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Amos Goes Ape****!

12/14/2007 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A word of advice: don't disturb Tori Amos while she's working.

Two fans learned that lesson the hard way and ended up with a verbal smack down from the crotchety singer before they were unceremoniously booted from her Wednesday night concert in San Diego. Code Red!

The piano playin' mama was in mid song when she suddenly began lashing out at the girls: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row. I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the f--- out!"

So much for being silent all these years.

UPDATE: A rep for Tori's record label just contacted TMZ with the following statement: "Tori doesn't sell front row seats to her shows. She'll pick fans that are in the back row and she will upgrade them. It is a privilege to get picked. Apparently these two girls were on their cell phones all night... It was her sticking up for her other fans that missed out on the opportunity."


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bev kingston    

I cant argue that if someone is disrupting an artist or others from enjoying a concert, then they should be made leave if they dont stop. But how she did it is why she is NOT a diva. I dont want to hear her tell a couple of kids "F u" she should have handled it differently- with a little class. I have also read from too many people that she will not let you back in your seat if you get up. I dont care how big of a fan you are , sometimes a women HAS to get up and use the restroom for obvious reaons. Tori , being a woman(who seemingly is always on the rag) should know this. You can use the restroom and go back?? What is that . I personally have a bladder disease called Interstitial cystitis. Sometimes I just cant help but get up. I would be humiliated if they treated me like that. It is no different than any other handicap or illness. Does she throw out people in wheelchairs?

2502 days ago


Just another diva. Handled very poorly. I wonder, did anyone who paid to watch this nobody, sign anything stating they would not talk on their cell phones? Nope, because no one would attend a concert if that was the case. If they were on the phone, and no one has said they were except Tori's spokesman, they were probably telling people what a great concert they were at, how wonderful Tori was, etc. Wonder what they're telling people now? NO CLASS!!!!

2501 days ago



2513 days ago


No one buy her CD! She's a bitch!!!

2513 days ago

Click HERE please.    

The RIAA extorts money from people

2513 days ago


That was great!

2513 days ago


Our Tori has finally grown up and gotten on TMZ! Anyone who's been a fan of hers knows that she expects her fans to be respectful during her shows. She's not a 20-something pop-star. She gives her dedicated fan-base an awsome show. Part of that comes from her audience (devoted fans). Both aspects have to align. Btw, TMZ, this is hardly the first time this has happened. Try and keep up!

Oh, and Jennifer, you say "bitch" like it's a bad thing.

2513 days ago


Tori Amos is so ugly

2513 days ago


What did they do to get booted?

2513 days ago


Good for Tori! I'm tired of going to concerts and having imbeciles around me talking the whole time! Hello, you paid to watch someone perform, can't you shut the f*#k up for a couple hours? If people want to talk, stay home, turn up the stereo real loud and do it so I don't have to hear you. Show some respect to the performers and everyone else who really comes to listen to them live. Idiots!

2513 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

What an angry way to deal with this. I would have bent down and had a quiet chat with the offenders between numbers, and given a civil warning of the impending boot first, and let them realize their rudeness and settle down. How very ungracious of Amos, plus she managed to make other audience members an ugly kind of uncomfortable with her aggression. Amos was ungracious, and has a lot to learn. Not impressed. Very diva-ish. Pffft.

2513 days ago

tori fan    

Tori is awesome and I think it's a good thing she made an example out of those a-holes. Think about how rude it is when you are at the movies and someone won't shut the hell up! Multiply that by 100, and that's probably how Tori was feeling--and the fans around who paid good money to sit up front. People need to understand how they can't get away with being obnoxious--that it will eventually catch up to them...

2513 days ago


Good for Tori. If those two "ladies" and I use the term loosely wanted to talk and interrupt everyone else's enjoyment of the concert they should have never went. Apparently, those two were really annoying for Tori to have noticed while doing a concert. Go Tori!!

2513 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

There are ALWAYS venue employees there who are trained to deal with this sort of thing in a diplomatic fashion.
Amos could have given one of them the heads up, and professionally continued on with good feeling.

2513 days ago

The Flying Doucheman    

Tori's fans appreciate intimate concerts, and are genuinely fans of her music. Tori was totally justified kicking their asses out.

2513 days ago
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