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The Glamour of a Gown and an Exposed Tattoo

12/10/2007 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying "Transformers" star Megan Fox is gorgeous, but her exposed tattoo is not!
Megan Fox
As Melanie Griffith, Eve and Angelina Jolie can attest, nothing wrecks a classy outfit quite like some exposed ink. We will all laugh at gilded butterflies -- and trashy ensembles! Basura!

From little black dress to little black mess in seven words or less!


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When I was a little girl, I was told that only 'dirty' girls and boys wore tatoos. Once I grew up, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to endure all that pain for something that could not be removed (it still shows even if you have it bleached out by the same painful process)if it went out of style or became deriguer. Tatoos simply cannot be made pretty enough to be permanently emblazoned into human flesh. They are not art, because they do not endure hundreds of years like real art-people die and that's the end of the tatoo too. Tatoos also fade and get sloppy looking after a certain amount of time. Which means-more pain. Do I hear masochism?

2476 days ago


This is friggin rediculous. Megan Fox is gorgeous, exposed tattoo's and all. Why do people feel the need to bash people just because they don't fit your preconcieved notions of what is and what is not sexy, beautiful or attractive. Stop being such haters.

2476 days ago

Liz Garcia    

and the big deal is what???????

2476 days ago

Karen W.    

Tattoo`s are Body Art, I think they are a great form of self expression. Watch " Miami Ink" & learn something! Tattoo`s are not just on cons & Sailors anymore. If you don`t like them ,fine, leaves more ink for those of us that do.

2476 days ago

ny chic    

her tattoos mean something to her, i have 5 small ones that all mean something to me, they aren't as big as angelina has, but to each their own, there are more impt. things going on in this world..than the chic with her tattoo...come on tmz, try doing or saying something more important than knocking her tat...look at all the good things this woman does...always negative out of your mouths....later

2476 days ago


Too bad you guys missed that this line is from King Lear

2476 days ago

Mr. Eddie    

Tattos are are carnival workers, sailors, and convicts ONLY!

2476 days ago


Such a considerate 'ho'.....

Gives me a lil' sumpm sumpm to read while I punk her.....


Ladies, if you have a tattoo...don't get any more. If you're thinking about it, try to find one single woman over the age of forty that is still sporting it. You won't. I thought this gal was beautiful... now I see she is just a confused twit.

2476 days ago

titty booberson    

tattoos look hideous! Especially defacing such a beautiful shoulder. It's like letting a kindergardener do a finger painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel. They don't make you unique or cool either because EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM HAS ONE THESE DAYS.

2476 days ago


is that trash or class?

2476 days ago


the tattoo is in a bad location and is not a good size. it looks like one of those tattoos that little kid like to put on. to me it looks really fake. unless it is just the picture or my computer, it looks like it is going to peel off at any minute. which is understandable if she just got it and explains the outfit she wore since too much stuff touching a new tattoo can mess it up. but it still looks fake.

2476 days ago


She looks like a street whore. Discreet and artful tats are fine, but not something that looks like the wall of a public toilet. I don't care if it came from Shakespeare. It's ugly. She's not much herself.

2476 days ago


There is a simple product to temporarily cover up tattoos....It is a make-up sold by most Halloween supply (by mail order, too)companies. I purhased mine to cover up for an important wedding from Extreme Halloween on the internet...Best purchase I've ever made.

2476 days ago

Walt the Salt II    

What a turn-off seeing an otherwise beautiful woman with self-inflicted wounds called tattoos! It's not necessarily the physical turn-off but the mental turn-off, as in: what kind of stupid person with low self-esteem and low sense of self-worth is she?

2476 days ago


This tat is just plain nasty for a woman and should be hidden, it takes away from the beauty of the woman she is thought to be!

2476 days ago
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