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Crikey, Bindi Gets Bronzed!

11/15/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jungle Girl Bindi Irwin cheerily posed for a pic with a bronze sculpture depicting her late father, Croc Hunter Steve Irwin, as the rest of his family takes up the work of wrestling crocodiles and presenting wildlife for education and amusement.

A statue of the Irwin family -- including little Bobby, widow Terri and their deceased dog, Sui, -- was unveiled today at the Australia Zoo by the surviving Irwin family and Steve's father, also named Bob. November 15 was named "Steve Irwin Day" at the zoo. Crocs rule!

Bindi also took the opportunity to unveil her wild crimped hairdo.


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Who doesn't miss Steve Irwin? Man that guy was insane with the animals .... and I loved every minute of it.

2498 days ago


Oohhhh Nooooo! Don't tell me the dog died too!

2497 days ago

Julie G.    

Wow! It is the nicest thing- story I read on this site so far. It is good way for the Aussie kids to remember Steve Irwin who he was that way as when they go to Zoo. As I have mentioned on the other post-The deeper we look into nature and animals,even crocs,( maybe prefer tamer crocs ones) the more profoundly we realize that all life is valuable and that we are united to all life.

2497 days ago

tippy katz    

#5, You know, I have a hard time with her,too. I never like the phony, cheesy over the top persona Steve Irwin used when he was performing, and it's creepy to see a little girl put it on.

2497 days ago



2497 days ago


One couldn't watch 5-minutes of his show and not get the sense that he loved life, family and the animal kingdom. How appropriate a statue immortalizing all the things he held dear and with his children (and Sui) and Bindi? He was interred on the property? A beautiful monument for a man whose heaven on earth dwells where respects can be given. If you ever have the joy of visiting his kingdom, don't forget to place a flower or a card of thanks for all the joy he brought each of us. I never met him, but he was friend. Thank you...

2497 days ago

Here comes the judge    

God Bless that family. You rock Bindi just like your Daddy did who we all miss so much. Your keeping his spirit alive, you and your Mum. Steve R.I.P. Crikes rule!

2497 days ago


What's that on the right, his corpse??

2497 days ago


#13 & #2, you are stupid and ignorant. Steve was a multi-millionare who gave most of it to conservation and the Australia Zoo, their family doesn't even live in a super-expensive house, it is pretty normal for the area.

They are a great family, they live down the road and although I don't know them personally, they're locals and I've heard nothing but good things about them.

They have done more for conservation in our country than Greenpeace or any other group, so don't judge them, get you facts straight!!

2497 days ago


I am not sure how I feel about any of this. I can appreciate the fact that the Irwin family try to make the world aware of its need to protect wildlife yet I found steve to be over the top in his programs and he was nerve wracking. I feel for the loss his family has gone through with his senseless death but when it happened it didn't surprise me. He took chances that he never should have and appeared to be reckless most of the time. Remember the credit card commercial he was in and was bitten by the poisonous snake? Boy did they pull that in a hurry...but I think the point was there...I wonder about Bindi...she seems to have just gone on and never looked back. Where will all of this lead her? I quit watching any of Irwin's programs when I saw him with his new born son with that alligator...absolute madness! What a stupid thing to do! And no matter what he may have said afterwards about safety, things can and do happen...he proved it when he got a stingrays barb in his heart. I have no problem with the statue...fine by me but enough is enough. The 2 kids need to be children and not made to pick up where their dad left off....wait until they are adults and let them decide. Kids cannot make that kind of a choice when they are just kids.

2497 days ago


Damn that little girl is WEIRD............

2497 days ago


his wife looks like a giant next to him

2497 days ago


Hmm. I'm guessing this is more a matter of Australian pride than anything else. Sure, Steve Irwin was fairly popular here in the States, but he was more of a flash-in-the-pan, a la "Crocodile Dundee" and "The Wiggles". We yanks' fascination with these types are notoriously fickle, and I can't help but to notice that most of the people defending this post are, in fact, Australian.

Me, though, I'm going to have to coat-tail my fellow Americans and say that Steve Irwin was a show-off, and that his statue is *gaudy*. Really, I haven't heard of many conservationists that go a' wrasslin' the very animals they're trying to protect. It seems awfully counterproductive.

Oh, and I think the old dude to the right is Steve Irwin's pop.

2497 days ago


I read with interest comments about Bindi. Wow, some people just don't get it! She, her mom, brother, grandfather Bob, and her extended family have every right to be so proud. She was raised by a wonderful father who probably spent more time with her than 99% of most fathers and how lucky she was to have had that special bond. Bindi also seems to be close and loving with her entire family, I watched programs with her and her mom and never saw her be anything but a self assured, individual who probably has more manners in her little finger than some of those people who criticize her. She and her entire family seem very loving and there is certainly nothing wrong with them continuing the work of a man that made such a difference in the conservation effort of animals. Keep it up Irwin family, Texas loves ya!

2496 days ago


#1, Steve's death was a fluke. The stingray felt, wrongly, that he was being cornered and lashed out. If it hadn't been an absolutely perfect hit through the heart, he'd still be around today. It had nothing to do with harrassing or tormenting animals. The only time I remember him actively tormenting an animal was the spitting cobra, when he was trying to demonstrate its spitting power and distance. He also, through his show and through the zoo, brought the idea of conservation and not fearing animals just for the sake of fear.

The statue is a nice tribute but looks little like them. I don't think Bindi's been forced into anything. When you grow up surrounded by animals, or restoring cars, or whatever it might be, it comes totally naturally because you never knew anything different.

I didn't find the "corpse" comment entertaining or nice. That is, as it says under the picture, his dad Bob.

2489 days ago
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