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NFL Star Taylor Dies After Gunshot

11/27/2007 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins safety who was shot early Monday at his home in Miami, has died, according to a family friend. He was just 24.

The Pro Bowl safety had taken a bullet in his upper leg, reports the AP, damaging an artery, causing serious blood loss and loss of consciousness. According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse's hand late Monday night, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the attack, which occurred when an intruder apparently entered Taylor's home, in what the cops are considering a possibly burglary.

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To "just cruzin" That is exactly why I feel the way I do. I have not lived a "pristine" life, I have hung out with the wrong crowd and made mistakes. But by the grace of God, I was spared and woke up before I destroyed myself. I know what recklessness can do. All I am saying is that there is more to this situation that meets the eye, and it MAY have something to do with his past dealings. Is that a racial statement? No

I do know one thing, and that is that we ALL are where we are right now because of choices that we have made in the past. Think about it. At this very moment we all are where we are, at this very point in time because of choices we made 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 years ago. Its the truth and the sooner we all realize that our entire lives are based on the choices that we make or choices that we allow others to make for us, the better off we will be. Youth is no excuse not to realize this, so your point about someone being 22 is useless. All I am saying is that the choices he may have made in the past may have contributed to this. That does not mean that he cant be forgiven for those choices, but they still happened none the less.
We all agree that it was tragic, but I am trying to look past the emotion of it all and deal with the facts as they have been presented to us

And no I did not know him and I am sure you did not either. But to whom much is given much is required. And yes, I do expect more of someone who has made such a success of themselves.

2520 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Camille, I never said anything about race. I didn't know this young man. I don't believe I ever saw him play ball either. You must admit though, some of the comments have been a bit harsh. (not including you in that). I don't know if I subscribe to your "we are where we are becuase of choices we made..." thing. I do believe (as I'm gathering you do) this is tragic. I also think it's rude and inappropriate (for those who have) to say he deserved it...

2520 days ago


Now I see why you so identify with this situation. I am truly sorry for your loss. Assumptions have gone both ways.

Overall, It does not change the way I feel and my opinion, I just now have more of an appreciation for the way you feel
Take care

2520 days ago

Right On    

Well, dumbazz, considering that this is a PUBLIC forum, it really doesn't matter to whom you were trying to speak, now does it? Maybe you don't understand that being from the UK, but your comment that the UK "would have had this site shut down" speaks volumes to the backwards nature of your little country. Look up the word censorship, we're not big on that in the US.

Oh, and we're all so grateful to you for defining "thug" for us. I'll be looking for the Dictionary According to Don at my local book store. Glad to know that YOU watch Hip Hop videos, but you might want to run along and do your homework.

2520 days ago


Maybe you should reevaluate your thinking and maybe me and you can have a proper dialogue together until then I will keep stating my opinion about people in the U.S. who think it is okay to disrespect the dead. Oh and a thug is spitting on someone? Hmm does not quite fit my definition since it is human nature when you are mad to do spiteful things you may regret. But I would not say SPITTING defines a action ONLY OF A THUG. I mean come on now even with your tiny little brain you have to be smarter then that. And you talk about this guy but your country is one that glamorizes a lady that took off her clothes and married a rich man then later in life over dosed on drugs and makes a movie out of her like she did something special. And she was not even given half as much hate as this guy. So once again some of you immature Americans in here give others a bad name and that is sad considering you are in here acting like you are knowledgeable when you are nothing but a quack.

2520 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Thanks Observer. Now THAT'S a thug. Tough guy with a gun and a posse. Taylor was quoted as saying that he "owns this town"? No dude.......you just occupy the mortuary.

2520 days ago


Just another thug that goes down. He was a thug not because he was black but because he had a record with violence on it. I am already tired of hearing about it and wish they would move on. I heard Kanye West say it was George Bush's fault anyway.

2520 days ago

Right On    

You just don't get it, do you, Scott. Most posters were not disrespecting the dead, they were pointing out that his lifestyle LIKELY lead to his demise. And I can't say it more clearly, but I dont CARE about YOUR definition of "thug." It's a word used generically to describe someone who acts violently or in a socially unacceptable way. Sean Taylor, by way of his past actions, fit the definition. Can your tiny brain understand that?
To educate you further: Americans didn't react with as much hate of Anna Nicole because she didn't do anything to HARM ANYONE ELSE. She didn't pull a gun, she didn't spit on people, she wasn't in trouble with the law....and on and on. The only person she hurt was herself.
BTW, "quack " is a term used for an under-qualified doctor.

2520 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

When will Al Sharptongue and Jesse Jackass call for tolerance on this blog? Let's all put down our crack pipes and have a group hug.

Hugs NOT Thugs!!

2520 days ago


And I do not care about what you just wrote so we are equal now.

2520 days ago


Hey Don, you sanctimonious prig. Given that the UK has a total Black population of 1.2 million or 2.2% of the population, you are hardly in a position to judge the impact that the thug culture has on life in the US. Would you like to discuss the impact of the mass migration of Muslims that you've allowed into the UK? That would be a cheery topic.

I dont care what color the culture, if it is anit-social, devoid of respectable cultural and moral values and perpetuates crime and lawlessness, that is a culture that needs to be called on it. I don't recall White Europeans ever getting a pass for their collective behavior. Neither should any other group.

It's a good thing to hold a mirror up to yourself- and your culture- if need be every so often. That is the only way you can see the warts, blemishes and melonomas that need to be dealt with. Not all of us care to live in your irrelevent world of political correctness.

2520 days ago

Erika weyandt    

we will miss you so much. it you time to go now. you in a better place now. i am so sorry for your lose. i will keep you and my head forever. i am so sorry. i just want to know who shoot you and all. well thought you will make it but you didnt.

we love you and miss you allreally

2520 days ago


Who said I was Black? You assumed my race and boy are you wrong. And wow are you saying Blacks promote criminal activity? Because the way your speech sounded it seems like it. And you have a nerve saying that if that is what you meant because we all know who the first violent people of America are. And you need to hold a mirror to your own race because one that judges others should be the perfect example and boy no race can say they are that because all have done wrong. So thanks for the little speech but umm we all have our problems so please do not act like the race you come from is perfect because I can prove you with many examples otherwise.

2520 days ago


Just wanted to say my condolences to his family, his girlfriend and his baby girl. No matter how he lived his life in the past he did NOT, I REPEAT NOT deserve to be gunned down in his home with his girlfriend there and baby girl in the next freakin room. So sad the way our society downplays the senseless death of another human being because of mistakes he made in his past. I will keep his family in my prayers and I pray they do find the coward who did this to him. R.I.P Sean

2520 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Statistically, the #1 cause of death across our country for the Black man under the age of 30, is homicide. It does not matter if you are rich or poor. And those who have taken a life, served time in jail, and have been released, are considered a very high risk to kill again.

It is time for our country to quit having sympathy for criminals and murderers and our violent world can and will become the peaceful country it was intended to be. If you kill and get caught once. you should not be released before your 65th Birthday. Our country is too soft and because we don't jail our criminals, many innocent people die. Mr. Taylor may not have been very innocent, but he didn't deserve to die. Now all he is, is another statistic of Black men 30 and younger.

2520 days ago
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