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Kiefer Learns to Fluff & Fold!

12/7/2007 2:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a little more than 24 hours, Kiefer Sutherland is adapting well to life behind bars. We're told he woke up around 8:00 AM this morning and ate his prison-issue breakfast. After that, he is scheduled for laundry duty. "We had a pretty busy night last night, so Kiefer will probably have a lot of laundry to do today," Glendale PD PIO John Balian tells TMZ. Um ... busy?
Kiefer Sutherland in Jail

In his first full day in the can, Jack Bauer learned how the jail's laundry process works; washing sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels -- then drying and folding them. Kiefer enjoyed a processed turkey sandwich for lunch (deelish)-- and returned to laundry duty. "He's been very cooperative, doesn't complain about the duties," says Officer Balian. "You can tell he is not happy to be here, but he's accepting responsibility. He wants to do the time and get all of this behind him."

Sutherland has already taken his first jail shower -- by himself. He is not being kept in isolation, but he has little contact with other inmates. Today he is scheduled to serve lunch and dinner to fellow arrestees, bringing a little Tinseltown glamor to an otherwise glum mess hall.

In his un-free free time, Kiefer has been reading and watching TV. So far, he's had no visitors.


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Keifer is a down to earth actor..he will not expect special treatment...his only failing is his problem drinking.

2511 days ago



2511 days ago

Get a life!!    

He deserves to be where he's at and needed help would defintely not hurt either.

2511 days ago


Keifer Sutherland mr. movie star they shouldn't not allow him to drive again. He's not getting the message, what do they wait until he kills somebody.3 times come on he'll never stop drinking. I hate drunk drivers throw away the keys then and the car mr. moviestar. Special person Mr. Keifer Sutherland the whole family's a bunch of drunks. I don't care about his crummy 24 tv show. Looks like he drank lots of 24's. Now he's better then anyone else. He's an Alcoholic Big Time you little creep.Written by Bill from the big book... Read it jerk.

2511 days ago

funny chick    

Well at least he's not making a gripe like them other prison biznitches-Paris & Lindsay. I swear. We're behind you Kiefer!

2511 days ago


Keifer's humbling experience aside...I like old hollywood better when actors and actresses actually had a little self respect and cared what people thought of them. What happened to that?

2511 days ago


Since when do law enforcement officers call prisioners by their first name? Highly unprofessional. Also, why do we need to know every move he will make?

2511 days ago

Respect the Dead    

Of course he's doing ok... After all - he's Jack Bauer! :-)

Seriously, wishing Keifer well and hope that this is a lesson well-learned for him

2511 days ago


Kiefer's been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. I'm sure he'll be getting drunk again as soon as he gets out in 47 days.

2511 days ago


I am glad Keifer is taking responsibility for his actions.

Did Harvey serve anytime when he said Marcia Clark entered OJ's house before police arrived? I think he aplogised but was wondering if he paid any fines or served any time? It's in Wikipedia.

Perhaps TMZ might want to take a look at that.

2511 days ago

Fed up In Indiana    

it sounds like candace kane is one of those idiots that only watches reality tv shows. 24 is one of the best drama shows on tv. He is doing his time. He is the one that makes that show as good as it is. Go back to watching Hogan Knows Best, or the bachelor or some dumb ass reality show!

2511 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yeah, it's no secret that Kiefer's a major sauce hound and a dangerous man with a set of car keys on any given night he's out of jail, but he is also one of the best actors around. Period! He has been taking his medicine and there's little chance you'll see him whining like just about every other celeb out there -esp. the GGWild punk! He may actually learn something from this all and if he ever quits drinking, his road is golden. I'm betting he quits, has a couple of well publicized relapses, and then finally dries out for good. I wish the man good luck if he makes a serious effort.

2511 days ago

midnight caller    

Great work Los Angeles! Another Hollywood Canadian that hates the United States! And too many to list. Lock up fat mouths Fox and Barberie next...

2511 days ago

DR Midge    

Maybe next they can bust his old man for smoking dope as they have it on film in Animal House (along with a cheeky shot of his Suther-ass)

Perhaps when he's doing cafe duty, ye ol' Keifer can use someof his Lost Boys powers and change rice to maggots and do some other magical things with the food.

I really feel bad for this wealthy, famous, son of an actor who is going to have such a hard time playing the role of real life inmate...

2511 days ago


Kiefer's inmate number adds up to 24. :)

2511 days ago
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