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Tina: Haven't Talked to Ike in 35 Years

12/12/2007 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Turner's rep issued the following statement about the death of the music legend's former husband Ike.

"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today," the rep told TMZ. "She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."

Simply the best.


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Hmmmmm..This animal kicks the everloving stuffing out of tina for years, and people defend him?? Hope he likes it hot because he will be there for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn time (in HELL!).

2507 days ago


NO contact in 35 years??? Really??? Hmm...I could swear in her book and movie they made it look like Ike approached her after "Private Dancer" became a hit and she walked away....that was about 23-24 years ago. Lie? Exaggeration? Starting to wonder what else in that book was B.S. Tina's a great talent, but she would have been a has-been long ago if she hadn't had the "battered wife" story to ride on.

2507 days ago


In my opinion, Tina probably got a great deal of satisfaction by becoming obscenely rich and famous, AFTER the divorce. Her children, however, have lost their father. My condolences to her children.

I'd always heard the best revenge is to live better than your ex. "What's love got to do... got to do with it....."

2507 days ago


To #41 Shannon,

If it was the white intelligentsia who promoted and propagated darwinism and the 1/48th rule, then what does that make you and your lineage? You no spelling, moronic amoeba!!! Take a long look in the mirror and the truth will scare you!!! Yes, Ike was bad news, but it is no reason to expose the fact that you have the intelligence of a seven watt bulb!!

2507 days ago

tired of bs    

Tina had one son with Ike, Ronnie. Her son Craig was by a guy in their band named Raymond Hill.

2507 days ago

Leo Naudin    

She still doesen't have a problem still using HIS LAST NAME!

2507 days ago


Rob: No where in Tina's book did she say Ike spoke to her around the tour for "Private Dancer". Yes, in the movie it did. But that wasn't the truth. ALSO in the film it suggested that Tina and Ike had two sons together. That is also not the truth. Ike had two sons prior to getting together with Tina. She has one son before she married Ike and they had one son. Tina raised all three boys as hers.

As for Tina's statement, that's her choice and I support her in that. Yes, Ike discovered her but he also made her life hell. Tina is a very spiritial woman and "gave up" Ike a long time ago. That's her PERSONAL choice. It's her life, not anyone including mine.

As for the 35 years comment .... HELLO? This is TMZ. Ya think they might have it wrong?

RIP Ike. I hope you find the peace in the after life that you sometimes did not have on this earth.

2507 days ago

David Bowman-Macon    

As a kid lived on the same block (Virginia Place) as Ike, played with his cousin and in-laws, will miss a great talent.

2507 days ago


She would have been a nothing with out him, ungrateful bitch..............

2507 days ago


I guess that means they weren't on speaking terms for the last six years of the marriage.

2507 days ago


Ike was in prison for a number of years before Tina divorced him. As she was in a parking lot one night, Ike appeared in the lot and beat her unmericifully. Somehow, she managed to get home and treated her wounds. When she was physically able to, she went to different clubs and sang making it to the top on her own.

Tina, you simply are the best. God bless you.

2507 days ago


If she stayed in contact there would be no talk in 2007 about how Tina feel bout Ike's Death. Her leaving him alone was the best thing she EVER did, He would of killed her. Just like Lacy Petterson I think that old man of her's killed her. Woman when its your chance GO U can do Bad All By Yourself. Alot of woman stay because they fee they can't be alone. Yes U can.

2507 days ago

lisa Fluty    

To Whom This Concerns,

Last evening on Tuesday 12/11/07 my husband called me via his cell phone stating he was inside the Wells Fargo Bank on San Marcos Blvd. San Marcos, CA. He stated that Ike Turner was in the bank with an Asian woman requesting a loan. My husband stated that Ike Turner looked great.

It is amazing that only within 24 hours, Mr Turner is now found dead here in his San Marcos home where he has lived for many years.

Lisa Fluty
San Marcos, CA

2507 days ago


So much for the spiritual "Buddhist" that Tina claims to be -- what happened to compassion and forgiveness which is the teaching of the Buddha? Despite Ike's treatment of her (which was horrible), she STILL could show appreciation for the fact that Ike DID discover her. Show a little respect for the dead.

2507 days ago


Who can blame her..I commend the woman. She is fantastic and far surpassed anything he ever did.

2507 days ago
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