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K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- I'll Slap You Down B!

12/13/2007 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsKFed's lawyer is fed up with Britney Spears, and we're told he's going in deep -- for sanctions!

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ powerhouse lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is furious that Britney was too sick to depo yesterday morning but not too sick to party in the evening. We're told plans are underway for Kaplan to ask Commissioner Scott Gordon in the custody case to bar Britney from asking for anything more than she already has under court order.

We're told this is the fourth time Britney has been a no-show for her depo. Sources say Kaplan feels that Britney should not be allowed to have her Twinkie and eat it too. In other words, she should not be allowed to go into court and ask to restore custody if she won't sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

Kaplan could ask for other penalties, including attorney's fees. He could also ask that Brit be held in contempt, but we're told he probably won't go there.


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shes got the tweaker look already

2474 days ago


she nooka nikea man

2474 days ago


The only one who can get Britney’s kids back … is Britney.

Many parents here, have said that they would do everything and anything the court wanted to get their kids back.

Britney is holding up the DCPS investigation because she refuses to be deposed. How can DCPS make a recommendation to the court if they don’t have the full picture?

I think Kevin was deposed long ago without all this drama.

The next custody hearing is Jan. 25th?

If she’s not deposed very soon, that hearing will not help her in anyway getting custody back.

The truth is she does not want them back, or she would DO what the court ordered.

So, if she doesn’t want custody … why don’t you just respect her wishes and “man-up” out there … realize that there are woman in the world who don’t want to “mother” children.

2474 days ago


I don't know why people won't just leave her alone. I'm sure that if your babies daddy left you when you were pregnant with his second kid and used you for your money and fame and then sued you for FULL custody of the kids you would probably snap too. Also, I'm sure that if someone followed you with a camera 24/7 they would catch you doing A LOT of things that you would prefer the rest of the world didn't see.

2474 days ago

My Opinion    

Seems like Kevin's going to be getting custody by the way things are shaping up. Maybe Kevin should refuse any money because Brit so happens to have it. Kevin shouldn't get any money and put it towards his children's support and future so Brit can keep spending it herself. Since Brit probably won't be getting custody by the looks of things...she should keep it all to herself and not give it to her children. A previous poster said that Brit had been quoted as saying that her children were mistakes. Lynne Spears cannot tell Britney what to do because she is supposed to be a grown mother of two with lots of money. Can anyone tell a grown-up what to do if they don't want to and they have plenty of money? The commish and the lawyers etc. haven't beeen successful.

2474 days ago


# 457 -- Britney should also get her lawyers to call Shar to testify. Shar can confirm like she did to Perez Hilton, and the rest of the world that K-fed use to sell drugs, and that he uses drugs. Shar said it! She obsered it! and she use to live with the K-Fed! Britney should also get her lawyers to call the bodyguard that was following K-Fed around when they were married, Also to be called are the friends K-fed use to party with, instead of being at home with his children.(His time away from home, can be easily verified with hotel bills from Vegas, and New York, a well as credit card receipts), These party friends can easliy provide information on K-fed`s drug use, and how he drinks like a fish, and was even photograped with a mariguana cigarette in is hand, and on other occasions, with liquor bottle in each hand, which he drank from throughout the night, getting drunk,and plastered. K-Fed is a hypocrite, and the only person Britney really needs to call to testfy to that, is SHAR!

2474 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

DIANE T #287. The one and oly reason that I come to TMZ is because I am very hostile towards them and want to put my opinion out there to prompt some thought instead of people just reading the "Die, Britney, Die" posts. No, I've been very lucky in life - married at 24, still married to the same wonderful guy for almost 30 years now and have three great kids - life has been good. I ONLY read posts about Britney and occasionally about Amy Weinhouse (whose music I absolutely love) and other celebs that somewhat interest me (like Katie Holmes (but not her husband), Posh, pretty much it). I skip ALL posts that do not interest me. That is why it surprises me why people that HATE Britney spend so much time on this site. As I've said before, I HATE OJ. I liked him as a football player but truly believe that he got away with murder. I wouldn't stop at any post about him because I wouldn't waste my time commenting. TMZ is so unfair to Britney (and to females in general). I started disagreeing with your comments when I posted that I took offense to TMZ calling Britney's female lawyer a "legal hottie" and "a disso cutie" but referred to kshiit’s as “MVK”. Then you went on to post that you didn’t find it offensive b/c you used to be in the “industry” and that the “talent” would yell at you (or about you?) only because you were a female and just walking around backstage and that you actually literally got thrown off the stage b/c you were female and that was all fine with you. Huh? Sorry, but I believe in equality and treating people fairly no matter what their gender, state of residence, race, creed or color is. TMZ is obnoxious - TMZ insults entire groups of people (females, southerners, people who reside in Louisiana, etc.) - puts fanatic and fantastic (not in a good way) spins on stories and, I believe, is actually contributing to Britney's downfall. If I was not a fan of Britney's I wouldn't even stop to post but I am a fan and I wish her the best. She has problems without a doubt. I believe that her problems stemmed initially from her upbringing and then kshiit did her in and now he is going to suck every last drop of blood out of her. Yes, she was getting wild before him, but after they married and had the babies he was in Las Vegas 24/7 and that is a FACT. She wanted him home with her and their family. I believe that I'm fair in my postings (I was blocked for quite a while that it why last night when TMZ was shaky and my posts were getting through I was having a little fun at Harv's expense). TMZ is causing this mass hysteria when it comes to Britney with its live feeds and paps up her a** and postings of her every 15 minutes on any given day. Yes, I do hate TMZ and intend to keep letting people know it. Got a problem with that? Too bad.

2474 days ago

PJB in LA    

Britney is FUPApalling !

2474 days ago


She does'nt want those kids right now. She's too far into psychosis and whatever combination of drugs is ruining her brain. Give up custody to K-Fed, Yeah he used her, but at least he's stepping up to the plate as a parent. Any middle class woman would have already lost custody. .

2474 days ago


Tom Brady should hooked up with Britney since they both are deadbeat parents.

2474 days ago

lisalee 773 779-8478    

Good one fuzz police!! LOL!

2474 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Jeez Jack54, diarrhea of the keyboard much?

2474 days ago


I agree with you.

Thanks Harv

2474 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Two turds in the water. One is sinking and one is floating. One turd swims, while the other self flushes. Meanwhile, the children will surely suffer from all the crap that is going on now and what will continue to happen. What a bunch of crap!

2474 days ago

just wondering    

jack 54...very insightful post...I couldn't agree with u more !!!!!!!....I'm pretty tired of this site now..especially since " dud " is enjoying using my name now!!...which is obvious to all who r regulars anyways...I do enjoy ur postings and OCD's alot as well as getting a huge chuckle out of the FlyontheWay....again..great post!!..take care!

2473 days ago
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