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Judge to Remy: You're Intimidating!

12/5/2007 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remy MaA judge has ordered rapper Remy Ma, already facing assault charges, to face trial on gang assault and witness intimidation charges too. Whuteva!

The charges stem from a beatdown Remy allegedly had some male friends put on the boyfriend of a witness set to testify in her assault trial. Super fun!

A lawyer for the 26-year-old Ma (real name Remy Smith) tried to have gang assault and intimidation charges dismissed, saying there was insufficient evidence to indict his client.

Remy will be back in court January 3.


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Merry Christmas    

Posted at 4:24PM on Dec 5th 2007 by equal opportunity offender

You beat me to the punch! TMZ definitely likes to stir up trouble

white vs. black
gay vs. straight
Christian vs. athiest
normal people vs. peta
meat eaters vs. vegans

Let's get ready to rumble.

2522 days ago



2522 days ago


See...whats irritating is...if the sorry excuse for human lost her life today...even after all this mess...bozos would be out in force carrying on about what wonderful person she really was...think i might puke.

2522 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 4:46PM on Dec 5th 2007 by Onlyintellegent1here

You're small minded because you said "cracker." That's not very "PC" now, is it? Is it okay for you to be so rude? If you want equality, practice it then "oh intelligent one."

2522 days ago


Hey "Wayne newt" I am trying to help 50 cents and ludicrous comprehend your quote. Would that be " Fahrenheit " as the measuring unit for temperature where 32 Fahrenheit is the freezing point ( when rap finally dies) for water and 212 Fahrenheit is the boiling point for water ( as I celebrate it )?

2522 days ago


OHHHH I didnt even comment on the fact they couldnt spell INTELLIGENT - said they were the onlyintellEgent1here that is so damned funny.....damned dumbass......that is where these stereotypes get such strength.....# 3 was so right!!!

2522 days ago


This is just too damn funny! At this rate, we'll have all of the dumbass rappers and wanna be thugs either behind bars or six feet under in no time! Keep the GREAT news coming TMZ!

2522 days ago



have you read my dissertations regarding Potential Energy and Pythagorean's Theorem throughout various stories here on this website?

please excuse me for hijacking your question to the fabulous Mr. Wayne Newtn. but, i feel i must interject my thoughts at this moment in time:

i am a really smart white guy !!! i really, really am a smart guy !!!

i have througout this site known as TMZ, operated by Mr. Harvey Levin JD, attempted to enlighten those without such knowledge, to educate those to the wonders of Language, Science, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, ad nauseum. i thank those who have been enlightend and wish for those who believe in my please 'pass the dutchie' to the next believer. as i know what's killing all the rappers.

may the Mega Lotto spread its wealth to you my friends !!!

2522 days ago


Hey guys, calling out rappers will only motivate them to act dumber. So, the next time you are watching the "Jay leno" show ,listen for 50 cents and the other gangsta rapper buffoons attempting to pull out an "Einstein quote" in one of their songs .to refute what "wayne newtn" posted. Their fans will call them a genius.. he he!

2522 days ago


I am amaze that decent suburban families allow their children to support this form of degenerate entertainment. No civilized people can continue to survive with this type of filth polluting their brains. Leave this noise pollution in the neighborhoods which bore these lousy tunes.

2522 days ago


'"Eienstien "passing it on, my friend! E=m2!

2522 days ago


The commentator,

The skipper & i would like you to debate Mr. Einstein on the merits of bamboo or brazilian cherry for our hardwood flooring. Will you oblige us? Also, would you happen to know the FDA 's recommended RDI for manganese & chromium? we, think you might be suffering from a severe vitamin & mineral deficiency causing your apparent depressed state of mind.

2522 days ago


Remy, you have to chill. There are better things in your future. Get out of that town!

2522 days ago


stupid bitch

2522 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

'einsein' for president! Bringing critical thinking/problem solving to the unwashed, critical masses! And since he is still alive and running strong, despite yellow journalistic smear tactic rumors of his early demise, we can finally solve the world's problems. Then we can solve those pesky little quantum physics problems of understanding how the string theory, multidimensional universes, and time travel can enhance one's travel options! Viva 'einstein'!!!!

2522 days ago
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