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Patient Claims Dr. Adams Got Her Pregnant

11/13/2007 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In another stunning lawsuit, a patient of Dr. Jan Adams claims he got her drunk after surgery, had intercourse with her and got her pregnant.
Jan Adams
In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Teana Lucas claims she was a bartender and Dr. Adams was a customer. She says he agreed to perform liposuction on her upper arms and abdomen. The plaintiff, an aspiring model and actress, alleged as the procedure was about to begin, Dr. Adams "whispered in plaintiff's ear that he 'loved' her, that he was 'going to marry her."

According to the suit, after the procedure, he started making house calls to her home. On November 24, 2004, the suit alleges Dr. Adams told her she should get dressed and that he was taking her out for dinner. After three glasses of wine, the heavily-medicated plaintiff claims she was "heavily intoxicated." That's when, according to the suit, Dr. Adams took her to his house and had sexual intercourse with her.

Lucas claims she became pregnant and Dr. Adams wanted her to keep the baby but she didn't. Eventually, she says Dr. Adams referred her to an OB/GYN who could "take care of the problem."

Lucas also claims he botched her two surgeries. She sued for sexual battery and malpractice.

Adams denied all the allegations, but settled the case.


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Enough of this doctor you guys have to post news about him all over with the same things. Stick it all in one place sheesh...what no one getting drunk or beating up a TMZ pap yet.

2502 days ago

B Scott    

This story only proves that she is a whore!!!

2502 days ago

Not needed    

I would just like to offer my condolences to Kayne and his family. That's all that should be said at a time like this. Not blaming the deceased. RIP Dr. West.

2502 days ago


i blame oprah for all this! She always puts her stamp of approval on people she hasn't thorougly checked out and the public runs with it! (remember james frey, author of A milllion Little Pieces?) Dr. Jan Adams is black so Oprah wanted to promote him. When Ophrah decides someone is great, so do the majority of moronic americans.

2502 days ago

So.. for those confused... (more at

here's the breakdown...

1. Finish College

2. Finish Medical School -> now you're an MD
- you can perform medical procedures and medical evaluation under a training program license. Most training programs provide malpractice insurance. You cannot practice medicine (legally) in any state in the US without additional training.

3. Finish Residency training in a particular field -> now you can become licensed.
- Once you are licensed you can "hang a shingle" and begin practicing. You can apply for hospital privileges, participate in insurance programs (blue cross) and practice medicine.
- This is where people (rightfully so) begin to get confused. ANY MD can perform ANY medical procedure. (This is _certainly_ not to say they should.. but legally they can). So an OB-GYN can perform a brain tumor excision. Now there are limits that can be imposed by hospitals (most hospitals will not grant privileges outside of your training). But surgery centers and certainly private offices may not have these restrictions. And if a physician is sued for practices outside of training they may be dropped by an insurance carrier.

4. Board Certification
For plastic surgery there is only one recognized certification and that is the American Board Of Plastic Surgery. To be board certified a physician must 1. graduate from a recognized plastic surgery residency, 2. apply for the boards and take and pass a written test, 3. Collect cases for several months after which time these cases are reviewed and if deemed appropriate a second oral exam is given about selected cases the physician has performed and unknown cases.

Then they can say they are a board certified plastic surgeon.

The problem is there are many unrecognized "board certifications" (eg board of cosmetic surgery, board of aesthetic surgery, etc.) In addition physicians may say they are board certified and actually may be but maybe that certification is in pediatrics.

It is easy to get confused. And with the money more physicians are trying to capture a piece of the pie.

2502 days ago

Matt. 7:1-3    

In the legal doc posted above it said that Adams was delighted when miss Lucas informed him of the pregnancy, I don’t know why; he has three children that I know of that he has no relationship with.

2502 days ago

Matt. 7:1-3    

# 37 Suzie Fields children were not Adams biological children, but he does have three children (at least) with three different women. His marriage with Suzie only lasted

2502 days ago

Matt. 7:1-3    

# 37 Suzie Fields children were not Adams biological children, but he does have three children (at least) with three different women. His marriage with Suzie only lasted about six months.

2502 days ago


2502 days ago


WoW!! How is this guy still practicing plastic surgery? Does anyone ever check out doctors b4 u let him/her perform surgery on u?................First of all when it comes to plastic surgery the word "plastic" should raise a red flag!! Most of the time u can just take ur butt to the gym instead of Lipo.. But some people r lazy and won't go!! Stop taking the easy route!! Why take a chance on dying to look thin. Now i could see if u had a huge nose or something then u really cant work that off!! It's sad what people will do to look "better".............when it all starts within....................................Nothing beats exercise...........................May Kanye's mom rest in peace.

2502 days ago

kathy king    

He got me drunk ... left me on the floor... cried to my roommate when I didn't want to date him anymore. That pattern of behavior began 25+ years ago. Jan was always an ego maniac, life of the party but now needs some serious psycho therapy/ alcohol rehab. I pray for him and his family and the west family. This is so sad... but maybe this is an opportunity for Jan to finally stop the madness.

2501 days ago


Its so sad that someone had to pass away before all of the issues were made publc.
I love watching the before and after shows that are hosted by Dr Jan Adams on he discovery channel. I actually considered him to do my breast augmentation back in May 2007. (Thank God his $1,000 consultation fee turned me off right away) Never the less I was still a fan of the show. I did have my surgery done later that month but before I did, I made sure that I reseache the hell out of my doctor and even got feed back from clients that he had performed work on. I can not strees this enough REEARCH REEARCH AND THEN RESEARCH AGAIN, this is your life and you wont get another one. I also want to add or shall I say ask, in ref to "TEENA LUCAS" who has surgry and 5 minutes later goes out for drinks? You'd think she was high enough with all the medication they give you before and after surgery.

2501 days ago
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