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Hulkster: Respect My Privacy!

11/27/2007 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan has issued the following statement, exclusively through his agent, Darren Prince, to TMZ:
"Please respect my family's privacy at this time with all that we have been through. I care for my wife and my children are my world and I just hope this all works out."

As TMZ reported Friday, Linda Hogan has filed for divorce, seeking to end their 23-year marriage.


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I truely hope that these comment's don't push hulk over the edge,I truely hope that he doesn't do what Chris Benoit did to his family.The people that are verbally attacking this family are obiously watching the Hogan show weather they like it or not,it show 's on your comment's.watching the Hogan's is just a way of saying that they are Human too, and some fan's probably wish that there life was like that, or in a jealous hate watch it to make themself feel better, in there mind saying that the Hogan's are screwed up.If they didn't screw up they wouldn't be normal.(Alida/PalmdaleCa)

2524 days ago

Angie M.    

Hang in there, Terry. You and your family have been through so much lately. I hope that everything works out for you. All the best!

2524 days ago



2524 days ago

spread the love    

F U Hogan!! You sold your soul and your family to the 'reality' devil. You want the money and fame when you can control the spin. Now that you cannot, you wimper like a bitch. You created this mess, now be a man and deal with it. I love this. I love it when one of you reality idiots spin out of control. This is the price that you pay for being a media whore. Screw you!!


2524 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Hulk- you have placed yourslef and your family in the public eye, therefore none of you have any regular privacy anymore. People will look at everyone of you under a microscope now. I have found over the years that good news tends to last the shortest amount of time and bad news tends to linger the longest. I dont know why the human race thrives on bad news and gossip but they do and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. For a celebrity to be out of the public eye is like a physician being without patients. A celebrity cannot function without publicity. Some thrive on publicity such as Paris Hilton (although I never have see her as a true celebrity). Ones such as her has no talent and nothing really going for them but they love to thrust themselves in front of the cameras and controversy just to get publicity. I enjoy watching your show although I feel that a lot of it is scripted, some of them based on actual events in your life and others made up in order to interest the audience. I think that Brooke's music career was inflated via the show and that the advance check that she received was bougus. It would be interesting for TMZ or some other source to see if that check actually was real and deposited by Brooke. Not many wannabe singers, especially her, would get an advance for that much right off the bat. Sure a few of her songs were pretty good but they were obviously studio arranged. A good recording studio can make a homeless person sound like a rock star if they want to. I challenge Brooke to sing in public in order to let us see if she is really up to speed. Not being someone to bet on outcome of things, I think I would bet that she is not. It was all fabricated in the studio, for your reality show.

I hate that your son Nick is in trouble but he is no different than anyone else. Drinking, driving plus speed/racing is nothing but trouble. With Nick being underage places both parents as the responsible parties. The silver lining in the underage cloud is that if the criminal charges are kept in juvenile court, then when Nick turns 18 that all records will be sealed. If the courts treat Nick as an adult then the charges will be on his permanent record for the rest of his life. The civil phase of the action is unavoidable. Hopefully you are well insured and the marines parents/estate wont go after your personal assetts. Hopefully this will be a learning lesson for everyone, you, your family and the public at large. No person is immune when it comes to problems, everyone is pretty much equal.

Divorces happen to all of us. If your marriage cannot be fixed, then life goes on. Just deal with it the very best way that you possibly can. Try to keep the publicity before, during and after at a minimum. Do not let her write a book to profit on anything that happened during your life. The public at hand only knows about your home life via the reality show. Scripted or not, the public has an idea of your day to day lives and are interested in the outcome. The media is not going to help you so use them to your advantage, if possible. Your children are going to love you no matter if you are with Linda or not. I think you are their rock and that when it comes down to the meat of the matter, both respect you. In a divorce one may side with one parent and one may go with the other......or......both may side with one parent, but after the smoke clears they usually respcet both parents in the end. Just make sure both children doesn't do anything any more stupid or dumb from this point on. Pull in the reins, keep them out of the public eye. Also keep yourslef out of the public eye as much as possible. Listen to your advisers/attorneys and may God Bless.

2524 days ago


Florida is a homestead state..........That is why OJ moved there. The ONLY way they can save both of their mansions in Florida is to divorce. As for the Las Vegas Condo......the only way that cannot be taken away is if it is in Brook`s name. Brooke is the only one in that family that cannot be sued.

2524 days ago


Respect is EARNED, brotha......

You want us to respect you? Then honor your word and pay for Graziano to stay in private care, rather than dump him on us taxpayers;

Time to pay up, Hulky.....


2524 days ago


I have alwayed love the Holk! I used to watch him when I was a little girl,& I think he is great!! I wish him & his family the best of luck!!!!

2524 days ago


Boo hoo hoo. If Hogan wanted privacy in his life, than he shouldn't have put his life on TV in the first place.

2524 days ago

W T F ?    

Amen "Completely Disgusted". I agree 100%. They all need jobs and mental help. Linda needs to stop trying to be all things she isn't: young, slim and "cool". They both failed at settng good examples as parents. Nick needs to pay his debt in jail, Brook needs to get a real job.

2524 days ago


If any of you have ever been in the Clearwater area years ago Linda opened a resturant. She was mean and nasty to those poor people that worked for her. She eventually went out of business because she was so nasty and had constant fights with neighboring business over parking etc. She has done nothing to improve the enviroment of Clearwater, she has fought with the city over those zillions of crazy animals she had running around the property. What a nasty nasty personality she has. She is cruel inmature and just dirty. He can do much better than that and he will. She has a bad reputation around this town along with those dumbass kids of hers. They act like they do because of lack of supervision and the ol silver spoon in the mouth at birth.

2524 days ago


Linda looks like a Drag-Queen!! This women has never had a job. Who is going to support her now?

2524 days ago

um who cares    

I wish that all of you jerls on this board whom will have problems in your lives ask for somethign & never never get it ! we are all humans & we shoudl respect one another I guess you all werent' brought up with morals !
I will respect one privacy regadless if they are a celeb or not !
Treat others as you would want to be treated & those whom live in glass houses throw the first stone!


2524 days ago


I don't know why everyone thinks it's the Hulks fault over the accident. It was his son...not Hulk. Everyone should give them their privacy, but everyone that it doesn't concern will have their nose stuck right in there....good luck Hulk

2524 days ago

what ?    

So many rumors ,.. cant figure out what to believe .. why the hec are they divorsing or is it to distract from their son's issues? I dont know . seems to me they are pretty playfull and posibly could just be putting on a show .. but if they aren't why would she divorse him ? i dont get it .

2524 days ago
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