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Halo 3 Allegedly "Crashes" -- Gamers Pissed!

11/21/2007 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Microsoft is being sued by consumers who are upset about the Halo 3 video game frying while they're playing it on the Xbox. Heaven help us!
TMZ obtained a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court, which claims Halo 3 is causing major problems when played by people using Xbox systems. Randy Nunez alleges that when he used the nearly $60 game on Xbox it would "crash, freeze, or lock up" while running.

According to the suit, Microsoft and Bungie, the company who makes Halo 3, raked in close to $300 million in the first week. Nerds!

The class action suit seeks over $5 million in damages.


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Heywood Jablome    

I bet Randy Nunez is an overweight dude who hangs on his sofa, consumes large quantities of carne asada burritos in between water bong rips, and probably played Halo 3 for hours until his 360 finally gave up the ghost.

2493 days ago


Sounds like a real "Crysis" get it, Crysis. That game is much better than Gaylo..

2493 days ago


That's about as bad as us pc gamers, with the securom in our Sims 2 games! Messed up several computers. Don't believe me? Check out the bbs site!,root.1,item.43,item.61,item.104,item.23&startRow=1#891997b68783b9bfdf4abdd4be22b991

2493 days ago


Halo 3 has fried two 360s of mine so far. The first was the 360 i bought a year ago, after playing for 14+ hours straight i can understand the failure. when i got the replacement console, it fried after 3 hours. 3 HOURS!

My point being, this is a big problem and if you cant understand that, then dont comment. Simple as that.

2493 days ago


mine works just fine!!! wow i did not know gamers were nerds. i guess that makes me one too! i did always like the NERD movies. tee hee

2493 days ago


#14 In your post you criticized #10 for calling someone stupid. What are you smoking? There is nothing in that post that calls anyone stupid. He rightfully called video game geeks lazy a**es(which is true)

2493 days ago


thats gay that halo 3 crashes.

2493 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

I will say that having a PS3 required patience in waiting for good games to come out. But now I'm sitting on Drake's Fortune, Ratchet, Assassin's, while still trying to finish Oblivion and have an outside life. I know 4 people with 360s and all have had to have them fixed at least more than 1 time. One of my friend was a loyal XBoxer until his 4th Red Ring appeared and he sold his 360 and all his games and is very happy about the decision. He is also a major computer geek who builds custom ground up computers and he described the 360 as running a stock car engine on nitrous and a supercharger at racing speeds. What I do not understand is why Microsoft, with all their money, can't suck it up and solve the problem once and for all? Even if they have to gut the entire system, they are still making more profits than Sony is with their systems ( Sony actually LOSES $ on every system). I would be really, really ticked if I had to count on returning my system just to keep it going! It's too bad, because if they did have a workable system, I would have loved to have done a little Halo-ing and Crysis. Oh well, I already have more games than I will be able to finish for a very long time. Wake up, Bill Gates, and fix your problems!

2493 days ago


why not make sum nice games like snow white and the seven ft bong?

2493 days ago


It's a video game. Honestly, no one over the age of 12 cares. If you are an adult and this affects you, you should give serious thought to going outside to join the real world. "Gamers" are bigger dorks than "Trekkies". Honestly.

2493 days ago


"Nerds"-Says the people who obsess over every scrap of celebrity gossip they can find. Look, there goes a c-list actor! Let's chase him! Nothing weird there!

2493 days ago


I am with #15.. When I got the game, I put it in my xBox 360 and played it for maybe 5 minutes and then the machine just froze up and wouldn't work anymore. It wouldn't play any other games either. I called microsoft and they didn't seem surprised. They ended up giving me a new Xbox..

2493 days ago


Crash like a Hogan.

Good one Doh!!!

2493 days ago


#23, Hate to burst your bubble but just because you are in a frat does not make you guys cool!

Playing video games for hours on end every day makes you a nerd.

2493 days ago


Only In America I Say! - poor baby can't play with his wittle gamey so he sue's for so much money, he will never have to work again so he can stay home and play more wittle gamies! Get off your arse and do something meaningful with your life you loser....

2493 days ago
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