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Get a Few Hours of Adrianne

For $20

12/13/2007 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Super-sublebrity Adrianne Curry is going home to Joliet, Ill. for New Year's -- and she's inviting you to welcome her back! Curry will be hosting something called the "Backyard Tire Fire" to countdown the end of 2007. For $20 you can ring in the new year with her. Nothing lopsided about that!

New Years Eve Flyer
While most stars will be playing for pay in NYC, Miami or Vegas, Adrianne's going home to raise money to help her "second mom" pay some heavy medical bills. She'll be selling her Playboys and other pics as well -- who doesn't read Playboy for the charities?

And who says some professional partying can't do some good, too?


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Ozzie Smith    

I love Matt, Ed, Tim, and Nick.
Ozzie Smith encourages people to stop reading articles about what type of food famous people eat and check out great bands like Backyard Tire Fire.......twice

2507 days ago


On the other hand, Adrianne is a terrible role model for young girls, she smokes cancer causing cigarettes, and pot, she's an alkie and addicted to plastic surgery. Maybe if she and her mother hadn't smoked so much, Kathy wouldn't have gotten cancer, who knows. I wish Kathy well but also think her friends should stop smoking around her. All that second hand smoke is BAD!!!

What ever happened to the ebay charity sale Adrianne was going to do for Kathy? Selling her old clothes and such on ebay. She blogged about it in July and received lots of fan praise but then as per usual, did nothing. She rarely does anything for anyone but herself UNLESS it involves her getting something out of it. Such as now, promoting herself by way of Playboy but acting as if she's doing charity for a dying friend!?

Enough of this redneck drug addict high school drop out who promotes drug use and legalizing pot!

We don't need anymore reality whores!!!!

2507 days ago



2507 days ago


Isn't it funny how obsessed the haters are with Adrianne? I have refrained from posting so many times because then they try to use my name in order to bash her..........anything that is negative towards Adrianne posted here or anywhere else using my name (and we know that is what you do) is not really by me but by some pathetic hater who is actually uber obsessed with Adrianne! I do not write hateful things and those who do should have enough guts to post their own names.........but unfortunately, they are not that brave. They say hateful things about Adrianne but can't back them up with their own names.

All the other's that are using the name "mel" are wannabees and I never would post hateful things about my friend.

thanks TMZ for trying........

therealMel (all others are fake......I posted one comment.......#27)

2506 days ago


DOH!! There is more than one Mel in the world but you have showed us that all of them are MENTAL!! LOL no joke Mel, wannabe Dr. Phil is a Quack obsessed with celebRetards. An enabler who blows smoke up her yoo hoo because she's so real, lol yeah a real drug addict no talent ho ho ho!! Y'all go to the backyard tire fire and eat hot dogs, so classy! lololol Listen to Adrianne belch and fart, her biggest talents of all y'all! lolololol Smoke some cigs and blow smoke rings round Kathy! lol gotta love the cause, too bad it's all about self promotion.

If Adrianne REALLY cared, she'd take all the Porn money from Playboy she just earned and GIVE it to Kathy! That's right, I said GIVE it to her. Adrianne has more money than the poor people from Joliet she is going to suck $20 off of.

Sheesh what a loser.

2506 days ago


Sounds like Adrianne Curry is more ways that one!

2506 days ago


Back Yard Tire Fird is a BAND morons. NOT an/the event. DUH!

2506 days ago


I agree with the poster above. If Adrianne Curry really loved this family friend like a second mother, she would give her Playboy Porn money to her for her medical bills. Instead she expects the hardworking folks of Joliet to come out to see her princess of pig self and give her twenty bucks to hear her belch or fart like she does on her amatuer radio show on the internet? NO THANKEE YOU!!! She's a tight wad cheap skate. RIP to Kathy though.

2506 days ago


OMG! All anyone cares about here is promoting themselves! Adrianne Curry waits until her Playboy porno spread is out to finally do a tiny bit of charity for her so called like-a-mom friend who is dying of cancer. And this good for nothing Backyard Tire Fire group (crap name btw) keeps posting links to their band site. Way to take one persons real tragedy and turn it into a way to promote yourselves. Who's the real sick one?

2506 days ago


No one in Joliet even likes her. Seriously she has a very checkered past in that town. She's only there because it's convenient for her and she's on a self promotion tour. How low class to use a cancer case as a way to big yourself up. Sicko! Wouldn't it have been a better story if it read that Adrianne Curry gives her pornography money to help a dying friend?

Obviously that will never happen. Selfish people like Curry seldom do anything for anyone unless there is something in it for them. Truth hurts peeps!

2506 days ago


To #33 so Backyard tire fire is a band of oh okay, I get it now, well that's just perfect for Adrianne Curry. Miss Moron high school drop out herself. LOL Here's $20, keep the change you filthy animals. LOL Go burn some tires. ;)

2506 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I am perplexed over all the angst being vented at Adrianne and the band and this event to celebrate the start of a new year and help a loved one. I cannot find any reason to throw stones at her party. Given all the haters, however, she might want to have an accountant oversee the dollars lest she be accused of any financial impropriety. And although I had never heard of Backyard Tire Fire, I checked out a couple of their youtube clips and, well, they seem like cool gents just making their music and pursuing their art.

2506 days ago


I feel sad that there is someone so filled with hate towards people that they dont know that they spend their time posting negative rants against others. Reading these posts, its just rage that this person has going on, and its kind of scary.
Not everyone has to like someone, but dear God, can you just have a tad bit of compassion and just shut up for once? Yes, plenty of charity events are publicized. If they werent, HOW WOULD THEY RAISE MONEY? You have to attack adrianne, the band whos performing,AND the actual cancer sufferer? And I might add, youre not fit to touch the bottom of Kathys shoe. Shes a wonderful kind hearted woman who doesnt deserve anyones bad mouthing simply because you dont like her friend. Are you 10 years old? What kind of person does that and then has the gall to turn around and call the nice people losers??? Think about it, WHOS the a hole here? The one trying to do good, or the one posting hateful things just to get attention???

2506 days ago


Way to go Cindy, keep it positive by hating on others with different opinions, errr yeah that makes sense -- NOT.

Even though Adrianne is a drug addict, a porn pig with a sewer mouth and a no talent celeb whore using her Brady bunch hubby's fame to get ahead......... at least finally she's thinking of someone else for a change. OR IS SHE? LOLOLOL

It's all to get praise on herself as usual and throw a few peanuts at her cancer riddled smoking buddy. Not buying what she's selling. Get a grip people and see what this is about. Self promotion.

I agree with the others who said that Adrianne could have given money out of her own bank account, but she's too greedy for that. Plus she probably knows this friend is going to croak so why waste her own money! Oh but it's okay to ask people in Joliet who she has dissed over and over in her blog to give to her cause. Unbelievable.

Quit promoting this talentless whore and this tire fire BBQ crap. Enough!!!

Give to the homeless instead, they really need it.

2506 days ago


I'm confused. What's this about? Someone died from cancer and they want to cremate her on a tire fire? Then take a collection for $20 for fireworks? Good times in Joliet; count me out!

2506 days ago
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