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Britney Spears -- Danger at Every Turn

11/19/2007 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another night, another dangerous traffic maneuver for Britney Spears.

Hours after being forbidden to drive with her kids, the popwreck was back behind the wheel Friday, showing off her complete disregard for safety. Dangerous curves!

TMZ has obtained video of Britters about to make a left turn with her signal flashing, when she suddenly changes her mind and makes a sharp right instead -- cutting off several other drivers!

Later, the weaved wonder takes her new Mercedes (still sans license plates) for an impromptu photo session at the local gas 'n sip.


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Fly on The Wall    

Awsome and thanks harv

Have a great day Harv

How is Ali been?

2443 days ago

College Grad    

I mean really who cares.....ya'll act like you've never been going one way and changed your mind and went the other way. TMZ acts like she's driving into a area of crowded people or something. Sensationalizing all these stories is really hurting her. I just wish she would hire a damn driver and stop going out with the paps following her like this.

2443 days ago


She's going to end up hurting or killing someone stupid beyatch. Get a driver.

2443 days ago

Really now    

According to you (TMZ) she was forbidden to drive with her children. THis does not mean she has been forbidden to drive. This is starting to get old. Give the Brit stalking a break. According to you she drives dangerously, regularly goes to Starbucks, eats a lot of junk food and goes to the gas station. We have heard it all now. Something new please

2443 days ago

Sister Golden Hair    

Somebody please take her driver's license!!! What is wrong with California?

2443 days ago


She's trying to lose you ass holes!

2443 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

yeah ! u got the money 2 drive a $200,000 car or u can drive like an idiot so u can b cool !

2443 days ago

Fly on The Wall    

Atleast she has her FLy glasses on.

Harv how about we market glasses similar to brits and call them FlyontheWall by TMZ glasses.

It would be big seller.

Thanks for the comments to:

Harv you could wear a pair at night too.

2443 days ago

is it necessary?    

I mean seriously...I'm not defender Britney here, but honestly, are you all on Mark Vincent Kaplan's payroll too??? Do you get off knowing that any video you take of her driving may help Kevin's lawyer make more money?? Why don't you just ask Britney for money outright instead to doing the dirty work for the lawyer??

2443 days ago


Oh come on! Get this frickin' idiot off the roads. What the hell is wrong with your Police Department? Are they waiting for her to kill someone? She needs to be locked up in a mental institution.

2443 days ago


OMG!!! GET A LIFE!! I swear the way you people write about Britney's driving is SOOOOOOOOOOO old. I want to know why we need a turn by turn account of her driving?? Enough already. We get it, you are on Kevin's payroll. I just want to know if we were to stalk you how well you would do on the "driving" meter. You must drive like a GRANDPA to have this much room to criticize others. Have you ever stopped to think if 40 people were swarming around your car not letting you go anywhere, you may do something too to get away??? This women is a prisoner everywhere she goes. Yes, she could stay home but then she is a prisoner there too. Who on earth would want this type of a microscope? Really, we should follow the paps around one day and see how many illegal maneuvers they make in their continuous and unrelenting hunt of this woman. I bet they would ALL have their kids stripped away from them too. Would you publish these stories for us??

2443 days ago


Sister Golden Hair --

I agree with your post. But do 'ya think the Twit obeys the law(s), or even thinks they apply to her too? She needs to be locked up until her lunatic spell has passed, perhaps with the help of Haldol or some other psychotic drugs. Perhaps when she kills some innocent soul.

2443 days ago


I wish Britney would just cease to exist already. She's nothing but a piece of trash!!

2443 days ago


Personally, I don't understand why she gets all of this attention but...she is driving like that because she is being stalked. If she kills someone on the road, I will blame her along with every person who surrounded her taking her picture.

2443 days ago


Wow that really looked dangerous, not. You can see in the video that she is pointing to in the other direction while sitting at the light, which means she probably realized she needed to go that direction. It didn't really look like she pulled out in front of anyone, and I've seen people do that all the time when they realize they need to go in the other direction. Get a life.

When she runs over an old woman crossing the street, then you can make a big deal out of it.

2443 days ago
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