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Rampage Can Talk White, But Is He Right?

11/28/2007 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UFC brawler Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has never been afraid to go on the attack. And when the king of the octagon learned that NFL star Sean Taylor died from a gunshot to the leg on the Monday, Rampage went off.

"Shot in the leg and died," he asked our cameraman. "Where the hell was the ambulance? Flavor Flav was real when he said 911 was a joke."

Then, just like a pre-skankified Flav would have done, Rampage got racial. "Black folks, when you get in trouble [and you] call 911, please sound white when you call ... We all sound white when we need to."

Tough words from a tough man.

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The majority that voted must have been white cause apparently you don't know what its like to have to call for help when your black. GTFOH

2519 days ago


He is stupid!!

2519 days ago


he's a criminal!

2519 days ago


rampage needs to hook up with Kane. They dont like white folks but they do like the white folks money.

2519 days ago

Liemann Valdimar    


2519 days ago


Please, Seriously. The race card... again?? That is so old now. It hit an artery you idiot. That means serious blood loss. If it did not hit so close to his groins he probably would be just fine maybe some crutches. This situation sucks but dont you dar blame it on the ambulance. They did what they could I am sure of it. Every time something happens to a non white person they want to pull that damn card. Well get over it. You are the prejiduce people and the ones with the problems. Believe me I know there are bad ppl out there but not all of us are.

2519 days ago

in shock    

I am white form an upper middle class area. I was paralized and going into shock when my husband called 911. They would not send anyone because they thought I sounded O.K. in the back ground. Thank God my neighbor was a pulmanoligist who got on the phone to get action or I wouldn't be here either. White, black or other 911 needs an overhall.

2519 days ago

montana mike    

this fool couldn't sound white, no matter how hard he tried. quit shooting your own race, and that problem will handle it'self.

2519 days ago

how dumb    

Unbelievable! Now we are blaming RACE for someone dying after being shot????? Give me a break. Frankly, if you want to blame someone or something for Mr. Taylor's death, lets look at this... Based on what I've read, I have to say it appears that Mr. Taylor was personally targeted for this attack more than once. He has been involved with weapons and assaults and other crimes... so therefore, I think its pretty obvious that this incident probably occurred because of Mr. Taylor's own lifestyle. No disrespect to the dead.. but come on.

So don't blame the fact he was BLACK and 911 wouldnt respond. Maybe if he wasn't a criminal, this wouldn't have happened to him. Racist jerkoff

2519 days ago


Ashley, It was the black dude who started the race issue. They are always blameing white "trash" when something goes wrong.

2519 days ago

Merry Christmas    

STOP THE RACE CARD CRAP. Take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming everyone (the "white man") for your own problems.

2519 days ago


#5 Ashley- you are 100% correct. This guy bled out really fast because of the location of the bullet. It's NOT the ambulances fault.

2519 days ago


he is very right im hispanic & have tattoos & i always see the difference.....its sad but very very true my daughter (10 years old) has "white" features & you should see the way she gets treated white people jump to "help" her when she is in stores...when they see me with they give me a frown or their eyes try & not show disgust its sad but true

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2519 days ago


If it hits that artery- you only have a couple minutes. Thoughts and prayers with him and his family.

2519 days ago


This is the kind of thing that really makes me sick...if he had done a little checking first, he would have learned that the bullet hit an artery - and as most people know (black or white - dumbass), you can bleed out in a matter of minutes if a major artery has been hit. And I'm sure that it wasn't Sean Taylor who called 911 - how does this ass-clown know who called 911? How does he know that the "burglar" didn't cut the phone line before leaving the scene?

This is truly sad. My heart goes out to Sean Taylor's family, and I hope that stupid comments like this idiot is making don't hinder their recovery from such a tragedy.

2519 days ago
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