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Paparazzo Ordered to Appear in Brit Kid Battle

11/20/2007 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a minute order from Friday's hearing in the continuing saga of Britney and Fed-Ex, in which the judge states that Shane Partridge -- a paparazzo who videotaped Britz running the red light on Mulholland Drive that triggered the hearing -- is ordered to return to court on January 23.
Britney Spears
The remaining items of the order are under seal. Kevin and Brit also have to appear -- or their reps.

The drama continues...


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Haha suckers...    


2528 days ago

kim suck    


2528 days ago

LCpl. Sheppard    

Hasn't she killed herself yet?

2528 days ago


Hate are a retard Brit!!!!!!!!

2528 days ago


Nice double chin!

2528 days ago


nothing would revive her career like becoming the next Max Hardcore girl!!

2528 days ago


HA HA!!! What the hell will it take for this retard to realize that you can't get away with anything? Why does she still have a license? GO AWAY BRITNEY!!!!!!! Each time we see you on magazine covers or tv, you've done something even stupider.

2528 days ago


Screw Kevin in the ears, nec and throat. What a friggin loser. Jackazz from Fresno hits the lottery when he meets Britney, leaves his family and pregnant girlfriend. There is not one redeeming quality in this POS.

2528 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

There are consequences for her actions. The sooner this sinks in the better off she'll be.

I think overall the judge, the court, K-Fed, etc, have all been rooting for her without enabling her. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, BRIT! You started this circus, put an end to it.

If she wouldn't have run naked all the time in front of the paps they would not be hounding her so viciously now. She's such a victim. . . NOT

She literally has thrown away SO MUCH. Her relationships in the profession, her reputation as a good dancer and lip syncer, and now her children. Unbelievable.

2528 days ago


She just doesn't get it. Her reality is that she is surrounded by papparazi whenever she drives which makes driving unsafe. Ergo, you don't have your kids in the car when you KNOW that you're always going to have problems. Quality time w/your kids does not consist of strapping them into car seats & driving them around to begin with, especially not at night when they should be home in bed.

2528 days ago


Such a disgrace to mothers and females all over. Why should anyone, paps, whoever, want to follow this thing around all day. I mean, is this mess the best story the media has to offer? C'mon now. This is a spiraling, down trodden (in spite of her money) tramp, who , in spite of her money, can't seem to hold onto a guy or her kids. It is a tragic, lesson -learning primo example of what money, in the end, can't buy.

2528 days ago


Well, I am not being fooled anymore. All of the crap that goes on I believe is mainly the fault of the Paparazzi. They are so crazy trying to get pics, etc. that they are getting dangerous and overstepping their bounds.

The stars are just trying to get away from these idiots, and they are idiots.

Hang in their Brit, maybe these bean heads one of these days will get theirs before they cause someones death.

2528 days ago


TO HAVE ALL THAT MONEY AND ACT CLASSLESS...WHAT DID HER MOM AND SISTER COME TO LA. FOR??they disappered as soon as they got here ya think brit had somthing to do about that??how come we never see her making out with some joe blow when she,s running around??Iwonder if she keeps her privates clean and sanitized...whew!!! would you hit it??? not me!!! whatcha think???

2528 days ago


Britney should be on the next episode of Intervention or even better
Dancing with the Stars!
Ding Dang, Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

2528 days ago

Laura we take away the children of every mother on Earth who's ran a red light?!? Just b/c she's got camera's on her all the time is not a reason for her to be burned at the stake.

2528 days ago
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