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Pretty Woman

Pretty Peeved at Paps

12/18/2007 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think that after she risked life and limb to skewer a pap for filming her children at their school, photogs would be a little more respectful of Julia Roberts.

Not so. After Roberts obliged paps with plenty of shots across the street from her NYC house -- on the condition that they leave her alone, they did quite the opposite, following and shooting her the next day at her bank, and staying on her tail for three full blocks before a bystander stepped in to act as a bodyguard.

Her last word? Julia chastised the snappers for "embarrassing" themselves.


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It's time to start turning the camera around and posting pictures of the idiot paps (PERIOD) I am so sick of this.

2479 days ago


Seriously, I've never found her attractive. Bleh.

2479 days ago


when will the hollywoods get a plan in place? you've gt tons of it back at them. Hire yur own paps to stnd in fron of you and snap pics at the paps. Mke their lives dfficult, follow THEM all over wtih a camera full of flash..why even waste the film? Follow their mums, kids all over town....TURN the TABLES with your $$$$$$

2479 days ago


get em Jules!

2479 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

Hey Julia,

Get over yourself!

2479 days ago

Shia is a man now    

Did she ever explain why she and Danny parked in a handicapped space a few weeks ago? I doubt it.

2479 days ago


QUESTION's.........Why is she just now being hounded by the paps?? Never seen paps around her before. What is it? Can she not stand all the attention that other's such as Brittany/Lilo get.??

ANSWER..........SHE LIKES THIS KIND OF ATTENTION !!!! Or else she'd go back to Taos, NM.

2479 days ago

Lenn K.    

The funny thing about this is she'll be begging them to come around in about five years. That the worse thing that can happen to a celeb is when they don't care anymore, just watch!!!

2479 days ago


If a "normal person" followed these people around like the paps do, they would be arrested for stalking. The paps have way too much leeway in doing their so called job. Just because these people chose a career that puts them in the public eye doesn't mean they should be bothered 24-7. To stalk someone, to take pics of their kids is not only scarey for the kids but is dangerous. If I was them I would not want my babies faces plastered all over the media either. The publics right to know is getting a little crazy. they get followed around buying toilet paper for gosh sakes. I would love to see a celebrity start stalking a pap. That would be great entertainment.

2479 days ago


You guys are idiots!!! You can't find a story so you make one by bothering these people. Harvey you shoud be embarrassed! Makes me realize why people hate lawyers! Julia going to the bank is not a story nor is it interesting. Its harrassment! Idiots!!

2479 days ago


Maybe she has good reason to be sensitive to anyone, including paps, following her and her family. Have you forgotten that crazy woman who stalked them several months ago and drove onto their property, nearly running over her husband or something causing charges to be filed? Would make most people very leery.
And since George Clooney and his girlfriend were involved in an accident because of the paps, and the girlfriend injured, maybe he has reason to be a bit cranky about them continuing to follow him and as he said, putting other people's lives in danger with their crazy driving.
Neither of these two, or most legitimate stars for that matter, goes out seeking this pap attention, unlike media whores Britney and Paris.

2479 days ago


Wah. I'm so rich and famous that paparazzi follow me wherever I go. There's a cure for being followed, Julia - stop making movies and you'll be amazed at how quickly the paps stop following you. Boo-friggin-hoo. Fade into obscurity and the attention will go away.

2479 days ago


I would say "Leave her alone" but that would be highly contradicting on my part. So uhhhh ahhh ummm.... yeah? I guess I will just shut up and enjoy the site.

2479 days ago



2479 days ago


Oh, puhleeeese! This is one that is a real bitch. She broke up Danny Moder's marriage (TRAMP!) Whyis she preaching to anybody? She is ugly. She looks like a horse. Her mouth is sobig she could swallow her own head. In five years she will be begging for the paps to take her pic. Get over yourself honey, because we have.

2479 days ago
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