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Rodman on Ass Slap Suit: Let's Just Have a Good Time!

11/26/2007 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman is being accused of slapping a former Hard Rock Hotel employee on the ass back in March 2006, but Rodman's manager tells TMZ that Dennis "just wants everyone to have a good time."
Dennis Rodman
In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Rodman's manager, Darren Prince, says, "Security was watching the whole incident and apparently did nothing. The hotel knows Dennis very well, and if they felt this woman was in harm's way, then why didn't they do anything about it? And waiting a year and a half is very peculiar. Anyone that knows Dennis knows that he would never hurt or harm anyone."

Sara Robinson filed a federal lawsuit last week, in which she claims Rodman "grabbed her," "rubbed his body against hers" and slapped her "open handed on her bottom." She also claims the she was fired as a result of her reporting the incident.

Back in September, Rodman was accused of the very same thing by a bar patron in Orange County. She eventually declined to press charges.

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Logo Designers    

rodman is fresh

2441 days ago


Messing with them white girls will get you in trouble all the time......When will black men like Kobe, OJ & Barry Bonds learn.......

2469 days ago


Dennis who?

*crickets chirping*

2469 days ago


if you really thought you were butt slapped by dennis rodman then why wait so long to file.
this is crap. extortion

2469 days ago


*crickets still chirping*

2469 days ago


That would be 4th, T-Bone. You have to be a little quicker on the draw.

2469 days ago


How can you be fired for reporting the incident.

If that is in her suit - she should be prepared for some serious challenges

2469 days ago

L in SF    

A former sports star, rich man, media whore, egomaniac', who has had a few decades of being catered to, people laughing, looking the other way, as long as you (1) get rebounds, help us win. (2) and now, give us fuel to feed out vapid media obsession with false fame. Be a fool on TV, give us a soundbite, so we can tease,and show it re-edited three or four times, in the next week or two. This guy was a very shy player until he met with Madonna, years ago... I would image she advised him what being a bit outragous by design would do for press releases, his paycheck, fame. Does anybody remember that the security of the sports area in Detroit found him in the empty parking lot, after the season, no games, or events going on with a loaded shotgun in his truck ? While a surprised unwelcomed butt slap at a bar, is the action of a jerk, a bore, if she for some reason, did lose her job because of this incident, then I would pursue it. Seems, if true, the hotel owners wanted to keep a high profile roller, celeb' in the house, on TV, etc., in the papers, then a simple, replaceable line employee. In Vegas there must be several hundred pretty girls right behind you applying for each job in a bar.

2469 days ago

Sexual Chocolate    

What th hell??!! All he was doing was giving her a little "good game" smack on the azz.

2469 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

If i sued all of the men that have ever rubbed up against me..........................................................

2469 days ago


The guy is so repulsive and disgusting, I'd sue him if he ever touched my ass!

2469 days ago


If I had a law suite for every man who ever rubbed on me or grabbed my ass I would be living in LA with the paps following me. I would be richer then Oprah.

Get over it girl, it is not that big of a deal, if it was you would have filed suite immediatly. Apparently you must have fell on hard times and figured this was quick money.

I hope the court sees it for the garbage it is and starts letting trash like this girl know that we are no longer going to allow stupid law suites to waist our time. rodman is trash too, but it is low lifes who sue people for stupid crap that really bug me.

2469 days ago


I was wondering where Dennis was.....Good to see he is still making the Headlines...But come on...I must agree with some of the comments...I would be rolling in "Cheese" if I could sue and get paid for every time a man or woman has tapped my "fine BOOTY" or brushed up against me....Some people just take advantage of the person if they know there is money involved, and a Bartender she just "tried". Now the brothers need to be a little more easy in there choice of females, watch your back....Dennis I am on your side I loved back in day....I love Basketball and Rodman mad you watch.....

2466 days ago


The guy is so repulsive

2464 days ago

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