat your selves on the back...while you turn someone's life upside down.
Maybe it's time for TMZ to lay off Brit a bit.

2516 days ago


Get your stories and pictures straight. You say there was a court appointed person in the front seat but in this picture there is clearly nobdy in the front passenger seat.
If Britney did run a red light I am sure it is on tape and she will be punished for it.

2516 days ago

rock I.Q    

I dont all with this running of the red light being Britney's fault...
No matter how many times I watch it the PAPS are totally at fault..I think the fact that Kaplan and tmz trade info is disgusting, considering tmz are profiting off her mental breakdown.
But... hey whatever will get her off the road and indoors playing, as she should with those two beautiful BOYS. Im all for it, she does not listen even when she is forced to, its her own fault.

2516 days ago


74 -- It's hard to see but follow the line of the passenger seat belt left to right and you should see something -- part of a back? -- that is the monitor ducking low down in her seat.

On another subject, is it the source's opinion that this failed drug test was a false positive or is this the opinion of the lab who did the test? If Spears is smart, she has been having other independent testing all along, and if not, now is the time for her to get a battery of tests. A failed test, more than the driving incident, is of real concern.

2516 days ago
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