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That Butt

11/28/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were blessed with bodacious backsides, this Hollywood star is better known for assets in the front. And now we know why!



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K-Keepin it real    

I believe she's perfectly fine the way she is. If she was skinny then there would be a problem no matter what these clebs look like theres always going to be a problem so won't all of you haters stop hatin and let these people live there lives now when u start makin the money they do maybe what u say would matter but for now shot the hell up and get a !!!!LYFE!!!!

2462 days ago


I guess I am shocked by the behavior and judgement by people today. Eating disorders that are destroying young lives are brought on by people who think like this!! shame on you. The people you are calling fat, 30 yrs ago were the norm and were often considered beautiful...back when people still looked on the "inside". People obsessed with being a size "0" are the ones with the problems and will lead themselves to a shorter is NOT the "healthy" way to live, but the unhealthy notions tv todays puts in people's heads. I sure hope none of the comments are from anyone "calling the kettle black".

2419 days ago


Oh boy!!! "Shame on all you fatties?"...Thank goodness my kids were not brought up to think that they had to starve themselves to be "normal". It would be nice if we all, like the models and THIN stars, had access and money to have in home gyms, trainers, all our food prepared for and served to us, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, etc. I sure hope all that is NOT acceptable! Because that is by no means normal or a normal way to live. Those that think that JLH is fat, have a problem, and I certainly would not let my children be taught by someone that tells them what is normal and what is not, let alone put the pressure on them to be "bone skinny" and unhealthy, which bone skinny is. By the way, my kids are grown, my daughter is a size 2, my sons are very fit and I am a size 4.....therefore because I don't think she is fat, does not mean that I am. But thank goodness I am not obsessed with being thin and thinking that is the only way to be healthy.

2419 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2417 days ago

daddy t.    

jlh is a bombshell.... no matter how you see it. and you know this! we (i) lover. as we say here... "ASS" all good!!! lol
jenny, ur a goddess.

2450 days ago


Lydia Cornell from 'Too Close For Comfort'.

2490 days ago

Swiss Jenn    

Damn. I hope that pic has been photo-shopped 'cause no amount of plastic surgery will ever correct her perfect pear shape. Ick.

2490 days ago


it doesnt matter... i would still give my left testicle for a piece of that.

2490 days ago


She's still cute

2490 days ago


Looks like somebody needs to do some jogging....BADLY!!

2490 days ago

ms wonderland    

kim k "blessed" with bodacious backside? more like blessed with a dad who left her enough money in the will to BUY the ethnic type of azz she always wanted. doesnt Shia LaBeouf frequent TMZ?....he needs to call me.

2490 days ago

death on a cracker    

yikes! wasnt expecting that....

shes starting to "mommify"

2490 days ago


Harvey Levin.

2490 days ago

People Paula    

Actually, she is VERY much known for her butt. I mean, wasn't that how she supposedly kept her "real virginity" for so long???

2490 days ago

Inma, from Spain.    

Just like us. A human body with imperfections. Nice. I feel better. Thanks TMZ!!

2490 days ago
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