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Halo 3 Allegedly "Crashes" -- Gamers Pissed!

11/21/2007 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Microsoft is being sued by consumers who are upset about the Halo 3 video game frying while they're playing it on the Xbox. Heaven help us!
TMZ obtained a class action lawsuit filed in Federal Court, which claims Halo 3 is causing major problems when played by people using Xbox systems. Randy Nunez alleges that when he used the nearly $60 game on Xbox it would "crash, freeze, or lock up" while running.

According to the suit, Microsoft and Bungie, the company who makes Halo 3, raked in close to $300 million in the first week. Nerds!

The class action suit seeks over $5 million in damages.


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ATTENTION: Don't attack him so harshly without knowing the full details, please.

While he is suing for a whopping $5 million, it is a class action lawsuit and aimed at helping others as well.

I bought Halo 3 and began playing it for hours on end with all my friends at college. It worked fine for the first week with no problems. Then the second week came around and it began to freeze the game sometimes, but other times would play fine. Third week, more crashes, and then it would freeze whenever I tried to start the console with Halo 3. (I had never had any problems with my 360 before Halo 3)

Problem: Halo 3 accelerates the graphics card in the 360 to a point in which the Xbox 360 is no longer operable. I only get a 3 red lights error on my 360 now. It will not start. I have tried all the possible solutions such as cleaning hardware and using fans to cool to no avail.

Solution: Microsoft knows about this problem. YES they know about it. Register on if you have the 3 red lights error and you can file a repair claim for FREE, even if your warranty has ended. My warranty had ended about 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway, they will ship you a box, you ship it to them with the 360 inside, they repair it, they ship it back to you. But I might have to wait and buy another newer version of Halo 3 because it has the tendency to ruin your 360.

Yes, I side with this Randy Nunez in California because I want to be able to get some financial sustenance for the problems with my Halo 3, Xbox 360, and time lost for shipping and repairing, as well as any other damages.

Bottom line: Halo 3 is an awesome game, I just want it to work continuously without any ill side-effects to my 360 console, which costs much more than the game itself, of course. And yes, I believe this problem affects many others, not just Randy and I.

2524 days ago


Its funny that he calls the people who bought Halo 3, nerds!?! What is he thinking when he filed a lawsuit for 5 million dollars. I have a 360 and I have Halo 3. That game never locked up, crashed or what ever he said. Does he think hes really going to get the money. Bungie and Microsoft are just gonna laugh in his face. The Xbox 360 is the best gamming system out there today. The PS3 is good ( hardware wise ) but it has no good games on it. Don't buy a PS3 just yet right now its just a waste of money. Even the critics don't like it, calling it a waste of time space and money, (ew). The Xbox 360 may not last a long time but if you get a instore warranty on it then who cares. If you buy a PS3 you are going to regret it. And if you say you didn't you are a lier. And a big sony fanboy. I used to be a PS3 fanboy then I bought a 360 and I love it, yes I already went through 3 of them in 2 years. But I still think its still worth the money. Halo3 is one of the best games out there if you don't have it, don't listen to these guys who say it screws up, go out and buy it. But then again I just someone writing out my opinions. Peace, people.

2524 days ago

Ben C    

I bought Halo 3 and popped it in my XBox 360. It wouldn't work at all. I called MS Support and they said that there had to be a problem with my XBox console and I had to send it in to them. A month later, I got my XBox back. They had swapped my "bad" Xbox out for a different one... different serial number.

I popped in Halo 3 and it worked great. It was a fun game and before I knew it, I had played two hours. The next day, I turned on my XBox 360 to play again and, BOOM... red ring of death.

I don't know if it was Halo 3 or crappy repairs by Microsoft, but I am now waiting again for my XBox. They said they would put a rush on it - being my second repair. This turns out to be a three-week rather than a four-week wait period.

Is this worth $5 million dollars? Nah. It is inconvenient and would be very upsetting if I had to pay the $100 to get it repaired if it was out of warranty. On their behalf, they do send you a card for a month of XBox Live Gold. haha.

2523 days ago


i dont know if halo 3 is the problem bt was paying halo 3 when i got the red ring of death maybe thats why bungie left microsoft who knows i just knw i am one pissed off gamer.this is the secon time i'e h 2 getmy xbox repaired. damn u microsoft.

2523 days ago


Ok, so you don't play games... say you bought a defective DvD and it fried your new DvD player. Wouldn't you be pissed? I admit it, my first Xbox got the red lights because of the same reason as everyone else's, but with my second 360.... never had a problem with it. I buy Halo 3, pop it in, and : ( Now don't get me wrong. I don't think I should get any part of that $5.000.000 but after buying an Xbox, 2 Xbox360s, and over 40 NEW xbox and xbox360 games over the years... I think I'm entitled to at least a free Xbox360... and I've been waiting for my replacement copy of halo 3 since the damn game was released. Yo mic, help me out!

