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Will Go to Trial!

11/14/2007 9:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonAfter four hours of deliberating, Justice of the Peace Joseph Bonaventure has decided that O.J. Simpson, along with two other co-defendants, will stand trial for twelve criminal counts associated with armed robbery. The counts include robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, kidnapping and burglary.

The other three co-defendants in the case have all testified against O.J. and have accepted plea deals. Simpson has plead not guilty.

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Too bad he's so dumb that he won't realize the principles of pay back.

2505 days ago


Truly ya'll. If it looks like a skunk?

2505 days ago

5 cent    

OJ better find a new dream team
'cause this prosecutor looks pretty mean.
Vegas ain't got Judge Ito
so to satisfy your labido
your new "bitch" waits in cellblock sixteen!

2505 days ago


HEY #,186 , do you think the police would have tried to help OJ? if it was me, i'm going up there with some of my ''people'' and we taking my s@#t back, I want pull any guns if nobody else pulls one, but the LVPD would have turned it into a circus, just like they are doing now, everybody involved are in this to try to nail OJ, the two guys that ''supposed'' to have had guns, contradicted each other, it's just a case of the DAs and the JUDGE trying to make a name for themselves, as if to say '' I helped try OJ in that casino robbery case''. even the the old fat dude said when he called the cops, he said ''OJ and four black dudes just robbed me and took my cell phone'', he didn't mention the STOLEN MERCHANDISE , it was all a game by a bunch of greedy white men that used OJ and when they got all they could, they stabbed him in the back. The two black dudes knew that if they hadn't made deals, they were going to get hid. He should have just left the country after the first triall and he wouldn't have been missed up with a bunch of devils.

2505 days ago

The Circus has come to MY Town =(    

# 184 ~ ~You say, Fred Goldman get a job, stop trying to get OJs money . . . .OJ was ORDERED BY A COURT OF LAW TO P A Y~ U P, and as we all know he has violated that, because as we all also know, the law just does not pertain to A** Hole Simpson,
he is just totally above all that. Have you ever done any research on the book if DID IT? ?
You should, read about the 'ghost writter', and what his perception of his interview was, how he felt in the presence of OJ. If you did a little research, maybe it would change that narrow little mind of yours.
Why do so many people have to speak of color? Why not just consider the facts, look at the whole picture, and use some good common sense? ?
Karma, Damn straight, I hope it is Karma catching up with him, if he is STUPID enough to pull all the crap he has pulled, (remember, the road rage incident? ? ?)and think he is so very untouchable, he gets what he deserves, and this time I certainly do hope Justice will Prevail. As far as finding an impartial jury, I am sure that can be done. . .We have enough unfortunate people in this town who are homelss, no T.V. no communication with the media, they would certainly be impartial. And I am very sad to say, alot of these people are Veterans, who have served our country, fought for our freedom, and lost body parts in the process! ! ! ! ! By the way, when they signed up to fight for our country, I bet they did not go in saying,
"I am only going to fight and risk my life for 'white' people"! ! ! ! ! ! !

2505 days ago


Pageant Guru

So, just because he was found not guilty of the murder charges, which, by the way, does NOT mean that he didn't do it, it just means they didn't prove it, that he is innocent of everything he is accused of. What are you, 2. Get a grip idiot. Quit posting. You're just making yourself look like an uneducated, bigoted dumb-ass trying to make a really good attempt at frying the two remaining brain cells you have left, and guess what, it's working.

2505 days ago

gossip fan    

It's not a set up. It's against the law to get back your property by holding people at gun point. That's what the police are for. If he were a smart man he would have reported his stuff stolen and told the cops where to go and get it back. He thinks he's above the law all the time and this time it didn't work for him. I assume that he knows that people can't wait to see him get into trouble, so he should have had the brains to stay out of it!

2505 days ago


Just saying

Well, I's do aims ta please y'all.

2505 days ago



Here's praying you learn how to spell.

2505 days ago




Posted at 9:24PM on Nov 14th 2007 by JUST 4 REVENGE

What, couldn't come up with anything new or intelligent.

2505 days ago


HEY #192 , you are a jerk! even if he was ordered to pay up, they did that to compensate the families for OJ being aquitted. Everybody can see whats going on here, it's just an attempt to try to hummiliate this man in public. White people can not stand the fact that a black man has been found guilty of a crime that they have commited time and time again. You see it in everything from sports to daytime TV. I just hope his kids don't have to be subjected to any bull because they have to go to school and listen to their classmates repeat something that their stupid ass parents have said.

2505 days ago


goo goo gaa gaa

No comment required. Your name says it all.

2505 days ago


Rico Swank

What? Jealous?

2505 days ago


White people can not stand the fact that a black man has been found guilty of a crime that they have commited time and time again.

by juarez


2505 days ago


hey CHUCK , you are a gump, stay mad white man, he's walking , AGAIN!!

2505 days ago
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