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Amos Goes Ape****!

12/14/2007 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A word of advice: don't disturb Tori Amos while she's working.

Two fans learned that lesson the hard way and ended up with a verbal smack down from the crotchety singer before they were unceremoniously booted from her Wednesday night concert in San Diego. Code Red!

The piano playin' mama was in mid song when she suddenly began lashing out at the girls: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row. I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the f--- out!"

So much for being silent all these years.

UPDATE: A rep for Tori's record label just contacted TMZ with the following statement: "Tori doesn't sell front row seats to her shows. She'll pick fans that are in the back row and she will upgrade them. It is a privilege to get picked. Apparently these two girls were on their cell phones all night... It was her sticking up for her other fans that missed out on the opportunity."


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Go Tori! Kick those brats out. Tori's shows are always something special, and I don't blame her for for throwing them out if they were disturbing her and everyone around them.

And here is the thing about Tori, she is very cool, but also a little crazy. Ever listen to an interview with her? She is in her own little world. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side

2513 days ago


Most overrated artist, ever.

2513 days ago


I totally respect Tori for doing this. A public bitch-slap is the only way to get to the selfish and egocentric. Because people are so afraid to speak up these imbeciles just go on their merry way totally convinced that incredibly rude behavior is OK. It's bad enough others have to listen to incessant droning of the terminally boring during movies nowadays. Why should other concert goers have to put up with yammering classless trash with no manners or consideration -- who don't even seem to be aware that there are others in the world besides themselves. If it was so bad and disruptive that Tori could actually see and herself it onstage over the music and lights, imagine how miserable the people sitting around them were. There was a reason the rest of the audience applauded, they were glad the hicks were tossed.
Good for Amos.

2513 days ago


She's the real deal. She plays her heart out at each and every show. These are not big arena shows where you don't notice whats happening in the audience. If you don't want to see her show, simply do not go, If you plan to disturb the show and disturb the artist prepare to be called out on it.
Very simple......
I for one will make an extra effort to catch her shows when she is in town, quality artists are hard to find.

2513 days ago


Sadly it is the same leaching NON paying fans who end up in the front night after night. Though these two girls might not have been with the toxic 20 regulars, the front row is still vile. These fans never pay for tickets. They beg outside of venues night after night.

It get's old. Tori should kick them out and MAKE THEM PAY FOR THEIR TICKETS

2513 days ago


It's gotten to the point where I stopped attending Tori performances just to get away from her very rude fans. Tori
should do one show and release it on DVD with a free bag of popcorn.

2513 days ago


At first I couldn't figure out why some of the posters were saying Tori was being rude. Now I know. They are the people who talk on cell phones and chit chat with friends while at concerts!

The last time I went to the movies two idiots sitting next to me were speaking loudly on their cell phones. I wanted to say something, but I figured if a person was capable of being that rude, they were capable of hitting me for saying something to me about it. I would have killed for someone to make them leave.

2513 days ago

lesbo babe coming now    

they have bad temper, and it's not polite to shout at anybody, in my opinion, they shoule be patient and forgiving... also they must obey the rules..

2513 days ago


Go, Tori!

2513 days ago


What a stupid boy! But it is so minor conparing to another saying that he join an service you know it is a rich men seeking sugar babies site and Rhys uploaded some of his nude pictures there.. you can guess what he is doing there..

2513 days ago


Get a life.. Let them all live their lives!!

2512 days ago


It was rude and jarring and as a professional musician, it wasn't something that I would ever do. Have security handle it, but don;t stop midsong to chastise people. That's not fair to the rest of the audience.

2512 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

wait a min
wait a min

who goes to a concert to talk on their cell phones??

2512 days ago


Well, #64 Kerry, this is # 7 Kerry (I think I remembered that # correctly), and I can assure you, if audience members are rude enough, artists will and DO tell them off all the time. A few years ago I saw Melissa Ferrick at a club and she did the same thing. I've seen plenty of other professional musicians forced to take matters into their own hands. They shouldn't have to, but if security or the venue employees don't do their job, the artist has to for the sake of their fans. And, as I said earlier, this is not the first time Tori has done this. Several (several!) years ago an usher was being rude during a performance and she stopped and called them on it. She has done it as well during this tour. That is her right to ensure that the rest of her audience receives a quality show.

She is demanding respect. Why is that so hard to understand? If she were a he, somehow I doubt this would be a big deal at all. And certainly she wouldn't be called a "bitch" for it.

2512 days ago


Tori stooped to their level and behaved badly.

2512 days ago
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