2523 days ago


We are on our third repair of the XBox 360. I bought my sons one for Christmas last year and think they have had maybe a total of 3 months playing time on it collectively. We made sure to follow the manual as specified because we have already heard stories about the issues with the red rings.

First repair - Red Ring of Death after 2 months of owning it. Microsoft apologizes and almost 8 weeks later we get a "reconditioned" XBox. Along with the system came a one month XBox live subscription.
One day after registering the new serial number we setup the XBox Live account. We find after only 3 hours of game play .. boom the one they sent us doesn't work. This time it was the lense. So we ship that one. 7 more weeks we wait and time we got a free copy of Viva Pinata AND a new XBox live card.
This one made it 3 months ! Once again we get the Red Rings of Death.
I am an extremely patient person but now I am just mad. We spent the money to buy the larger hard drive and all the gadgets for our boys to enjoy just to be met with empty apologizes and a faulty product.

My point to all this .... we don't even own Halo 3.

2522 days ago


Our 360 worked fine. Bought Halo 3 and it had a disc read error on 2nd or 3rd level. All other games continued to work fine. Tried a different disc. Had the same problem on a different level. Other games continued to work fine. Tried a 3rd disc and had the same problem. Now either Halo 3 has massive disc problems or there was a problem that only impacted Halo 3. Tried one more disc and the system locked up.

Microsoft replaced the box and the new box has been working fine, but the tech support guy admitted that a large number of people have reported that same experience we had. Now it could all just be a coincidence, as #69 above suggests, but with it happening to so many people you'd have to be a moron not to think something else might be going on.

2522 days ago


This is rediculous, I've been playing games since Atari's days. It's my expectation that a game is going to be released with bugs.

I also develop small games in my spare time and I'm hounded by people who are uanble to play due to bugs etc, so I understand this on a development level.

Bugs in games and how the developers handle the rectification that matters - as it shows they are still focussed on the community, not just the business of game development.

At the end of the day the gaming community want a game to be produced within a reasonable time-frame, to make a game perfect the expectations can't be met.

I've worked for a major telecommunications company who did an upgrade with took almost 10 years to design and develop, and when it was released there was no end to the issues.

2522 days ago

Unknown Playa    

Heres a solution....stop supporting Microsoft.....this lawsuit is not gonna help, Microsoft will always create faulty hardware.

2521 days ago


Bravo...It's about time...............
We own a video gaming website and, over the years, have received hundreds and hundreds of complaints regarding the RED RING OF DEATH on the 360's. When we first heard of it we had not had problems with our 360 but we were primarily playing old xbox games on it because at the time of the 360 release there were really no games for it that took longer than a day to complete and review. When we started to play and review more actual 360 games we ended up having multiple consoles sent in for repair. When the gaming sites and blogs began to call for a class action suit to be filed against Microsoft because they were charging $160 to repair the 360s then and only then did the Microsoft company acknowledge that the 360 had hardware issues and they extended the warranty June 2007 to 3 years. The problem is that Microsoft after acknowledging the issue did not recall the consoles on the store shelves and continued to stock the stores with the defective consoles. So Microsoft should be held accountable for the defective hardware and to everyone who bought a 360 for the halo3 release.

Bungie should not be named in this suit . this suit should simply be about the red ring of death as a whole.

It is interesting to us that maybe actual reasons for this happening will be discovered since microsoft has only speculated the cause. OS, design and engineering combined is what we assumed it was , only because we could play halo 2 for 17 hours marathons and we had no issues. Yet with gears of war, three hours of offline play killed it. Online doesn't seem to effect as much as the offline gaming seems to ....Online I assume much of the processing required is with the server miles away. and offline the Cpu is heavily burdened.

2518 days ago


It is Halo 3, not just the xbox's my box worked great for 1 year and a half. I bought Halo and a couple weeks later after i had logged a good amount of hours onto it started to have issues. They got worse the more i put in the Halo disc. I know 4 people in my neighborhood that have xbox's. They all worked fine till Halo 3. Now All Broke, I had a instore warranty so i got an elite, But No More Halo for me. I Like My Xbox

2469 days ago

Dead Raven    

most people think of the ring of death when they see red lights on their power bar for their 360's. but if you search it, it says that there is a difference in whether you get 3 red bars on your power or 4. one just means it is too warm and you should give it a break and the other means it is busted. I lost my gameinformer magazine that says this but research it.

2461 days ago
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