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Dr. Adams' GF Gets Restraining Order

11/13/2007 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents filed by Dr. Jan Adams' ex-girlfriend, claiming alcohol brings out his "Jekyll and Hyde" personality.

The papers, filed in L.A. County Superior Court in 2002 by Deborah Pratt, seek a restraining order, claiming, "Defendant has an unfortunate drinking problem and unless restrained immediately, will assert the worst side of his 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality when he is intoxicated."

She goes on, "Defendant is very attached to my children and he has been abusive when intoxicated in their presence, so he must stay away from them, also.'

She claims that on occasion he burst into her home, threatened and chased her in his car. Dr. Adams filed papers denying the allegations. The judge granted the restraining order.


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Dr. Adams Is a Great Doctor.
He has operated on 4 other people I know.
And They all were Very Satisfied with all there procedures. And everything went great.
I feel for Donda West Family. But we have to remember NO matter what kind of SURGERY we have we are risking our lives . It was her decision to have this procedure done. She knew all the risks.
People need to stop hating on Dr, Adams for just doing his JOB. This could happen to anyone with any doctor. Keep Your Head Up Doctor Adams.
My deepest sympathy Goes out to kanye and his family. You are in my thoghts and prayers.

2478 days ago


I too dated Jan Adams at OSU- it was in 86 as he graduated from med school, and subsequently went on to NYC to do his surgical residency. Even at that time, he was a charismatic character; both mesmerizing in his charm and humor, but disturbing, as well, in his arrogance, and especially while drinking (I'd described him many times as Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde). I was 21 at the time, and charmed by him. He was 'larger than life'. He said he loved me, that no one could love me more, asked me to marry him....until he publically bashed my head several times into the glass cover over a salad bar at a restaurant . I couldn't get out of NYC fast enough - and I hadn't seen him again until his face appeared on Oprah 17 years later! I'd hoped that he'd changed his life around, got help for his drinking, was as successful in his private life as he apparently was in his professional life. I'm saddened to see that he must not have.

2477 days ago


This is a very serious issue here, a human life has been taken due to a medical You would have thought Kayne's mom would have know better to have that surgery after she was told she was at risk and you think she would have know better to do more research to see if this guy was Board Certified. She had a lot of book since but in this situation she did not use common sense. I don't understand how this guy was on discovery channel, Oprah and is not Board Certified. He should not have been allowed to do any Plastic Surgery without being Certified. This is such a tragedy, I wonder if he was under the influence of while performing her surgery, 8 hrs is to long for any surgery

2477 days ago


CNN makes for some goood tv. Comedy and reality can't top it. When I saw Jan get up and leave Larry King's set last night my husband and I couldn't stop laughing all the way to bed and then again when we got up this morning. Let's focus on "Jan" a minute. What kind of name is that? Sounds like a player. And that's just what he was in more than one sense of the word. He was doing his Hollywood thing and got the ultimate in busted. He probably let drinking and his player status cloud all judgment areas in his life right down to his medical judgment. One malpractice suit alleges he left a sponge in a woman and he settled out of court. But, taking on a medical patient that required medical clearance that wound up dead will surely get his license scrapped whether Kanye calls for it or not. Be clear: dude will be a truck driver, now. Poor Jan. I bet they all wanted a piece of his fine @$!. On the other hand, he looks like he needs some plastic surgery himself. Next stop: the Dominican Republic. The babes are fine and maybe he can get a license there.

2471 days ago


This mad man has over 50 law suits pending for malpractice. He is a dummy that no doubt got through school on the back of affirmitive action!

2451 days ago


this crazy ass needs to be locked up....NOW!!!

2479 days ago


Boy, this man really messed up by operating on Kanye's mom. I hope the fee she paid was worth his life being destroyed by the media before they even know what happened.

2479 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Oh, hey, it's this guy, again!

2479 days ago

take dat betches    

wow, kill just one celeb's mom and all your dirty laundry gets hung out in public.

2479 days ago


George Bush hates Dr. Adams.

2479 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Obama hates Dr. Adams, too.

2479 days ago


#2 -- What kind of racist remark is that? Please refrain from showing your ignorance!!!!

2479 days ago


I hope neither Harvey Levin nor his associates has any skeletons in their closets. I wonder how they would take a taste of their own medicine!!!!

2479 days ago


did he do something in his childhood that was bad too?

2479 days ago


Yes it its.......... cause it's true! And she was probably stupid enough to choose him as her doctor because he was black EVEN after being warned about her condition and his reputaion! DUMBASSES.... So i feel for Kayne losing his mother but went against what the doctors told her to do, so it's her fault.

2479 days ago
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