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Kiefer Wants to Go to Jail -- But Not County

12/5/2007 8:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Kiefer Sutherland is at an L.A. County Courthouse and the judge has agreed to let him serve his time at a jail run by the city of Glendale rather than the perilous Twin Towers county facility.

Sutherland will serve his 48 days at the Glendale City Jail. He must complete his sentence by the end of March. He then faces 60 months of informal probation -- meaning he doesn't have to see a probation officer, pay a fine, complete 18 months of an alcohol education program and undergo six months of weekly alcohol therapy sessions.

t makes lots of sense for Kiefer to choose a city jail. Sources say Twin Towers has become a nightmare of violence, and jailers cannot guarantee the safety of high-profile inmates.

The probable option if Sutherland chose Twin Towers is that he would be placed in "the hole" -- a solitary confinement area in which he would spend 23 hours a day alone.

This is not a typical "pay for stay" program. Rather, Kiefer will serve a regular county jail sentence through the City jail inmate worker program.

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What a bunch of mean, ignorant lot you are. Keifer is a nice guy with a drinking problem. It's a disease, you know and hopefully, 48 days in jail will help him.

2449 days ago


He wasn't offered rehab or had to be 48 days in wouldn't really help as he's a binge drinker, not an every-day drinker. Besides, those hollywood rehab's are useless. Hopefully, he goes into a real rehab in Toronto and gets help. Fox told him which jail to go to as they have to protect their star. So, lay off him. I'll still watch him and 24.

2449 days ago


What a surprise?? The people with the money have the option to choose what jail they do their time in. My husband is inn Twin Towers I wanna know how I am supposed to feel when I read "NIGHTMARE OF VIOLENCE"? They should have some understanding that not everyone is famous and if they didn't have their money they would be like everyone else...RIGHT IN THE COUNTY!!! I guess what the old saying is true "Money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can buy you out of your jail time."

2449 days ago


I like Keifer & although he should spend some time in jail, it would be utterly stupid to send him to a dangerous jail because the officers would be responsible if anything happened to him. I wish him well. He didn't whine like Paris, he took responsibility for his actions.

2449 days ago


It just appauls me at how easily some of these people attack another human for a HUGE mistake..granted yes he could've seriously hurt or worse killed someone..but he DIDN'T..if I recall he was caught almost immediately after leaving the occassion he was having a few drinks at. Lady Speaking The Truth..what did YOUR husband do to deserve a jail sentence in the "NIGHTMARE of VIOLENCE"? and you're on here judging others..where do any of you get off JUDGING someone else. He at least had the maturity to stand up and accept responsibility for what he did and didn't whine about any of it..was spewing racist/anti sematic comments..remember when you're pointing 1 finger 3 are pointing back at you!!

2442 days ago


Well I am a 24 fan so that makes me a Keifer Sutherland/Jack Bauer fan and so I am very disheartened that the comments made on this site are so much on the hate level. Why I have to ask myself did he get 48 days when some celebs only got hours. Yes he made a very big mistake and I do hope that he will learn from this and not do it again but I am not going to rag on him because he is rich and famous. He could have killed himself or worse someone, I dare say that he could really live with himself comfortably knowing how foolish this was. I just want it to be over and for him to get back to work so that I can continue to enjoy him as an actor because if nothing being said on this blog is true one thing is for sure he is an excellent actor. I see where Gary Collins actually hit a person while driving drunk and the person died, that is a huge thing. Stop hating on Keifer and worry about the next drink you take.

2439 days ago
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