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Alleged Rape Victim Loves to Party at Les Deux

12/17/2007 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out the underage patron accusing the owner of Les Deux of rape and serving alcohol to minors is a regular at the joint herself. Shocker, we know!

19-year-old Skye-Anne Smith plastered pics on her Facebook page, showing that she parties there like a mutha 'til the wee hours. A bold move with her being underage and all.

An attorney for the club tells TMZ: "Minors are allowed inside. It is not a club, it is a restaurant. She has been on the party circuit for a long time. I think she implied to the police that she had never been there before, so I think these photos will go a long way toward clearing the civil charges."

We contacted the California Alcohol Beverage Control Board today and they told us they're investigating the alleged incident -- and putting a bunch of other celeb hangouts under a microscope. The spokesperson says they've already dragged several young'uns out of the club who had been drinking, but the charges didn't stick because they had "really good fake IDs."


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Susan James    

My daughter had to be pick-up from the ER after a "club night" at les deux. She has no memory of what happened. Days after this we found 4 fake, but real looking ID's in her wallet, She said the club owners at les deux gave them to her. So TMZ why don't you do some real investigative reporting and expose these perverted criminals that prey on 18-19 year old girls.

2485 days ago


I'm still confused as to whether or not Les Deux is open to 18-20 year olds. In an earlier post, it states they are a restaurant not a club so it's open to younger people. I read elsewhere that it's 21+ or accompanied by an adult. So if you're 20 and accompanied by someone over 21, will you be admitted.

2468 days ago


she was the hot girl? NOT!

2504 days ago


after a few lines and shots, maybe she was kinda hot? lol eww...she cant even smile correctly! the drugs have taken a toll! aaaaghhhH!!! lol

aw man, dont you guys get loopy by this time of the day? I'm ready to jet outta here!

2504 days ago


And you think it's ok to show the picture of an alleged rape victim? That is really messed up, TMZ!

2504 days ago



2504 days ago


Leave that girl alone, she was under age and went to a club. Then found herself with the owner. She had no control over that.

2504 days ago


Way to go TMZ....expose an alleged rape victim. Pathetic. Just because a girl parties her picture should be plastered on a national site??? I hope no one in your family is ever in her situation. I guess Les Duex won't let you in unless you stick up for them. Sad.

2504 days ago


SHAME on you TMZ for making so public the picture of an alleged victim of rape! She is a young woman, not an object of commodification to generate revenue for a silly gossip site. It doesn't matter if this girl's charges are true or false, for that will be determined by the judicial system. You've overstepped a line of ethics, and gone beyond your inconsequential yet valid function as an entertainment website. The alleged rape of a young woman is NOT fun entertainment. Bad decisions lead to bad effects. Gossip websites acting in such a reprehensible way will lead to the extinction of celebrity culture and gossip as a public fascination. It will spell the end of monetarily lucrative gossip websites as the public's attention shifts. After all, what decent human being, even as a website reader, would continue to be complicit with your kind of behavior, TMZ? Your readers fed up will eventually leave in droves.

I hope most of your TMZ staff are men, and I hope you men have young daughters who have to grow up in this unfriendly pop culture and harsh world. You TMZ staff men (or women) should reflect on the cruel chauvinism (or masochism) of this post.

2504 days ago

my name    

last time i've heard it is not illegal to go clubbin' or to go out to eat at restaurants, just because youre a regular customer doesnt make that illegal and why use it against someones will?

2504 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

well duuuuh!

Every single girl that goes to that Skank hole is or is looking to be or is tAmerica's next underage top rape victim!

2504 days ago



Like girls who go clubbing can't get raped? Or are you implying that a girl who is "bad" enough to party must be lying about being sexually assaulted?

More twists on the "she was asking for it" defense?

Sexual predators love situations where girls are drunk and partying, it is much easier to victimize someone whose guard is down. If she was drinking while underage, that isn't right, but neither does it absolve the club owners of supplying her with alcohol and sexually assaulting her.

Nice try smearing the victim, though. Sad how in rape cases they always do that.

2504 days ago


not very nice to post a pic of an alleged victim

anyway, just becuase she has questionable judgment and put herself in a vulnerable situation does not give anyone the right to assault her

2504 days ago


Agree with #1. I was expecting some gorgeous, irresistible chick the way she was making herself sound. She's quite the plain jane. Not that it gives anyone the right to rape her if that really happened but she's certainly no beauty!!!

2504 days ago


Can't believe you'd publicize an alleged rape victims photo and name. Extremely poor taste, even for TMZ.

2504 days ago
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