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No More DUIs --

Who's Comin' with Me?

11/27/2007 3:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The National Limousine Association is coming to aid of not-so-bright celebudorks who decide they have to drive after they've been drinking -- urging them to GET A RIDE!

TMZ has obtained an open letter sent to celebrity handlers and publicists, including reps for Britney, Lindsay and Paris, explaining that the NLA has more than 2,300 members -- and that finding a limo or town car over the holidays is not exactly rocket science. Plus, it reminds them that the fee for even a stretch limo is still far less than "DUI fees." Amen and hallelujah!

Remember, people: If you're tipsy, don't drive. And remember to tip your drivers!


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maybe because they're blonde they don't know any better. :(

2458 days ago


Can I chauffer that Lim-HO-Sine?

2458 days ago


Your picture's missing the fourth bimbo of the apocalypse....Britney.

Ugh! Can we please move on people? I can't be the only one who's tired of hearing about these spoiled rich girls! If I could afford it, I'd have a limo at my disposal 24/7. No excuses, girls. Grow up!

2458 days ago

L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

Jeff Greene must be a high-school dropout, I've never seen such an unprofessional letter with so many grammatical errors.
I'm sure it went right into the trash, unread, wherever it was mailed.

2458 days ago


Are you people serious, who is going to want to get a ride from TMZ ,only to find thier picture splater all over TMZ gossip rag in a question of minutes..only a fool would subject themselves to that

2458 days ago



2458 days ago

Mama Says    

First up should be the mess Britney. What I want to know is why, with all the recent footage of foot-running over (hah! a pun!), red light-running, non-valid licenses, etc., she still has the right to drive at all?

2458 days ago


Here is the example of Dumb Blond Americans!!!!

2458 days ago


Look at the pics for nicole "57 minutes in custody cause I'm knocked up" ritchie, and paris "I'm a dumbass SLUT" hilton. Geezus, these 2 bimbos think they're on the red carpet; they're actually POSING for the camera! This should give you a good idea of how seriously they take the justice system. This is why brainless bimbos with "entitlement" attitudes like them need to be made examples of, not let out of prison after 1 hour or a day...

2458 days ago


what a cheap publicity stunt! This is being done for money. As if celebs are the only ones who have ever gotten behind the wheel when they should not have done so. Of course not, thousands of people do in LA alone every year and they are far more impaired than at least one of the three people they cite - the one with the BAL so low that a non-celeb would not even have been arrested for it.

And what about all the damage caused by real drunk drivers? But, no we never hear about those cases because those perpetrators get to remain anonymous. It's only the celebs who are paraded before the public for ridicule, not to mention having their legal rights degraded by the resulting "guilty until proven innocent" reality that follows them into the justice system. Study after study confirms that celebs are actually treated far more harshly then non-celebs despite popular opinion. So much for treating everybody 'the same."

I would never hire such an irresponsible, exploitative company. They would actually be doing the community a real service if they provided reduced fair rides for everybody who was impaired!!!

2458 days ago


It's all in the advertising, isn't it?


2458 days ago


The Association should of done that a long time ago - hopefully the celeb's will use it.

2458 days ago


OMG awesome i guess lol really likin kon in logue ko roka gaa? kitna din tak? likin asly matter ya hai kai beer ko band kar they???? hannnaaaa agar toom par satha hooo usca madlab hai toom bohought cool hooo... unless ur a nerd who lives with his mom then screw youu.... CHordo is baat or batchay kasay haiii? asi boli whooo

2453 days ago

Princess of Darkness    

My friends and I always hire a limo if it is a big night, like someones birthday or a celebration and we know everyone will want to drink. Otherwise we take turns being the designated driver and the others who are all drinking pitch in and FILL UP the DD's gas tank. It makes it fair and the DD knows while everyone else has a hang over the next day she has a full tank of gas. We go down the list to keep it fair and all 4 of us have always have a blast. The DD gets free sodas or tea or water from the bar and the rest of us get drunk... it is really quite easy. I WORK IN A GROCERY STORE so if I can afford these celebrities can!!!!!

2453 days ago
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