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Dr. Adams' First Appearance after Death

11/16/2007 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Jan Adams has resurfaced, just days after the death of his patient, Donda West.

Adams arrived at an LA County Courthouse in San Pedro, Calif. today to answer questions about his assets, in relation to a malpractice judgment against him. Lori Ufondu was awarded more $100,000 after Dr. Adams left a sponge in her for six years after performing plastic surgery.

Today's hearing is designed to grill the good doctor, and to follow a money trail to satisfy the judgment.


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Love the way USA black man with pattern baldness too lazy to join hair club - so do a partial shave & call it good ... also Wal*Mart suit not so good ...

2511 days ago


Oprah is as big a scammer as James Frey, Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, those "Secret" people, and all the other quacks she has plugged on her show. They're in on it together and they split the profits. It's a fact, and it has nothing to do with racism.

Although Oprah and her loonies do like to scream "racist" whenever Oprah is criticized, or if a purse store in Paris won't open their doors after closing just for her.

The racist trolling on both sides is getting old. Race has nothing to do with this quack doctor butchering his patients. Stop trying to make it an issue.

2511 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

There are thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures done every single day. Just because you hear of one quack doesn't mean all plastic surgeons are idiots. It's like saying you will never drive again because you heard of one person died as a result of a car accident.

Do your homework, find a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon, research your doctor thoroughly and ask the right questions.

Just because such a sad tragic event happened to someone doesn't mean it will happen to everyone.

2511 days ago

Fly on a Wall    

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Have a great evening and have a wine spritzer for me.

2511 days ago


This dude is bad news/ ou dont even have to listen to any words of his. Just watch his eyes amd his movements. Major snake in the grass dirtbag.

2511 days ago


If you want cometic surgery... contact Dr. Aldea in Memphis, he is the real doctor.

He is an expert and he'll tell you who is a fraud or who is not a fraud.

2511 days ago


It is unfortunate that someone had to die before this man was finally called out. I had a similar procedure performed on me by this man. He not only screwed up, he, too, claimed no wrong doing. He did not and would not refer me to anyone who could help me let alone offer to fix the problem himself. He's very good at getting you to believe in his work (educational / medical history & consultations) but when it's all said and done, he could care less. He didn't show up for post-operative appointments and gave half-assed advice (via phone) for post-op complications. What kind of doctor tells their patient to keep an open wound clean (yes) but moisturized w/body lotion or Vaseline? My tummy tuck comes apart a few days after surgery and he offers this kind of advice?! I won’t even mention all the other physical problems I had. And the worst part was that I was stuck w/this surgeon until he released me. No one would touch me w/o the consent of Dr. Adams - not the ER - not even the other surgeons in the same clinic Adams worked in. After searching for months I finally found a wonderful reconstructive surgeon who took my case. He re-did everything and then some to correct Jan Adam's botched procedure.

I agree that your research needs to be done on these surgeons but I, like many others, I thought I did. There needs to be some sort of tool / protocol that can be used to check these doctors out because it is hard to do on your own. I never would have let this man touch me if I knew he had been arrested for DUI (or any reason) nor had previous malpractice suits. It seems like the media are the only ones who can find these things out but only when "news worthy" people are affected. How can the average person get this type of information? If the right people had taken notice of what was going on over all these years of botched procedures and illegal activities surrounding this man, many patients could have been spared mental / physical pain and Dr Donda West could still be alive. My deepest sympathies go out to the West family and all those who have been hurt by Jan Adams.

If anyone out there needs additional testimony or witnesses to bring Jan Adams to justice, I'm available!

2510 days ago


About time!
I was ignorant of what a tummy tuck was and searched the Web, came across sites with explanations and photos. What a shock, tucks are huge chops of the body cut/took off. long scars as if after a bad crash. Butchery. How can anyone go home after such wounds? It needs days rest and observation to heal. It’s coward not to give a good follow-up.
In a different context, if someone had an accident with similar wounds in the US, would he/she also be sent back home fast?

I think neglects who KILL souls are worth bringing to the public’s attention, you’re doing a good job TMZ, as it seems cosmetic chirurgy has been made banal in the States, a trend. Under the knife years back, because I had to, it was a nightmare and anxiety for my family. I’m to stay away from narcoses, as heart failed a few hours after operation and could have been during. Anything can happen....

This tragedy should blow up mandatory precautions and safety measures; protocols with time minima’s précising when patients can go home after such interventions and under what conditions. (help at home for example)

How unfair! My thoughts fly to the ordeal for the beloved son, suddenly orphan. Meditations about self-esteem and about over confidence, selling images….

May Kanye’s Faith help him turn denial, anger, into creativity…

2510 days ago


My husband works for the LA Coroners office, he tells me that he has info that Dr. Adams is related to Kanya West's family, do u have any info on that/

2510 days ago


I'm just repeating what everyone else have said...research your doctor!

1) Check and make sure he/she is board certified
2) Check the medical board
3) Ask your friends.

A GREAT starting point is at where they've done the research already for points 1 and 2 above. You can find doctors that meet the requirements of board certification and free of medical malpractice problems with the medical board at the Find a Doctor page Good luck!

2509 days ago

Melinda the Body Bender    

On November 16, "M" commented: " typical racist low IQ black quack - a radial liberal Democrat trying hardest to sneak one again past the man - "

I responded, "Would it make you feel better if the doctor were white?" Don't be a stupid, racist slagoff! Oh, and please make it a point to sharpen your grammatical (or lack thereof) "skills". BWAHAHAHA!

2508 days ago
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