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Fainting Spell -- a Fake?!

11/27/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" tell TMZ that Marie Osmond's fainting spell was scripted -- to the point where she had a writer just off camera feeding her lines when she stood up!
Marie Osmond Faints
Our moles say Marie has a writer on set at all times, prompting her with witty conversation. One on-set source says he was in position when Marie went down -- and didn't miss a beat.

And get this -- Marie, we're told, is seriously on the hunt for a "successful guy." We're told she's asking some highfalutin people if they know someone who's available. Marie is divorcing hubby number two.

Marie's rep tells us that reports of a writer on set are "absolutely false." "There is no writer on set feeding her lines," she says, "Her manager is there and we (her publicists) are there but no one is feeding her lines." As for a fake faint? Her rep says that's "ridiculous. Why would anyone fake fainting on a live TV show? That show happened during the wildfires and Marie has allergies, there was smoke in the air which was extremely toxic. The trailers for the show are outside the stage and she was breathing the air. It's happened before." And lastly, the rep says Marie is NOT on the prowl. "She's going through a divorce," we're told, "She's not looking to meet someone now -- she wants to spend time with her kids. Dating is the last thing on her mind."


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I agree she went down "too lady like"

2519 days ago


Fake? Right, and 911 was a Republican Plot, Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan didn't act alone, and Nichole Simpson had her throat slit by Columbian Drug Lords.

2519 days ago


Marie should be on Dancing with the Stars to learn to dance. So far, all we have seen are her sympathy for vote antics and her excuses as to why she is trying to keep up. We never heard those excuses from Jane Seymour. Marie is clearly only surviving based on the votes from Utah and probably a mega amount of people there. That's not the criteria for this show; if it is, it will be a huge disappointment.

2519 days ago


TMZ where do you get this stuff? Why would anyone fake something that embarrassing...especially when they were finally back in the lime light?

And do you really think someone is feeding her one liners?..PLEASE!!!! The next thing you will tell us is she had a body double doing all the dancing. You that hard up on real Hollywood news!!!

2519 days ago

Just me though...    

"They have a single member dating service at the temple in Salt Lake where singles go to find a spouse. "
ROFLMAO!! Dude, if it was this easy to find a spouse I would've joined the church a long time ago!!! Thanks for the incredibly stupid entertaining thought though.
fwiw, I thought the faint was real, my grandma was a fainter and always had a few seconds warning in which to prepare herself. But I still think the woman can't dance, should've been gone ages ago!!!

2519 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

I am sure most of these pro Marie posts are Donnie and Maries hundreds of brothers. Donnie needs a new wig.

2519 days ago

TMZ reader    

Someone is trying to influence the voting tonight, in the event that Marie advances to the top 2. It's ridiculous to suggest that Marie faked her fainting spell. Have you seen the tape? If she faked it, she must be some superb actress! TMZ is ABSOLUTELY full of crap!

2519 days ago


You guys are giving her way too much credit for that faint...she's not that good of an actress. TMZ will say anything (but I like it)! Remember to never believe everything that you hear and only half of what you read...

2519 days ago

Lisa G.    

I knew it was fake the first time I saw it!!

2519 days ago


I fainted once and that's how it happens. You don't fall sideways,you just go straight down like she did. This is ridiculous.

2519 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

Marie Osmond is another Heather Mills. They are so alike ... ME ME ME i am so wonderful. and ... POOR ME POOR ME CRY CRYCRY

2519 days ago


My god. I have stooped to actually commenting on this. What has become of me. Yes. I think she faked it. I guess I'm not the only one who noticed her leg retracting after she fell. I've seen plenty of people faint. Mostly football players. They definitely don't retract legs when they fall. They just fall.

2519 days ago


I do not think she was faking...she fell pretty hard...but, her brother is a media whore and he is LOVING all this ET just in love with this has-been or what? I would not be surprised if she has a writer scripting her witty reparte', but this is Hollywood people! Nothing, and I mean nothing on TV is completely real...let's see, who would she be good with? She is very pretty...someone conservative and about her age...Rush Limbaugh? Aughh...nah, he is just too gross...let me think...hey. I hear Hulk Hogan is getting a divorce...Marie's kids and his kids would get along great...dontcha think?????

2519 days ago


Does TMZ ever report facts, or just assumptions???? I hope TMZ gets seriously sued!

2519 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

Her legs moved after she fell. It was fake for sure.

2519 days ago
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